Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pulupot poster

This is the poster of my new screenplay "Pulupot" which will be helmed by "Sagwan" and "Bayaw" filmmaker Monti Parungao. The lead male actor of the film is hunky newcomer Gio Gapas, and I tell you this beefcake is so hot!
Can't wait to attend the shoot of this film in Clark, Pampanga!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Gay Men

From a facebook account, I these photos of some the hottest gay men who participated in the Mr. Gay World Pageant a few days ago in Oslo, Norway. With these sexy hunks, who needs a straight guy?
Mr. Gay World Spain
Mr. Gay World Russia
Mr. Gay World Australia
Mr. Gay World Iceland

Mr. Gay World Brazil

Mr. Gay World New Zealand

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Queer Flicks

Two new flicks are coming up from the ever gay filmmaker Crisaldo Pablo. First is
"Discreetly" about young gay guy who brings home his boyfriend to come out to his religious mom and ends up being exorcised by a religious community.

Second is "Subok" about three young gays who hate Crisaldo Pablo so much that they decide to make their own gay skin flick.

I just realized that the guy featured in my beach cottage post is Ian Mesias, one of the featured actors in "Subok".

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Sexy Guy in My Beach Cottage

For the second time, I was able to visit that gay beach tucked in Noveleta, Cavite named Villa Mar Beach Resort. This beach is a favorite hangout from gay cruisers from the South as well as rent boys posing as beach "tambays" having a good time over a bottle of gin.

How to get to Villamar beach resort?

If you are taking the public transpo, just take the bus right in front of Baclaran church that goes to Cavite city. Fare is about Php 40. And tell the bus conductor to drop you in front of Villamar beach resort. Sleep for about an hour. And voila, you'll get off in front of it.

If you are driving, find your way to Island Cove resort (one of the more famouse resorts in Cavite), go straight ahead along the main road going to Cavite city. When you reach Jolibee on your right, take a right turn on the first street. And after about 20 minutes, you'll see Villamar on your left.

Cottages cost around Php500 to about a thousand per night depends on the number of people occupying it.

And the rent boys? They are certainly within "rural rates".

How to enjoy the beach?

If you are a cruiser looking for fellow cruisers, walk around the dark shore areas on both sides of the resort. By the long stretch of sand, shadows abound to give you some unforgettable moments.

If you like flirting with the "straight" men, walk around them, they are usually in clusters having a drink by their cottages. Make sure to sway your hips like Beyonce as you slowly walk past them. And most likely, you'll get invited for a drink. Buy them another bottle, and you're in for some hot beach fun!

This photo of this man in his bikinis is taken inside my cottage, a guy whose name I can't recall.

And mind you, we never fooled around!

He is rehearsing for a shoot. Because apparently, filmmaker Crisaldo Pablo is shooting his new film "Discreet" on the cottage right next to mine. Being the hospitable neighbor that I am, I volunteered my cottage as a "rehearsal area".

With all those fun memories I had that Saturday night, I will surely be back to Villamar this summer.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Lexuality says:

Huwag mo akong ibigin. Isa lang akong bibig na nakabalot sa iyong burat. (Do not love me. For me I am just a mouth on your cock)

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Blow Job

There is something about one's first blow job that is always memorable. We probably always remember how we got our first oral experience as a receiver. But there is also something special giving someone his very first blow job.

Their pelvic movements and surprising moans are a bit different when you taste their orally virgin territories. They are unusually appreciative of every mouth gesture you make. These rare moments remind me that "giving" is indeed better than "receiving".

And just for the record, no minors were involved in any of my personal experiences.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attacking Gay Films

Through the Philippine Cinema yahoo group, I read an email from an "award winning" yet jobless script writer appealing for directors and producers to take a look at his work.

And he begins to tell producers to consider "sensible" materials instead of "pambakla" (the gay themes). Needless to say, I am peeved by this attack on gay cinema.

This "award winning" writer apparently has not heard of Cinemalaya, Cinema One, NCCA and other institutions that fund materials worthy to become films.

As I retorted in my email, go ahead and make movies but don't you dare point a dirty finger on gay cinema. Our gay cinema, a collection of films from the remarkable to the forgettable, from the pornographic to the sublime -- whatever they may be, they are representative of stories from people who have less power in Philippine society.

It is through gay cinema that we, gay men learn from each other's lives, enjoy and appreciate our stigmatized sexuality and understand our own unique issues, concerns and life stages.

And for this reason, only a sociologically ignorant individual will try to put a stop to gay cinema.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Queer Love Fest

The Philippine Independent Filmmakers Cooperative, in cooperation with Robinsons Movieworld, invites everyone to QUEER LOVEFEST, a cinematic fiesta in pink and all the colors of the rainbow.

The film festival features some of the most recent and talked about gay-themed indies - "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" (directed by Jay Altarejos); "Boylets" and "Quicktrip" (Cris Pablo); "Daybreak" (Adolfo Alix); "Dose" (Senedy Que); "Heavenly Touch" and "Walang Kawala" (Joel Lamangan); "Rome and Juliet" (Connie Macatuno); “Boy” (Aureaus Solito) and "The Thank You Girls" (Bebs Gohetia).

Opening QUEER LOVEFEST is the world premiere of "Ben & Sam" by Mark Shandii Bacolod.

QUEER LOVEFEST runs from February 17 to 23 at INDIESINE, Robinsons Movieworld Galleria, Ortigas Center:

Ben and Sam – Feb 17 Wed 10pm

Dose – Feb 12 Wed, 12nn / Feb 20 Sat, 730pm / Feb 22 Mon, 230pm

Daybreak – Feb 17 Wed, 230pm / Feb 19 Fri, 10pm / Feb 20 Sat 12nn

Walang Kawala – Feb 17 Wed, 5pm / Feb 18 Thurs, 230pm / Feb 20 Sat, 230pm / Feb 22 Mon 730pm

Boylets – Feb 17 Wed 730pm / Feb 19 Fri 5pm / Feb 20 Sat 10pm

The Thank You Girls – Feb 18 Thurs 12nn / Feb 19 Fri 730pm / Feb 21 Sun 5pm

Quicktrip – Feb 18 Thurs 5pm / Feb 21 Sun 230pm / Feb 22 Mon 10pm / Feb 23 Tues 12nn

Rome And Juliet – Feb 18 Thurs 730pm / Feb 19 Fri 230pm / Feb 21 Sun 10pm / Feb 23 Tue 10pm

Laro Sa Buhay ni Juan – Feb 18 Thurs 10pm / Feb 21 Sun 730pm / Feb 23 Tue 230pm

Boy – Feb 19 Fri 12nn / Feb 20 Sat 5pm / Feb 22 Mon 12nn / Feb 23 Tue 5pm

Heavenly Touch – Feb 21 Sun 12nn / Feb 22 Mon 5pm / Feb 23 Tue 730pm

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Warning

Thoughts from Lexuality:

Do not fall in love with a man unless you have seen him under the fluorescent light.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is Saiful Azlan, a former aide of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim whow charged him with Sodomy, a crime in Malaysia even if the "butt fucking" happened between two consenting adults.

I have been amused with this story as Saiful claims how he was seduced by the political leader with a job and a good salary. In the Philippines, many closeted gay government officials hire gorgeous men for their staff.

Filipinos are just so lucky, anal sex isn't a crime among us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Queer Children

This photo from my facebook really made my day. And I'm sharing it to everyone.

Just wondering, if these gay kids were chosen to be the talents for the Manny Villar ad, they would sing

"Nakahada ka na ba sa gilid ng basura?
Nakopas ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?
Yan ang tanong namin.
Bading ka ba kagaya namin?"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sugar Daddy

We've been texting for a few months. Finally, we found the time to meet each other. He was almost my dream guy - smart (Oxford bred and an executive of an international bank) and caring except that he had a face I would never want to wake up next to.

Before meeting him, fantasies started to play on my mind -- someone paying for my pad's rent, someone buying me expensive stuff that I could not afford, my life practically getting a lot easier because I can take less work load.

But even as he told me how much he liked me, there was no way I could like him back. Ergo, there is no way that both of us could be happy.

I had to turn him down convincing myself, I'll be happier with a much simpler life.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haggling for Extra Service

A number of male therapists around mainstream spas around the Metro are discreetly offering extra services to gay clients. And I get a lot of queries on my style on how to haggle the price for that "extra" manual sensation.

MASSEUR: Sir, gusto niyo po ba ng Extra? (Sir, would you like to have an extra service?

LEX: Hindi na siguro, 300 na lang laman ng wallet ko e. (Maybe not this time. I have only have 300 pesos in my wallet.

The maseur would stop to think.

MASSEUR: Sige sir, okay na yun. (That will be fine with me, sir)

Deal closed. No bargaining pressure whatsoever.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sagwan to Italy

Controversial filmmaker of "Sagwan" Monti Parungao is so elated as he received the invitation for the main competition in Italy's Torino International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. For this honor, director Parungao gets an all expense paid trip to Italy.

In photo is the star of Sagwan, Ryan Dungo.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gorgeous Bad Boy

He probably is today's most good looking bad boy in Philippine society after being charged with murder and shooting it out with government operatives. Wouldn't you love to be jailed inside the same cell with Jason Ivler?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote for Mr. Gay World Philippines

Mr. Gay World Philippines David Bosley is now pumped up and ready to conquer Oslo.

VOTE ONLINE NOW for him to be the WORLDWIDE MR GAY 2010. Click here , check out the left column and click Philippines.

You can vote once per day, so please vote as often as you can. Spread the word.

David's All Set

Mr. Gay World Philippines 2009 David Bosley is having a grand time preparing for his world competition. He is leaving for Norway in a few days to compete against some of the hottest gay men all around the world. He sends me this message when I asked about how he is preparing for the big event:

"Basically I am receiving the same training as our candidates from the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Tito Rodgil, a pageant trainer is the one in charge for my training. I have also been working hard inside the gym to get fit to get rid of excess fat"

"The producers of the Mr. Gay World Philippines is also helping me to understand the different issues that confront the Filipino gay men. And I'm trying to absorb everything that I can so I can do well in the competition in Norway"

Good Luck, David!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Blow Jobs and Religiosity

Sucking a straight man is like being a good church goer. One must be good at kneeling down. And must always be willing to donate money.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Stripper's Story

This stripper is a sexy hunk I have met while working for the instructional video "Hubad: Striptease Sessions for the Daring Man". He was one of our performers in the project. A Filipino American doctor saw him on video and "fell in love" with him. When the doctor went back to Manila, he searched for Stripper in the different bars around the Metro. But he learned that sexy stripper now works as a fitness trainer at a top health club in Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Doctor meets stripper. And a monthly cash allowance with Honda CR-V bonus started to pour in. After a few months, doctor gives the stripper another Van that the stripper could use for business rentals.

Stripper's life changes like a fairy tale. But being a prude young man, he saves his money and invests it in other businesses in his hometown in Pampanga. He continues to live a simple lifestyle in Metro Manila working as a trainer.

One day, doctor stops communicating with him. There's no more cash from Western Union.

After a few months, a lady angrily knocks at his door. She demanded to know why her brother, the Fil Am doctor decided to kill himself. Lady told the stripper that her brother was heart broken after finding out that stripper is still seeing other gay men despite what he has given him.

Stripper was dumbfounded upon learning of the suicide.