Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking for "Discreet" friends

Arich, a "discreet" OFW is looking for fellow "discreet gay men" for friendship or more. In his email, he describes himself to be 5'6" in height, chinito and a look-alike of singer Mark Bautista. Here's his message:

Hi Lex,

I have become a fan of your blog since i chanced upon it a few months back. I always make it a point to browse in at night before i go to bed.

I am an OFW and currently looking for discreet friends like me. I mentioned discreet because i am a discreet gay guy. All of my friends are straight, and a couple of trusted straight married friends, but i still long for that "other set" of discreet friends whom i can relate with.

Not to mention that i am also looking for somebody whom i can be with, since it's been one and a half year since my last serious relationship. (he left me because according to him, he wants to have a child with a woman, and see the possibilities after that).

 More power to you and to your future endeavors, God bless you always!



Hi Arich,

Thanks for sharing. I hope this post could open up opportunities with like-minded individuals. Happy Holidays and good luck to you!



If you're interested to get in touch with him, email arich0816(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

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Anonymous said...

kung minsan nakakairita mga discreet na gays,,patago tago pa,,obvious naman na bakla sila,,o silahis,wahahah,,pinga tsitsismisan lang sila ng mga tao,,behind them,,,hayyz,,,,,mahirap magpakatotoo pero,,,,ano bayan,,,kesa naman sa pag usapan sila patalikod,,be real na diba,,,now na!!