Friday, April 30, 2010


As usual, the moral gods of the Philippine society, the film censors body has given our film "Pulupot" an X-rating for its numerous penile exposures and gratuitous demonstration of gay sex.

We are appealing for a second review. Premiere is on May 7 (Friday), 8pm at the Robinsons Galleria.

Regular screening is on May 12.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Guard Part 1

(Model only)

I just realized that when you reach a significant number for your age, in my case 30, you tend to go back to your past. And I particularly enjoy revisiting the memories of the different men that came into my life. 

About six years ago, I wrote an erotic letter and sent it anonymously to different yahoo groups for gay men. This time, allow me to claim this beautiful experience - my relationship with a wonderful straight guy who works as a security guard.

Here is part 1 of my lengthy letter:

             Si Gardo
Last month, our company organized a marathon event. And while we were giving away our raffle prizes, I saw a nice looking guy eagerly waiting for his number to be called. He caught my attention. I found him so hot. He is 5'9, Moreno, muscled, with well defined legs and arms, clean, army cut with a pleasant face whose smile I will die for.

At first, I was quite afraid to approach him. He could be an military guy who might just hit me on my face or a snobbish student from a respected university who might look down on me as an annoyingly aggressive gay guy. But then, I thought I had to take a risk. I was so just so smitten by him. I introduced myself and gave him my business card. I found out that he is an employee of one of our clients. And he was a security guard.

So, let's just call him Gardo (pun intended!). After this we started texting each other and I asked him out for dinner.We dated twice but nothing happened between us. Puro kuwentuhan lang ng buhay buhay at ng kanyang 2 girl firend na pinagsasabay niya.

He told me that a good number of gay guys have approached him but he turned them all down kasi nakakabastos daw yung approach nila. In fact in our second date at Eastwood where I left him for a few minutes to chit chat with a friend of mine, I saw one gay guy approach him. I checked how he will react to him knowing na di niya ako nakikita. But pinaalis niya yung baklang nagpakilala sa kanya at hindi niya ito in-entertain. Feeling ko tuloy ang ganda ganda ko kahit ang laki laki ng tiyan ko (I was overweight back then)

What's good about this guy is he never asked me for anything kahit na piso. Except of course I had to spend for our food and movie tickets which is but normal. He doesn't even smoke and drink, so wala akong bisyo na kelangang suportahan pag lumalabas kami.

On our third date, hanggang holding hands lang kami pag nasa kotse kami. But when we watched a film sa Eastwood, I was surprised na kami lang 2 ang taong nanonood. Luma na kasi yung palabas"Shrek 2". I began to play with his nipples and his chest. Yun lang ang ginagawa ko and he guided my hand to his crotch. Feeling ko tuloy, sanay na sanay pala ito! Then I felt na tinitigasan na pala siya.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Jeff & Ethan

Jeff Luna and Ethan Lee play "hosto" boys in the film
Avid Lexuality follower, Edward, will have the chance to meet the Pulupot Hunks: Gio Gapas, Justin De Leon, Jeff Luna and Ethan Lee as he gets a free invite to the premiere of Monti Parungao's "Pulupot" on May 7 (Friday), 8pm at the Robinsons Galleria.

He writes:


Hi, Sir Lex! It's me again. I'm hoping that you will still remeber me. I'm Edward H. Reyes from Sucat, Paranaque City. I met you before during the premiere of Little boy, Big boy at Robinson Galleria. I am the one who asked for an autograph for my DVD copy of Ang Lalaki sa Parola. I e-mail you somply because I want to try again my luck to be able to get a ticket for the premiere showing of your newest movie entitled "Pulupot". I loved to read your blog simply because it is bold and fearless. You always shared with us what you truly feel, LOUR AND QUEER! I like it!!!

Hoping for your kind consideration on this request... Goodluck!!!

sincerely yours,

edward h. reyes

Congratulations Edward and thank you for supporting my film projects. Just look for me at the premiere and I will introduce you to the rest of the cast.
Premiere tickets are available for Php200 only.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gio in White Briefs

Hunky newcomer Gio Gapas is inviting you to the premiere of "Pulupot" on May 7 (Friday) 8pm at Robinsons Galleria and get to meet its other delectable male cast: Justin De Leon, Jeff Luna and Ethan Lee. Tickets are at Php200.

But wait!

I'm giving away free invites to the premiere to three lucky readers of this blog. How?

Email me at lex(at)lexuality(dot)com, and tell me why you like reading this blog. My three favorite answers will get two tickets each for the premiere.

See you all there.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulupot Wrapped

The MTRCB has rejected the initial design of the poster of our film "Pulupot". From the naked version, here's the wrapped version of the poster.

First version of the poster

Pulupot premieres May 7 (Friday) at Robinsons Manila. Regular run is on May 12.
Second Version

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Love Radio's Nicole Hiyala and Chris Tsuper

Heard from Love Radio's Nicole Hiyala:

Biruin mo na ang lasing pati na ang bagong gising, huwag lang ang bading na naagawan ng booking!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Atenean Hunk

The man in this picture is not related
to the subject of the post
In the early 2000, i had an adventurous sexual affair with an Atenean student while I was a student in the neighboring UP Diliman. He was lanky and a geeky Chemistry student but had an oh-so handsome face. He was horny whenever he sees me and he asks for a blow job anywhere I can park my car around UP and Katipunan.

Eventually, we lost touch of each other. And after a few years, I began to see him in a few TV and print ads as a model. He has bloomed into a beautiful man with a gym fit body to match his angelic face. I bumped into him at Gateway and I asked him if he still remembers me. He said, how can he ever forget the gay man who gave him his first sexual experience.

About a year after, I was doing a show for the Malacanang palace. We were billeted in a hotel somewhere in Manila. My stage director was boasting that a model was waiting for him by the lobby. The model was his "thing" for the night. And as we got off the elevator, I saw him, the Atenean hunk from my past. And just like most models, he has become a part of the pricey sex trade.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ladlad & Noy

Ang Ladlad, which aspires to be the first gay group in Asia to hold legislative office is supporting Noynoy Aquino for president.

Mga kapatid, this is the first time in history kung saan puwede nating iparating sa ating bayan at sa buong mundo kung gaano kahalaga ang baklang Pilipino.

Let us vote for "Ang Ladlad" and a presidential aspirant who is open to support the LGBT community, Noynoy Aquino. Here's an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer on flavorful our congress will be if we vote for "Ang Ladlad".

MANILA, Philippines—A party-list group, which promises to add color to the usually staid congressional proceedings, is going “yellow” in its choice for president and vice president in the May elections.

With expected gay flair, this was how Danton Remoto, chair of Ang Ladlad, described Aquino: “Walang bahid, walang mantsa. Hindi mo na kailangang magkuskos at magkula pa. (He’s without stain. No need to scrub or bleach.)

Come Out, Hunky Boy!

Come out and be Proud! Be the next Mr. Gay World Philippines and represent the country in the 3rd MR. GAY WORLD Competition happening in our very own sunny Manila on March 2011.

Last Screening will be on April 24 & 25 @ 4K Plaza Bldg., 677 Shaw Blvd., Kapitolyo, Pasig City (besides SHELL in Kapitolyo Rotonda). Just bring swimming trunks (and not a two piece bikini!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


my latest photo while shooting  in Masbate
Three days before my 30th birthday (which is today), I treated myself to a body scrub in one of my favorite "clean" spas. I was naked in front of a nice looking guy who was my attendant for the evening. The attendant took of his shirt revealing his fit torso and abs.

LEX: Ilang taon ka na?

ATTENDANT: 21 po. Kayo sir?

LEX: 30

ATTENDANT: Talaga sir?

LEX: Bakit parang ayaw mo maniwala?

ATTENDANT: Baby face po kasi kayo.

LEX: Mahilig kasi ako uminom ng gatas. At parang baby ako pag uminom ng gatas.

ATTENDANT: Ano po bang gatas ang iniinom nyo?

LEX: Nakakahiya sabihin e. Maalat kasi yung paborito kong gatas.

The attendant laughed and he started to wash me with warm water. And before the session ended, I was giving him a good scrub as well.

And because it's my birthday, allow me to thank all of you for following this blog. I am thankful for all the friends that I have made through this lexuality. And all the lessons that I have learned from you guys.

And here's a birthday request from me: Please vote for "Ang Ladalad" for party list and "Liza Maza" for senator. They will be our voices in the government. And if you're still undecided for who your president is, please consider Noynoy and Mar.

I have had 30 wonderful years of gay life. And may we all live better lives ahead.

With much love,

Lex Bonife

Monday, April 19, 2010

Married Men & Gay Men

Lexuality Says:

In the Philippines, if a married man fools around with another woman, it's called cheating. But if he fools around with a gay man, it's called "inuman" (drinking session).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Police Victimizing Gay Men


The mobile patrol unit roving around the Quezon City Memorial Circle have finally been relieved from their post as they have been charged by extorsion by their latest victims. I know several gay men who have been victimized by the Quezon City police men who are in cohorts with some men posing as sex workers loitering around the circle. Here's their modus operandi, when a gay man inquires about the services of a supposed sex worker, the police mobile pops up somewhere extorting money from the gay patron threatening him with a charges of prostitution if he does not cough up thousands of pesos.

Ironically, a group of female nurses went around the circle looking for a male dancer for a bridal shower they are organizing. The police pops up. But the female nurses fight back and charge them with extortion.

May this incident serve as a lesson to these unscrupulous police men.

Read the Inquirer Article

Friday, April 16, 2010


Popular showbiz new site, writes about my first team up with filmmaker Monti Parungao for the film "Pulupot":

Si Lex Pumulupot Kay Monti (Kumalas naman kay Jay!)

The gay film “Pulupot” is the first creative team up of “Sagwan” filmmaker Monti Parungao and “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” writer Lex Bonife. These two major contributors in today’s contemporary gay cinema have been friends for years but it’s only recently with the film “Pulupot” that they have decided to work on a full-length feature together.

“Pulupot” is a story of Eva (Justin Ferrer of TV’s Survivor Philippines), a lonely transsexual entrepreneur who waits for the love of her life, Edgardo (Gio Gapas) to fall for her, while his life is currently enmeshed with complicated relationships with a gay man (Justin De Leon of “Ang Lalake sa Parola”), a sex worker (Echo Caceres of “Survivor Philippines”) and his girlfriend (Joyce Acorda). The story is an upbeat testament to the simple truth that love is a choice. And sometimes the most inconvenient choice is the key to one’s happiness.

Lex, who also penned the ground breaking film “Ang Lalake sa Parola” is happy with the realistically humorous approach of the film. While its director Monti Parungao, whose film “Sagwan” is currently in the main competition of Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, is excited to showcase the rich diversity of the controversial red light district in Pampanga, the setting of the film.

“Pulupot” opens this summer at Robinsons Theaters as well as other gay-friendly cinemas around the metro.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teenage Fantasy

If you were stuck in a boat with the hunk of your teenage sexual fantasies, what will you do?

In my case, nothing. As boring as I am, I just asked him a few questions.

The hunk in this scenarion is former boldie films regular, now an award winning actor Allen Dizon. I was stuck with him for a few minutes shooting a scene in a lantsa in Masbate for Joselito Altarejos' Cinemalaya entry "Pink Halo Halo", where Dizon plays a lowly soldier who dies in the Mindanao war.

For Allen, he considers his first film "Curacha: Ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga" as his most daring film having played a live sex performer in the movie. In the span of his more than a decade acting career, Allen has acumulated over 40 sexy films to his credit and is probably one of the very few who has stayed in the business and has reaped awards for his performances. Currently, he is nominated for this year's URIAN (Filipino Critic's Award) for best actor for his favorite film "Dukot".

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Triumph for Filipino Gay Men

The Supreme Court, the more respectable government branch has allowed "Ang Ladlad", an LGBT group to be a part of the party list race reversing the decision of the despicable bunch of idiots from the Commission on Election. This is history in the making, a milestone in the liberation of Filipino gay men.

But this is not enough. We the gay men, bisexuals and other members of the LGBT must have a show of force by voting for "Ang Ladlad" this coming elections. We must have a clear, strong voice of how important we are in this bigoted nation of ours.

And aside from our votes, "Ang Ladlad" needs our help. Here is their plea from facebook account:

"Ang Ladlad Party List needs donations of goods, products and services for the campaign. We also accept cash, wc can be deposited to Ang Ladlad LGBT Party, BPI Savings Account 1993077425, Kalayaan Avenue, QC. Swift code: bopiphmm. You may scan dep slip and email to us to so we can give you a receipt and a gift."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A transgender is a person who has a gender identity that does not match his assigned sex. i.e. a male assuming a female indentity.

A transexual usually refers to a person who has undergone a sex change operation.

A transvestite usually refers to "cross dressers". They generally do not have the desire to permanently change their sex.

In photo is Justine Ferrer, one of television's most visible transgenders. And in the film "Pulupot", she lends a face and a heart to how transgenders like her experience love.

Pulupot opens this summer of 2010.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gym Foursome

A silent and dimly lit yoga studio inside a major fitness club along Manila Bay has been padlocked by the management after four club male club members were caught having an orgy in one corner one afternoon.

The studio used to be open for everyone who wants a quiet time to stretch out even if there were no yoga classes being held. But now, it has been locked except if there are yoga or pilates classes scheduled.

Men, why did you get yourself caught?

Friday, April 9, 2010



It triggers a whole spectrum of physiological processes that boost your immunity.

That extra saliva in a wet kiss washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque.

A serious, tongue-tangling French kiss exercises all the underlying muscles of the face -- which some say could keep you looking younger, and certainly looking happier.

Go ahead, kiss your man. Or quick, find a man to kiss.

This "kissing" photo is a still from "Pulupot" with Justin De Leon in a tender kiss with newcomer Gio Gapas.

Pulupot opens Summer, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gay Frat?

In 2007, a small inter-university fraternity for gay men was founded acording to my source. They were composed of men who identify themselves as discreet or bisexual. Initiation into the group is expectedly very sexual in nature (instead of paddlings, i guess, a new member is slapped with a hard dicks instead). And a lot of their meetings reportedl;y required nudity from their new members.

Unfortunately, the group is no longer in existence. And many of the founding members are now married (to women).

Too bad.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where's Adonis?

Dear Lex,

Can you please update us on what happened to "Ang Palabas ni Adonis"? You told us to watch out for it on Feb 2010? Has the project been canned?



Dear Joe,

Thank you for looking forward to "Ang Palabas ni Adonis". Unfortunately, its director, Joselito Altarejos is currently busy with his Cinemalaya entry "Pink Halo-halo". He needs to focus on his first film that will be made for a festival as he will be pitted against indsutry veterans Joel Lamangan, Mark Meilly, Gil Portes and the iconic Mario O' Hara.

And starting tomorrow, I will be busy with "Pink Halo-halo" as well. I really hope that "Ang Palabas ni Adonis" will be shot right after "Pink Halo-halo".

Please support "Pulupot" which will open on April 28.

Thanks Joe!


in photo is Marco Morales, one of our choice lead actors for the canned film

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Justin's Egg Hunt

It's Easter. And in this photo taken from our film "Pulupot", Justin De Leon (from Ang Lalake sa Parola) certainly knows where to find the much sought after "easter eggs".

Here's the film synopsis:

“Pulupot” is a story of Eva (Justin Ferrer of TV’s Survivor Philippines), a lonely transsexual entrepreneur who waits for the love of her life, Edgardo (Gio Gapas) to fall for her, while his life is currently enmeshed with complicated relationships with a gay man (Justin De Leon of Ang Lalake sa Parola), a sex worker (Echo Caceres of Survivor Philippines) and his girl friend (Joyce Acorda). The story is an upbeat testament to the simple truth that love is a choice. And sometimes the most inconvenient choice is the key to one’s happiness.

"Pulupot" is showing on April 28. And definitely, I'll be giving away invites through this blog. See you at the premiere!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Here's my Lenten reflection for this year:

Dear Lord, My soul is yours. But my dick is mine.