Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Spa Castle

If there is "Wensha" in Manila, there is "Spa Castle" in Queens, New York city. The entrance is about USD30 (about Php1200) and that gives you access to different kinds of jacuzzis and delightful treat to naked men from all ages, races and sizes.

And i must say several men parading around naked was more than enough to keep me satisfied. The entrance fee does not include the massage yet which makes the place a bit pricey for a peso earner like me.

Inside the sauna, a super hot Ecuadorian (who looked like Joey of friends), striked a conversation when we both realized we were neighbors from Mount Vernon, Westchester. His awesom latino cock was staring at me. And i was trying very hard not to show some interest on it.

It was good thing that my work in Manila has trained me to deal with naked men and not be sexually affected at all. The Ecuadorian was straight and nothing happened at all except for a nice conversation.

I ended my day waiting in a couch with this Latino teen aged boy sleeping in front of me with one hand inside his underwear. What a castle this is!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Flesh Experience

A Filipino attendant in an adult store in Chelsea, New York city secretly offered me a discount on all their items. After a few days of self searching, i decided to purchase a masturbation sleeve that is designed to feel like an anus of a porn star (!)

The flesh light as it is popularly known is used with a water based lubricant and maybe heated with warm water to give that extra thermal sensation.

And I must say, it's one of the best purchases I've had in my recent trip. It feels much better than being a top with a condom on and it's far batter than an average blow job. And my flesh light is free from any disease! Awesome.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Varsity Boyfriend is an "Akyat Bahay"

My dear friend had been inviting this guy who goes by the name of "Mark Kenneth Valdez" or "Kenneth Drayco" to his house. Kenneth, a 6 foot tall hunk, with a tattoo on his right shoulder and an extra bud of skin in front of his ear lobe claims to be an FEU basketball varsity player.

My friend started to trust this guy after a few weeks of friendship. One morning after the guy spent a night in my friend's well-appointed condominium unit, my friend wakes up alone with the "university player" gone along with my friend's macbook and four high end mobile phones.

A month and a half after. My friend got a call from their building security. His window was told to be broken and television on. My friend gets home to realize all his valuables were looted - watches, jewelry, cash, etc.

CCTV reveals the varsity boy entering their building.

The authorities are hunting for this man. If you know this guy and you have a photo of him, please email me at lex(at)lexuality(dot)com. The suspect has also used the following numbers at some point of his life: 09204956652I/
09166514459/ 09392602832

Let us stop this man from victimizing another gay brother/sister of us.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buddy Booths (part 3)

Because of this, adult shops with buddy booths have become a convenient hang out for gay and bisexual men looking for some quick pleasure. The game starts by walking around inside the shop and its corridors. Search for your prospect worthy for a few minutes of tryst. And find two cubicles next to each other. Just remember to insert money first inside the machine before inserting your penis inside the slot. Or attendants will be bangin your door.

It could cost you anywhere around a dollar to fifteen dollars depending on how long you want to occupy the booth. And a paper towel is usually available for use.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buddy Booths (part 2)

(actual photo of the parts of a buddy booth showing the video screen, dollar bill slot, video channel buttons and the viewing slot to your neighbor)

But as horny gay men, I'm sure many of us would like to do more than watching our hot neighbor pleasure himself. With that little slot provided between cubicles, many gay men have creatively found different ways to pleasure each other even with such a tiny rectangle.

Mutual masturbation, oral sex and even anal sex have become possible even with such limited point of contact making this slot a "glory hole".

(to be continued)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buddy Booths (part 1)

In New York city, should you find yourself horny at any time of the day, Buddy Booths scattered around the city are great and safe places to visit for some quick release.

The buddy booth is a special facility inside several adult specialty stores. It is a small cubicle with a TV screen playing more than a dozen porn movies. A dollar bill will give you three minutes of viewing pleasure in your own privacy.

Now, what makes a buddy booth more exciting is the slot that gives you viewing access to your neighboring cubicle. So if you have a hottie neighbor beside you, you're not just limited to the porn playing on tv, you can also watch your hot neighbor play with his thing.

(to be continued)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeing Michael Lucas

The highlight of my visit to Fire Island is seeing the famous porn actor and producer Michael Lucas. He is the man behind Lucas Entertainment, New York's largest gay adult company and the producer of La Dolce Vita, the most expensive gay porn ever.

I didn't notice him easily as he drowned in the sea of gorgeous gay men in the Pines district of Fire island. His lips were full and delectable and he seemed to be having a great time with his friends.

This amazing guy is not only a fine sex performer. He is also a columnist, a speaker and an activist.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire Island

Fire island is probably the "Puerto Galera" of New York city. It is just a few hours drive from the city and one area in the island called Pines, is a gay man's paradise.

My sister drove from the city to pristinely charming Long island for less than an hour. And from the ferry port, i was delighted to see sexy gay men ready for a hot, island party.

It takes a few minutes of nice ferry ride from the main island to this summer getaway. And upon arrival into the island, i was greeted by throngs of sexy men half naked and all - displaying their bodies and/or caressing each other.

The island was filled with bars, restaurants and elegantly modern houses. And as the sun goes down, the island crowd gets wild. Men begin to parade in different levels of undress trying to catch each other's attention.

(This guy was walking around showing off his pubic hair and the base of his cock before he decided to zip up his shorts.)

As soon as the bars open, the fire island becomes hotter as groups of men begin to display different levels of intimacy practically everywhere. In fact, a notorious alley is named as "meat rack" as it is popular for casual, anonymous sexual encounter.

The whole island is like a setting for an American gay porn.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urge (part 2)

And here's the best part. Should you find the "urge" to bring your hands inside the bikinis of their dancers to feel them, all you have to do is...hold your breath...hang A dollar bill or about 43 pesos and voila, your hands can explore their huge play things that belong to Bel Ami proportions.

A bottle of Beer in the club costs about USD5 (Php215), but no waiters will pester you should you decide not to order.

I was so amazed at the value-for-money of this place that i began to wonder how come we don't have something like this in Manila. And i realized if we open this kind of concept in the Philippines - no entrance fee, no minimum orders - everyone comes inside and not a single horny gay man spends money. Business dies as soon as it opens.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Urge (part 1)

I have been researching, writing and living the gay life for more than a decade. And after all these years, i have found what for me is the best gay strip bar in my life.

The name of the bar is Urge. Located in downtonwn Manhattan along 2nd avenue. This bar offers the best value for money a strip bar can offer. In fact it is MORE AFFORDABLE than any gay strip bar I have ever visited in Manila and Bangkok.

First, you walk in for free. No entrance fee. No cover charge. no required drink. You just present an ID that says you're 21 or over. And you get to watch their diverse collection of awesome hunks gyrating in their bikinis. That's something you'll never find in Manila.

There is no stage for the dancers. The gorgeous dancers parade on top of the bar wearing their skimpy costumes showing their bulky muscles and skin color - whites, blacks and latinos.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back Again

Here I am stuck in the cramped economy space I'm given with by my flight from New York to Hongkong. Sleep is a luxury in such a tight space filled with a few cries from a restless baby nearby. This inconvenient flight has forced me to write my blog entries again after being silent for a few weeks as I was out of Manila busy with the US screenings of my recent films: Kape Barako, Pulupot, Juan and Laruang Lalake.

My New York trip was very memorable since the last time I visited this city was before the 9-11 tragedy. It was marked by reunions with family, friends and classmates. But I will not write about them since this blog is about gay life. So in my next post, I will write about what to my experience is the best strip bar I have ever visited in my whole life. You will hear from me very soon.