Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Husband's Lover: A Celebrity Real-Life Story

Rich Gay Celebrity came from humble beginnings. And even before he acquired his much-talked about wealth, his mansion and charity works he used to have an affair with a married man.

The wife soon found about this affair. The wife caught Rich Gay Celebrity and Married Man together. And the combative wife beat the gay man with her sturdy umbrella.

It came to a point where the wife dared the man to choose between her and the gay man. According to my source, the man chose the gay man, who was still struggling financially at that time. For a few weeks, the married man and the gay man lived together. But the wife, relentless as she is, pleaded for the man to come back home for the sake of their children. The man yielded.

After forty years, the three of them decided to meet up to bury their past. The meeting was arranged by a common friend, a gay TV host. And according to the common friend, he could tell from the eyes of the married man that he still treasured rich gay celebrity.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Another "Homme Spa" Experience

It was a cold, rainy night and my friend was in need of some warm touch. So we went to Homme Spa in Kamuning (in front of BPI). The place is no longer as nice as I first visited it last year. It no longer had the surprisingly good smell which was something you could not expect from its neighbors and the fancy bed arrangement was no longer there to greet me.

My masseur was Rex. He was about 5'7. But had massive arms and charming smile. He was very courteous. And was also very diligent in his strokes. In fact, his massage skills was bordering between average to good.

On the other hand, my friend got Marcus and according him, Marcus gave him such an amazing experience.

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