Monday, October 27, 2008

Lexuality Messages

Here are two messages from my readers:

Hi, Lex!

Unfortunately I haven't seen your films, but I like your gay stories! And sometimes I write stories myself. Just for me. Keep on writing, and we all will keep on reading, since there is always something new to learn from your stories.Wish you more creative power and success!

Andrew (

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for dropping by. I like your blog as well. Please keep on writing as well.



Dear Lex,

There's no word in this world would describe how great u are! you are magnificent, u know what, after watching "ang lihim ni antonio" i have been quite addicted to it... And i do know that behind this film is a great person,... keep on doing these things....more power to u!

ronilo jasareno

Hi Ronilo,

Thanks a lot. Your words are very strong. Credit must also be given to Antonio's director Joselito Altarejos, as he was worked very hard for this film. Please continue to support Filipino movies.


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