Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Love Security Guards?

One of the more interesting blogs that I read is "SG Lover" that chronicles all the sexual adventures and pursuits of a yuppy gay man chasing all his favored security guards all around Metro Manila.

Complete with pictures and well written journals, "SG Lover" is a very interesting take on fetish on men with uniform as well as a testament to a person's freedom to pursue his sexual desires although some may actually find it a "turn off". Well after all, the men he has been hooking up with are all adults, they should all know what they are all up to.

Read this very honest sexual chronicles. And if you share this fetish, you would surely learn a lot from all the experiences written in here.

Visit http://sg-lover.blogspot.com/

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I came across a very interesting blog that features different Filipino men who allegedly are into selling sexual services. What's very interesting about this blog is that it features a wide variety of men ranging from the lanky to the obviously effeminate, to underaged looking guys. Although I have to admit some men are really quite interesting.

But here's the real deal. Check out the comments section of each man featured and you'll probably read several interesting a juicy scoop about each man. Whether these comments are true or not, it is for the reader to accept it.

You must be an adult to check out this blog as it contains several anatomically graphic images.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I was asked to be one of the guest speakers by an organization of Philosophy students in UP Diliman a few days ago regarding censorship.

A question was asked. As media practitioners, how do we actually delineate what is artful and what is obscene.

My reponse was, as a consumer, I take offense in the concept of the word obscene. Personally, the concept of "obscenity" makes me feel sorry for consuming materials exclusivel for my own sexual gratification. I have the right to enjoy my sexuality. This is my own body. And as long as I do not step on the rights of any other people, I can purchase materials for my own sexual pleasure.

As a media practitioner, I find it too inconvenient and at a certain extent pretentious to classify your work as obscene or artistic. One's message should be clearly expressed whether some people find it obscene or not. Anyway, no is forced to consume my message. Why should I bother to please everyone else?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proud Hunk: Njames

I have always admired men who flaunt their sex appeal and are not ashamed of their sexual preferences.

And to pay tribute to them, I am starting a new theme of posts called "Proud Hunk", featuring sexy men who are out and proud of their sexuality whether they be gay, bisexual or even a transvestite (but i guess, i need to think of a new category for trannies as they won't fit it in the "proud hunk" concept)

And Lexuality's first proud hunk is Njames.

Njames is a third year marine student from Fatima University and a former fitness consultant. This 21 year old guy from Ortigas keeps himself fit by hitting the gym thrice a week and swimming every weekends.

He describes himself to be "freshly single" and prefers not to commit into any relationship at this time. For Njames, coming out to his family was never a problem as his family wasn't exactly close to each other.

If you're curious to find out what a "freshly single" man is, get in touch with Njames at guys4men.com

Remembering Jerome Ocampo

(photos courtesy of http://hotmenofprovoq.blogspot.com)

A few years back, hunky model Jerome Ocampo was my favorite in the group Viva Hot Men. And I first met him in our shoot of the special interest video "Sex Guru" with Asia Agcaoili.

He was a standout from the group as he came from the US and he spoke with a very strong American twang. He exuded a confidence that many other guys from the group did not have.

"Sex Guru" was my very first sex oriented project and you could just imagine how petrified I was watching the boys put on their plasters to cover their stuff. It was such an experience!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Was Once a Urinal

Around 2003, I frequented Malate and one of the bars that I enjoyed visiting then was called Piggy's. It's a hangout place for gay men where hunky waiters were dressed in flowing, transparent pants showing off their skimpy underwears.

What was phenomenal in the place was their huge and dark dance floor, where gay sexual fantasies could always come true. Back then, if you were like me who enjoyed the smell of men's sweat, wild hands crawling on your body and anonymous kissing from men you fancy, you'd surely adore this place.

It was a place of quick hookups and anonymous encounters. Sex was quick even for someone like me who was back then normally classified as chubby.

I definitely enjoyed visiting Piggy's for a few months until one fateful evening, I was dancing the night away when suddenly i felt my shoes and my feet wet. I thought someone spilled his beer on my pants. Until I realized some drunk guy was actually peeing in the dance floor mindless about everyone else.

Unfortunately, I don't enjoy someone else peeing on me (although, I'm aware that some people are actually turned on by it). So after that incident, feeling wet and very stinky, I never went back to Piggy's.

Friday, July 18, 2008

How To Detect if the Other Guy at the Sauna is Gay

Having spent a lot of time in the steam room and sauna of different gyms all around Metro Manila, I came up with a list of "hints" to detect if the sexy guy right beside you is gay.

Now, let me make it clear. If your subject is positive with any of the following hints, he is just MORE LIKELY to be gay. And this list could not be a confirmation of your subject's sexual preference.

Here's my notes on this topic:

* The guy is wearing skimpy and/ or colorful and trendy underwear (more likely to be Bench body or Calvin Klein)

* The guy carries a full armor of toiletries (inclusive of lotion, moisturizer, exofliant, etc.) carefully packed in a soft water proof bag.

* The guy slowly shakes his shoulders and discreetly moves his lips everytime he hears Gloria Estefan's "Congga" or other hits from Madonna or Britney Spears.

* The guy covers his groins with a very short and thin towel making sure that everyone notices his manhood as he parades around the wet floors.

* Upon quickly entering the steam or sauna, the men inside seem to be rattled and startled by your presence. If this happens, quickly search for their crotches and you'll more likely notice one of them having a raging hard on. Then something really hot was going on just before you came in!

Any tips from you?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Jay": A Significant Filipino Gay Film

Baron Geisler is Jay

One of this year's Cinemalaya's gems is a gay interest film called "Jay" directed by Francis Pasion. "Jay" is a well-crafted and well-scripted film on how to make a bad TV documentary about a gay man stabbed to death by his masseur.

Despite its serious topic, the film is a funny yet biting commentary on the excessive intrusion of TV journalism.

The film's first fifteen minutes starts with a cheesy and very bad documentary on the murder of Jay. This segment made me feel quite bored until we were drawn to how the bad documentary was actually made. And the velocity of the film started to speed off.

The film made is a modern day version of "Tuhog", a well crafted pito-pito film from Jeffrey Jeturian in the late 90's. "Tuhog" was written by today's most brilliant Filipino screenwriter Armando Lao. And the script of "Jay" also went through the critical examination of Mr. Lao.

Catch it at CCP. Or make sure to watch it in its regular run. It's a must see.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In Defense of Kambyo

When I wrote Kambyo, I wanted to reach out to the audience who could not appreciate materials like "Ang Lalake sa Parola" (The Man in the Lighthouse) and "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" (Antonio's Secret). I suppose these were the people who didn't like too much philosophy and too much narrative style. Hence, I wrote a material which is very accessible and light.

As of today, Kambyo posted stronger sales than "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" in its commercial run. And just for the record, I had so much fun writing and shooting "Kambyo".

I lifted the following comments in defense of Kambyo (coming from Lexuality and http://www.rddantes.com/):

i don't think these angry viewers got the point! i can't believe a few of them has the temerity (or brains) to even reduce indie films into two categories-- art or junk. personally, i think that's a reckless and stupid assumption. nakanood lang ng so-called art-house films, feeling art critics na mga ate! pwede ba?!!! SPARE US YOUR ARTISTIC PRETENSIONS!
FOREMOSTLY, it was NOT the creators' intentions to make AN ART MOVIE! It's supposed to be light and was not intended to give you some sort of, uhm, catharsis. (which is a word i assume these viewers would probably drop given their, uhm, "education" in, uhm, "art films."
You should get that in the beginning of the movie pa lang.

i really don't know what's with these guys but i guess they were all expecting more nudity in the movie in the same mold as parola and antonio kaya nabitin sila nang husto...kaso hindi nga yun ang punto ng pelikula eh...it's like a thelma and louise thing...ewan ko, i really love road trip movies kaya hinihintay ko na din ang thank you girls na bagong indie...anyway, keep it up lex...itaas pa natin ang quality ng gay movies sa pinas...


we agree that johnron was the selling point in this movie, but we also watched the movie because of kenjie of antonio fame, and we are curious how he fared in this movie. too bad, that he and johnron were not given meaty scenes to deliver... coz this is a light, romantic movie. all in all, we admire the movie, we were entertained, despite walang gaanong sex and frontal scenes. its a welcome relief that it a SRO crowd at the up film theater.kudos...


Monday, July 14, 2008

More Criticisms on Kambyo

Here are the replies of some critics of Kambyo lifted from one of my favorite blogs owned by my cyber friend RD Dantes, Hot Men in the Philippines (http://www.rddantes.com/)

From Anonymous (the amusing critic from the previous post):

LEX BONIFE said, "what can I say"...that's all!...count how many bad comments Kambyo solicited in this post. your fans felt cheated, robbed, to some point - disgusted....you owe your fans an apology Lex. if you are really a patron of the advancement of filipino indie movies, come out with an explanation/calming reply. Lex, no one is asking for money refund...but at least speak to them.

From Marga:

walang kwenta talaga ang movie... i know Lex and co. are capable of much better films... kahit na masasabing exploitative sa mga mga lalaking artista ang parola at antonio, i would still call those films as ART.... kaya i can't help but wonder kung sinadyang papangitin ang pelikulang Kambyo. Indie films are wither ART or JUNK. sad to say, Kambyo is JUNK.


Dear anonymous and Marga,

I absolutely respect and understand where you are coming from. How I wish I'm in a position to be totally honest just as you are guys.

If you'd send me a personal email, I can respond to you privately.

Thank you for your patronage.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Amusing Critic

I picked up a very interesting note from an anonymous reader of the popular blog "Hot Men in the Philippines" (www.rddantes.com)

LEX BONIFE...was smart not to be at the premiere night. he would have been pelted with raw eggs or ripe tomatillos after the showing by angry viewers. my opinion, he knew it was a lukewarm, mediocre, disappointing to some movie, compared to its successful predecessors. Yoga conference my ass, Kambyo was more important than body stretching and contouring. movies is your bread & butter and love. smart move, Lex, but business decision "O".


Dear Anonymous,

I admire your sharp honesty. What can I say? I understand exactly why you see it that way. And how I wish I could just be as candid as you are.

But hey, allow me to correct you. Yoga is my bread and butter. And not the movies :)

Kambyo Review

Do not be deceived into thinking that Kambyo is another one of those shallow, pretentious digital dreck that serves no sensible purpose but to be an excuse to gratify the director and the public's insatiable lust for a gay fuckfest and gratuitous nudity. Yes, there is nudity in Kambyo, yes there are torrid sex scenes, yes there are gay issues, and surprisingly, yes, there is a lot of heart in this movie.

Read the complete review at:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Molested Like Antonio

hi lex..

im so happy knowing the fact that im writing a letter to a person who save my sanity..

after watching "ang lihim ni antonio" last night.. d ko tlga kinaya n d umiyak.. knowing that although hindi ganun ang tinakbo ng buhay ko, somehow somewhere.. tinamaan ako.. lalu n ung issue n my possibility n mging gay, kpg nmolestya nung kabataan..

thank you for the wonderful story.. proud akong pinoy k, im also a writer pero d ko n tinuloy dhil feeling ko wla nmang makakaintindi.. isang pilipino lng ang makakasulat ng ganitong storya n my damdamin at puso. isa k dun Lex..isang saludo pra syu..




Thanks for writing YDL,

I think we are born gays. So whether or not, we were molested in our innocent years just like Antonio, one could still turn out to be gay.

Don't give up on your passions in life. Go, write! I would love to read or watch them someday :)

Lex Bonife

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gay Life in HK

My friend Rye, and his alter ego, the drag queen "Chiquita", are both popular in the gay scene party circle in Hongkong. One Wednesday evening, Rye gave me a quick look into the gay club nightlife in the Central district of Hongkong.

He brought me to Volume, one of the popular gay hangouts among the expats. Here, I met some very accomodating Filipino gay men, living the queer urban life in this modern city.

In a few hours of immersion, I learned some interesting facts about being gay in HK. The gay clubs are quite far from each other. Hence, there's no gay locale in this city unlike our cherished Malate in the Philippines. Gay establishments here are accepted by the government and THEY ARE NOT HARASSED BY POLICE AUTHORITIES (unlike in the Philippines). And the Hongkong locals are quite timid when it comes to flirting. One would need to be more aggressive as they tend to be passive and conservative.

Thanks Rye and/ or Chiquita for the night tour! Here are some of his/ her photos in his/ her club diva look.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dan and Rye Show

Two of the most famous podcasters in the Pinoy gay cyberspace are Dan and Rye collectively known as "The Dan and Rye Show". These two guys are performers from Hongkong Disney and their podcast is one of their creative outlets in their life in this foreign land.

In their latest episode, I shared some very interesting secrets and tidbits about the films I have written. Listen to our short podcast at Lexuality at TDRS.

Snapshots from Kambyo Premiere

It has been raining here in Hongkong. While watching the cable cars glide by through the large window of my sister's pad in Lantau island, I was browsing the multiply site of actor Rayan Dulay. I stole some his photos in there so I can share it with you guys.
How I wish I was there in UP for the premiere of Kambyo. By the way, Kambyo is showing starting July 9 at Robinsons Galleria, Metroeast and Ermita.

Monday, July 7, 2008

This Boy Has Secrets

Hi Lex,

We don't know each other. Though I'm an "aspiring writer" who has published an essay in Phil Star, some poems in Phil Graphic, two articles in Panorama. I also attended a short course/crash course in Scriptwriting in UP. I studied in UP Diliman. Took a course in engineering, but now I'm an IT (Computer programmer) professional/freelancer. Though my career is in technology, my heart will always be in writing. When time permits, I will enroll again in writing courses.

Just Like Antonio

Anyway, I couldn't help myself but write you because you have touched a very sensitive chord in me. Ang Lihim ni Antonio touched me deeply for I had a similar background. Though, believe it or not, I have not engaged in actual sex (either oral or anal). But there were many attempts. But let me tell you those experiences were in my pre-teens (below 12 or before I entered high school) unlike that of Antonio's. Also that of being "far" from the father or there's a lack of "father" or male-role-model figure.After watching the movie ...a lot of things went into my head.

I also dropped by your blogs in wordpress and blogspot. I was saddened by your entries.Anyway, I wish I could talk to you in person... I feel that you are very intelligent, very wise. So I'm emailing this to congratulate you. I have not watched any gay movies.

Judgement on Gay Films
I would often criticize gay movies including Lihim whenever the trailer was showing on television right in front of family members, as well as officemates and friends. Aside from relating to the movie (I wish I could share with you what happened to me in the past), what struck me the most is the message. The purpose.... questioning the purpose of existence plus the sad, very sad wishes of yours upon death. I'm a Catholic. And I will not try to persuade you into my thinking. But I will pray for you. Regarding myself, I have long made a decision but although I have made it, it doesn't eradicate my past and my "instincts" that once I asked myself what the purpose is for. I'm contented that those instincts are like a spasm or temporary abnormal (meaning not the usual) breathing.

Being Gay as an Abnormality
Ang problema ko lang sana wala itong ganitong "abnormality" kasi nakakasagabal siya sa normal na buhay. Totoo, gaya ng mensahe mo, bakit, bakit. Why why. Pero meron ka ring sinabi sa linya ni Antonio "ano kaya kung pinanganak ako sa Amerika o sa Afghanistan". Ibig bang sabihin na ang nagpapalungkot sa sa isang bakla (ayon sa pelikula) ay ang kultura sa Pinas na di katanggap tanggap ang kabaklaan.Hindi ko maiwasan magtanong at magreflect.

Sa sobrang bilib ko (sa pelikula), sa sobrang pagkacarried away ko pagtapos kong panoorin ay ito sinusulat ko ito kahit ala una na ng madaling araw. Lakas ng impact ng Lihim ni Antonio sa akin. Ito pa lang ang pelikulang nagdulot sa akin ng hindi pagkatulog. Gusto ko sanang makadiscuss sa yo yong mga messages mo doon at makapagtanong din sana kahit sa email lang. Ang lakas ng loob kong gawin ito kasi patago. Wala sa kamag-anak ko ang nakakaalam ng interest ko sa topic na ito...

Molested Inside the Movie House
Oo nga pala share ko. Muntik na ako mamolestya nong first time ko manood ng sine, 13 ata ako noon nanood ng Shake Rattle and Roll Part 1 at doon ako malapit sa unahang mga silya ng may lumapit sa aking mama. Patay malisya ako noon talaga. Nangyayari na pala yang ganyan noon pa kaya nagka homophobia ako. Nastestereotype kasi di ba. Itong pelikulang LIHIM ay nagdepict ng ibang character na di stereotype. Congrats at sana magboom pa ang writing career mo. Sulat ka pa ng sulat. Sana sumulat ka rin ng hindi gay in the future although iyan ang "voice" na gusto mo iparinig at ipaalam sa mga taong hindi nakakaalam o nakakaunawa. Kung pwede nga lang na mameet kita at makamayan ay gagawin ko. Kaya lang parang awkward iyon at baka matakot ka sa akin kahit na ordinaryo naman ako, mabait at disente at mahiyain. Salamat sa pagbasa at pagtyatyaga.

Sa iyo nagmula ang kwento ng Lihim, kaya thumbs up ako sa yo. Ang LIHIM ko ay mananatiling LIHIM sa "family members" ko kasi talagang hindi nila mauunawaan.Itong email na ginagamit ko ay hindi totoong pangalan ko. Pero sana di kita nabore dito at sana makapagreply ka.Ngayong naemail ko na ito. Makakatulog na ako. Alas 2am na pala.




Hi A.D..

Thank you for writing.

First of all, being gay is not an abnormality. Homosexual acts have been documented in hundreds of other species within the animal kingdom. For whatever reason, nature has created homosexuality. Hence, it may be considered that such behaviour has a purpose in this grand scheme of natural life.

Thank you also for reading my blog posts in my other personal blog http://lexbonife.wordpress.com/. I am not a sad person as you have concluded. You may be surprised but I could be one of the happiest persons you could ever meet. Having a realistic perspective in life does not mean, one is sad. I’d like to think that I am simply enlightened to the limitations of our lives.

I hope you could continue to rite so your voice could also be heard by many other people. I’d be happy to meet you soon. I am sure there will be a lot of things we could discuss and debate on.

I hope you got a good sleep after writing this letter.

Have a beautiful, gay life!

Lex Bonife

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exploiting Sex

The films I have written were accused by several people to be sexually exploitative.

Fortunately, I never had any issues regarding sexual exploitation. Or using sex as a selling point of a particular material.

Sex is just like food. It is a physiological need. It’s just like clothing and fashion. It is part of our identity. And aside from these, many great things can be borne out of sex — relationship, love or even another human being.

Hence, I don’t see why it is wrong for anyone to use sex for commercial purposes unless a minor or an ignorant adult has been deceived in the whole process.

On the other hand, I do understand where these critics are coming from. They come from their religious perspective on sex: Sex is only for procreation. And sex should only be practiced between married people. That’s why using sex for commercial purposes is a violation of religious moral codes per se.

But then, the big question is, what right do these people have to impose their religious beliefs and its permutations on me or to my audience?

We own our sexuality and we have the right to purchase and consume anything that makes us enjoy it as long as we do not step on the rights of anyone.