Thursday, August 29, 2013

Joem Tops Jake

This is one very hot photo of actors Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon, the stars of the new Joel Lamangan movie "Lihis". Coming soon this September at SM Cinemas.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Sensual Massage at Bayleaf

I finally got to try again Bayleaf Spa in Quezon Avenue. Many readers of this blog have been raving about this spa. So despite of the rainy weather caused by the devastating typhoon Maring, we braved through the rains and floods just to get to this place.

In this functional, non-pretentious spa that has a sauna and body wash areas, a therapist is assigned to you unless you have a request. My masseur's name was Miko, he was tall, lanky and had the looks of a Korean celebrity.

We first started with a body wash which was quite thorough. His hands would gently scrub me on sensitive parts of my body much to my delight. Like a king, he dried me off and ended the session with a tight hug as he wrapped the towel around me. He was playful. I felt something bulgy at my back when he did that.

He brought me to my massage cubicle. And there he made me wait for about 10 minutes as he had to clean the body wash area we just used. I didn't appreciate it as I thought clients shouldn't be made to wait that long. The spa should have assigned another personnel to do that.

Miko's swedish pressure was very gentle, I barely felt any stress release from any of my muscles. I was lulled to sleep. But I was awakened when he his fingers gently glided around me on the more sensitive parts of my body. He was quite good in these strokes. But I had to admit I had to close my eyes because he wasn't exactly my type.

I know for a fact that asking the masseur for a sexual act is not allowed inside the spa so to cut the story short, everything was a tactile tease. Although inside the cubicle, clients are allowed to touch themselves if they felt the need to I chose do things at home as the nice therapist did not exactly have the looks to inspire me to pleasure myself.

Overall, the experience was pleasant. The therapist was very nice. But it would have been better if I had the choice for my masseur. The cost of an hour and a half massage plus body wash was P800. Tips are appreciated but is not imposed by the masseur.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Director Says Goodbye to Hunky Actor?

Remember that post about this popular filmmaker and the daring hunky actor? After a few months of love and promising career for the actor, they have now parted ways. But the filmmaker, being a very generous person committed to continue paying for the monthly amortization of the SUV he gave this "gifted" actor.

What could be the reason for the breakup? I have no idea. I know that the actor is one that is very sincere and good-natured. My speculation is that the filmmaker probably grew tired talking to the actor.  The truth is I really believe the actor has some serious IQ problems. He is incapable of sustaining decent and coherent conversations. And I think that's really tragic.

The director is now dating a former commercial model who once made a name for himself. As for the actor, I'm sure he's not going to get any major projects anymore from his former lover. But I'm sure he will always be thankful for the stylish SUV-ride he is enjoying right now.

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Naked Escorts

The Escort, based from the short story "The Story of K" by American writer Lance Collins. Directed by Monti Parungao, the director of Sagwan and Kape Barako. Showing this Wednesday at Remar (Cubao), Isettan (Recto) and Roben (Manila).

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daniel Unzipped

The Escort, the new film from the gay indie blockbuster director of Sagwan and Kape Barako, Monti Parungao. Showing this Wednesday, August 21 at Isettan (Recto), Remar (Cubao) and Roben (Manila)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Jommel, Your Escort.

The Escort is opening this Wednesday at Remar (Cubao), Isettan (Recto) and Roben (Manila).