Monday, November 29, 2010

Pride on Saturday

I urge all Filipino gay men, bisexuals, transgenders and lesbians (if there are lesbian readers of this blog) to join the Pride Festivities on December 4 Saturday at the Tomas Morato circle. The march starts at 2pm. And a special show starts at 9pm. The Pride March is our only chance to show the Filipino society how big and significant we are as a segment of this population. And it is the perfect time to show our stand on HIV/ AIDS awareness which has already infected thousands of Filipinos.

Bakla, huwag kang mahiya! Join the Pride Day!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hotmen This Sunday

If you don't have any plans this Sunday (November 28), you may want to catch the 29 men vying for the top position for "The Search for the Hotmen" at Metro Bar, West Ave. Show starts at 8pm. So, who among them would you like to be on top of you?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loving a "Bakla"

I met this hotel executive in this luxury resort about half a year ago. And we started seeing each other whenever he comes to Manila for a visit. Let me share with you some memorable statements from this guy:

During one of our earliest dates:
"You know what, It's my first time to date a...(after a very long pregnant pause)...a... palengkera like you."

A few months after:
"My most difficult adjustment will be how you carry yourself in public... baklang-bakla ka e!"

After our first vacation together, he sent me this text message:
"I love you, kahit baklang bakla ka."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hotmen Search

29 young men will outbare each other in GRAMM Entertainment Productions’ “Search for The Hotmen” on November 28, 2010, Sunday, 8:00 PM, at Metro Bar, #47 West Avenue, Quezon City. Here are my personal favorites among the roster:


Another Honor for Juan

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" by Joselito Altarejos is named as one of the 10 Best Filipino Independent Films of 2010 by the Young Filmmakers of the Philippines (YFMP).

Tony Lapena in a publicity photo for "Juan"
Here is the list of the group's top films (in alphabetical order)

1. Bakal Boys
2. Biyaheng Lupa
3. Ded na si Lolo
4. Dinig Sana Kita
5. Engkwentro
6. Himpapawid
7. Kinatay'
8. Laro ng Buhay ni Juan
9. Last Supper No.3
10. Wanted Borders

Congratulations to Joselito Altarejos, Rayan Dulay and the rest of our team for another citation for this small film.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Choose Your Hunk

The trailblazing Climax films together with the very popular has partnered together for a new concept of bikini search: Bikini TV, a video and online, interactive bikini contest where each hunk is judged by the audience. Here's the teaser of this video which is available now on legitimate video shops. Again, please buy original!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wealthy, Gay & Lonely

Recently, I met an IT professional gay man from New York who was pressured by his parents to come back to Bicol so he can oversee their family business. The man dreads going home as he knows he will be forced by his folks to marry a woman as soon as he comes back.

His story is the same with many other Filipino gay men I have met. The wealthy parents force their 30-ish queer, bachelor son to marry a woman. Or they are threatened to lose their inheritance.

I am just glad that my parents didn't have enough wealth to threaten me with such a proposition.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Honor for Juan

Rayan Dulay and Ace Ricafort for The Game in Juan's Life (Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan)

Congratulations to Joselito Altarejos and our team behind "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" (The Game of Juan's Life) for receiving an honorable mention at the Chicago's Reeling Film Festival 2010. The festival descirbed the film as a:
candid look at gay life in the squalid slums of Manila focuses on a young performer (Ray An Dulay) at a private sex club who dreams of returning to his hometown in the provinces, even though this would mean leaving his handsome, devoted lover (Jer...ico Antonio) . The direct, honest performances and Richard Gonzales 's evocative score give this downbeat but unsentimental 2009 drama an understated power, and Pao Santiago Pangan's intimate, verite-style cinematography fosters a compelling, documentary-style authenticity.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mike Got It

 In the late 90's this actor Mike Magat was the subject of my wet fantasies. I was just glad to find a copy of Mario O' Hara's "Bubungang Lata" and see this gorgeous Pinoy hunk once again, whoa few years back was reported to be driving a taxi around the Metro.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Boracay Masseur

In case you find yourself in Boracay island wanting some man's hands to knead your muscles and caress your stress away, you may want to contact Jake, our gay-friendly masseur from my last week's trip in the island.

His number is 0910-4257810.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wondering About Pinoy Bath Houses

Here's an interesting comment that is worth pondering on by patrons of bath houses:

How come Bangkok's massage houses are so way, way up the ladder in terms of facilities, ambiance, fixtures, if compared with ours here. honestly, nakakalungkot. di ba talaga natin puwedeng gawing kasing gaganda ng mga establishments natin dito ang mga gay places nila dun? i've been to bangkok many times and the many places of interests for gay men dun and also ours here in metro manila. sadly, ang layo talaga ng angat nila.



Hi Anonymous,

Your observation is keen and valid and it has challenged me to try to find an answer. Here's how I see it. The Bangkok gay scene is way much higher than ours because thery have a strong patronage from gay travelers (read: dollars coming in).

Now, Metro Manila can only attract the gay travelers if our "intelligent" city governments will just put an end to the frequent raids they launch against adult businesses and the "Imbestigador" TV show and its cousins, will stop making a a big deal about adult entertainment.

If we want to attract the gay tourists, laws in our country must be changed. And the revisions of these laws will come from every citizen especially from our community.


Monday, November 8, 2010

My Bangkok Erotic Massage

Of course, my trip will never be complete without erotic massage from a gay massage place. My boyfriend and I had an average of two massage sessions everyday in between our yoga sessions inside the Courtyard Marriot gym.

And with my boyfriend’s blessings, I tried “Bangkok Massage” inside at the Soi Pratuchai. Outside the spa, Thai boys in white tank tops and tiny shorts would seduce you to come inside the spa and choose them as their masseur. The typical Thai masseur is thin and small-framed, which I believe is perfect for the many travelers from the West. And again for the record, I only go for the bulky Pinoy guys, and due to the lack of choices, I settled for the masseur who was the lanky version of actor Antonio Aquitania.

The 1 hour massage costs 500 Baht (Php600) and the minimum required tip is Php 500 Baht. The minimum required tip is something that most gay massage places in Manila can adopt. This I think protects the masseurs and at the same time protects the gay clients from pushy and abusive therapists as well.

The interior of this particular gay massage place is fantastic. I am not sure if this is something that you can see in our own Kamuning/ Kamias line of gay massage places. My shy masseur whose English was limited stripped me off and guided me to warm shower.

After my silent shower scene, he guided me back to my clean room for my “bedroom scene”.

Now, here comes the disappointing part for me. The massage felt it was just a fancy way of putting lotion on my body. And whether you believe me or not, the masseur was not exactly my type that my penis couldn’t rise to the occasion. No sexual act happened at all. But I think I made my masseur happy with the minimum tip I gave him.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gay Paradise

The highlight of our next day in Bangkok was a visit to Babylon, the famous bath house in Bangkok which is a gay paradise for many travelers. Babylon is more than a bath house, it is a gay resort that offers bed and breakfast, massage, a large pool, a fully-equipped fitness gym and all the fun and dark places a bath house offer. Entrance to Babylon is 260 Baht (about Php312)

Despite of the clear sign “No sex or hand jobs” for the massage service , we tried their Thai massage (300 Baht/ Php360) and were surprised with the high level of skills our masseurs have shown us. It was for me the best Thai massage I have ever experienced. It was so good that we couldn’t think about sex at all!
The food inside the restaurant is very decent and affordable and the interiors of the dining area were done in good taste. Inside the multi-level gay establishment, it is very exciting to get lost in its mazes and dark alleys, pockets of steam rooms and saunas, hidden pools and showers as one witness groups of men having unashamed sexual fun with each other.

For me, compared to all the bath houses in Manila and most of the bath houses in Hongkong, nothing beats Babylon.

A word of caution though, if you are like me with a very limited taste for men (I only go for the Filipino and the Mediterranean male beauty), Babylon is not exactly for you. In this place, the white man is supreme and all the other Asians chase after them, which is just too bad for me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whose Cock is That?

hi lex,

i'm a fan of indie movies and i must say that i've seen all indie films there is. i mean all indie films with gay theme. though i'm a discreet straight acting one.

i have one question. i've seen pulupot and i just want to know who is that guy with a semi erect cock in the car scene? is he ethan lee? i like him. he has lots of animal appeal. thanks and more power to your lexuality film outfit.

Dakotang Bulakenyo


Hi Dakotang Bulakenyo,

Thank you for watching Pulupot. To answer your query, the semi-erect cock dangling by the car window is owned by actor Jeff Luna and not Ethan Lee.

Pulupot is available on original DVD's at your favorite record bars.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Happy Anal F*ck Show

After busying myself running from one cinema to the other for the screening of our film Laruang Lalake, My boyfriend and I took a much needed break to Bangkok where we stayed at the lovely Courtyard Marriot which was a train station away from the Silom gay district.

The highlight of our first night was the campy and graphically erotic sex show at the Dream Boys Bar which was located at the very gay “Soi Pratuchai”, a district of strip bars, massage places, bars and sex shows for the delight of the gay traveler.

There was no cover charge for the show. Everyone was required to purchase a drink for 300 Baht (about Php360). The place was very clean and nice. The shows were entertaining. There were no pushy “mamasans” or male GRO’s unlike in Manila.

Each production number was well prepared. The performers were of varying shapes and sizes to cater to the different tastes of every traveler. Graphic sex and display of erect penises were interspersed with slapstick comedy, some toilet humor and lots of flying choreography onstage. Such entertainment scene is nowhere to be found in the Catholic guilty Manila. And for this fact, Bangkok remains the best gay destination in Southeast Asia.