Saturday, October 31, 2009


Word for the Day: Blow-la

A contraction of the phrase "blow job" and "lola" (which is Filipino term for grand ma)

"Blow-la" means and old gay man who is has mastered the art of cock sucking.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Cock" Massage

In Sanskrit, it's called "lingam" massage. It is sensual manipulation of the groins, the penis, testicles and the muscles and nerve endings around it to "allow the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be accustomed to"

I was amused to read in my email, that such service is now being offered by a masseur somewhere in Makati.

Well, this seems to be a very interesting practice. Having dedicated my life to yoga for years, it's probably time to shift my energies in learning "lingam massage" (Anyone, interested? hehehe)

Here's the link to the masseur, just in case you're interested :


Thursday, October 29, 2009


My thought for the day:
Kung di maganda ang araw mo, ikaw ang magmaganda!

David Wins

David Bosley, a sexy, thirtysomething visual merchandizer from a major mall this year's is Mr. Gay World Philippines. He will be representing the country in Oslo, Norway next year for Mr. Gay World International.

Congratulations, David!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2nd Successful Week!

The makers of “Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” are extremely grateful to all those who have supported this small movie of ours.

The film “Juan” has beaten the box office records of “Ang Lalake sa Parola”, 2007’s highest grossing digital film from the same filmmaker, Joselito Altarejos. And we have continuously received positive reviews from the respected critics in the industry:

"Altarejos’ latest gay-themed scorcher tackles risqué subject matter with sensitivity and uncompromising vision..."
Rito Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer

"This is where Altarejos excels — having a good understanding of material and a fearless attitude to tell it. “Ang Lalake Sa Parola” was my favorite Altarejos movie; “Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” changed this!"
Edgar Cruz, The Daily Tribune

Juan is now on its second successful week!
Robinsons Galleria
Cinema 8 Screening Time : 5:20 PM MF l 7:40 l 9:30 PM LMF

Robinsons Place Manila
Cinema 7 Screening Time : 6:20 PM MF l 8:00 l 9:40 PM LMF

Here’s a photo of Ace Ricafort, that daring young actor who bares it all in “Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan”

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gym Guide: Golds Glorietta

model Akihiro Sato frequently works out at Gold's Gym Glorietta

Part 1

As a yoga teacher and eternally "trying hard" weight lifter, I have practically tried all the gyms around Metro Manila. Let me share with you some "gay" insights on some of the my most notable gyms around:

Gold's Gym Glorietta

This gym is one hot place to work out in. If you like sweating it out beside Akihiro Sato, Marc Nelson and almost all the hottie Brazilians around the city, this is the place to burn your calories. Besides, the free bath towel inside is so thin that it readily outlines every piece of manhood (even those is coma) hanging around the locker area. Oh, did I say they also have a boxing ring aside from nice equipment for cardio and weight training?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Catholic's View on "Juan"

Here's an interesting review from an arm of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines

"Payak kung maituturing ang kuwento ng pelikula na sinundan lamang ang isang araw sa buhay ng isang taong nais magbagong-buhay. Ngunit ang kapayakang ito ang nagpahatid at naglahad ng epektibong kuwento ng mga taong ang buhay ay nakatago sa dilim. Kitang-kita ang pagkakaiba ng buhay ni Juan sa araw at gabi.

"Maganda at totoong-totoo ang eksenang ipinakita sa pelikula. Malinaw ang pagkakalahad ng kuwento na hitik sa simbolismo. Mahuhusay din ang mga nagsiganap na bagama't mga hindi kilala at hindi malalaking pangalan sa industriya ay nagawang
magampanan ang kanilang papel nang makatotohanan. Maganda ang direksiyon ng pelikula sa kabuuan dahil na rin sa naging matapat ito sa mga katotohanan ng lipunan na bihira na lang mapansin ng karamihan."

Here's their line that I just love:

"...nakababahala pa rin na nagiging katanggap-tanggap na sa lipunan ang pagsasama ng dalawang lalaki na parang mag-asawa. Hindi kailanman magiging panghabang-buhay ang ganitong relasyon at makasisira ito sa pagbuo ng pamilya."

And here's my eloquent reply to them, the reviewer and the whole leaders of the church: Utot niyong lahat!

On an Archbishop and Homosexuality

An African Archbishop has accused Western aid workers of sabotaging African values and leading young African men into homosexuality.

Anti-gay religious Web site LifeSiteNews has posted several articles about the claims made by various African Archbishops, who have accused the West of importing "moral relativism," encouraging promiscuity by promoting condom use to stem the African rate of HIV infection, and giving young men supplies of lubricants so that they might have gay sex.

An Oct. 21 article referenced an interview between a National Catholic Reporter reporter and Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Ghana, in which Palmer-Buckle, when asked whether "there really [is] a Western campaign to corrupt African values?" declared, "We don’t only suspect that there is a campaign, we think it’s deliberate." The Ghanian Archbishop went on to say that the so-called corrupting influence was emanating "from a particular lobby that sees African values on the family to be a danger to what’s called the ’new global ethic,’ which is being propounded by the UN, by the World Bank, by the IMF, and even by the European Union." The Archbishop cited marriage equality as one such "ethic" that powers from the West sought to impose.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crime Against Gay Men

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Senate passed groundbreaking legislation Thursday that would make it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

The expanded federal hate crimes law now goes to President Obama's desk. Obama has pledged to sign the measure, which was added to a $680 billion defense authorization bill.

President George W. Bush had threatened to veto a similar measure.

The bill is named for Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming teenager who died after being kidnapped and severely beaten in October 1998, and James Byrd Jr., an African-American man dragged to death in Texas the same year.

"Knowing that the president will sign it, unlike his predecessor, has made all the hard work this year to pass it worthwhile," said Judy Shepard, board president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation named for her son. "Hate crimes continue to affect far too many Americans who are simply trying to live their lives honestly, and they need to know that their government will protect them from violence, and provide appropriate justice for victims and their families."


I hope other countries will soon follow this bold step for the rights of LGBT - Lex

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Weekend

( Ace Ricafort, Tony Lapena and Rayan Dulay bare it all in their private show in "Juan")

It's a hot, hot weekend for gay men in Manila. Two gay films are currently playing: "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" and "Boylets".

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" is such a hit that it has beaten the record sales of "Ang Lalake sa Parola", 2007's highest grossing digital film from the same director, Joselito Altarejos.

Meanwhile, "Boylets" has been running for two weeks and has been a crowd favorite for those who are into twinky boys.

(The delectable hunks of Mr. Gay World Philippines at Library, Malate)

To cap it all, this Sunday, 8pm is the Grand Coronation Night of Mr. Gay World Philippines 2009 in Metro Bar West Avenue, Quezon City. Hosted by Philippines' King of Talk Boy Abunda.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Masbate Mystery

mr. lex bonife,

are you from masbate? or are you anti-masbateno? we masbatenos have observed that you keep using our province in your indie films as poor, medieval and gay people. In your Parola movie (it's actually Antonio -- Lex), josh ivan hails from masbate, a dark character in the movie. Now, its time for juan in your latest movie, raring to go home in his province masbate due to tremendous difficulties there at the city. What are you really up to: to degrate our province. masbate and its people because of your pseudo-pscyhe perception about our culture? We are not the josh-ivan character nor the ray-an dulay persona that you personify us, masbatenos. THERE is already a pending resolution in our city council (masbate City) to declare you persona-non-grata. for your information.



Hello Anonymous Masbateno,

Thank you for watching our movies. It's Joselito Altarejos, the director who comes from Masbate. He is the Masbate connection. I have never been to your province. And all references to it has been created by the filmmaker, whom I recall is a proud Masbateno.

And as a filmmaker, he has the right to share his roots and his sense of self in all the films that he creates.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Altarejos' Best"

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" is hailed by The Daily Tribune as Joselito Altarejos' best new film to date. Here are excerpts from the review from Edgar Cruz:

“Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” is Altarejos’ first foray into the real time mode of filmmaking. After the surrealism of “Ang Lalake Sa Parola,” the shock of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio,” the peek into discreet gay life in “Kambyo” and “Little Boy, Big Boy,” Altarejos turns full circle to stir the styles of past films in another interpretation of the secret life of bisexuals in Armando “Bing” Lao’s real time as interpreted in the script of Lex Bonife and Peping Salonga and produced by Altarejos’ own BEYONDtheBOX film production company

“Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” explores two hours in the life of Juan in the big city, who is forced to go back to his hometown Masbate. Juan takes us into his “hole-in-the- wall” shelter in the backstreets of high-rises to meet marginalized Pinoys breaking the survival code with character types like unwed mother Mercy (Angeli Bayani, 2008 Cinemanila’s Asian Best Actress) and his endo lover Noel (Nico Antonio of “Minsan Pa” and “Kubrador” cast, who returns to the big screen after joining Star Magic as a VOIZboys crew).

Altarejos attacks the scenes as dispassionately as possible. There are scenes which he could have exploited, but he cuts as soon as he establishes the scene’s purpose — the mark of a mature helmer. This is perhaps the reason the MTRCB gave it an R-18 classification despite the masturbation, blow job, frontal nudity and strong language. He proves in this movie he’s an indie filmmaker in the real sense of the term. He pushes the director work to the extreme like what German poet Rainier Maria Rilke said is necessary to come up with a master work.

Suggesting fate is the work of a whimsical if random higher being in his game with humans as his objects, “Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” poses the idea that male-to-male sex workers are discreet gays. In local gay films, they are usually depicted as straight guys who feed on gay fantasies, but as Altarejos boldly suggests otherwise in this film. This fresh interpretation is that they are homosexuals having a late awakening, recognition, and/or acceptance. They like what they are doing. If not, why do they stick to the job? This is a reinforcement of the film’s original idea of humans as playthings.

But there’s something that’s uniform in this movie. Mercedes picks up the rice thrown off her hands by a rushing body; Noel picks up the mixed cookies from a can that spilled when inspected by a raider. He had intended it as pasalubong. It seems this is the code of feeding to the marginalized. It’s not even hand-to-mouth existence, but what you may call as floor-to-mouth subsistence. This is where Altarejos excels — having a good understanding of material and a fearless attitude to tell it. “Ang Lalake Sa Parola” was my favorite Altarejos movie; “Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan” changed this!

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" is now showing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suck Me!

Here's the setup of the scene we were shooting for "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan". The actors were all naked (except for me) with a thin see through cloth covering their precious crotches. The scene requires me to introduce them onstage. But before we start the scene, they all have to be ready with their erect organs before they come out for the audience.

The actors were having a hard time giving themselves an erection. I was waiting for them to be ready, so we could start rolling for the scene. It was a difficult time for them getting hard despite of magazines and sex videos on their hands since it is their first time to perform hard and naked in front of a crowd.

One of the actors said "Baka puwede naman, may tumulong diyan" (Can anyone give some help in here). And he was staring at me. I was the openly gay man among the actors. Then the other actor agreed. "Oo, tulong naman diyan. Ang hirap e." (Yes, I need help too. I can't get it up).

For the next few seconds, I was ready to do it. Kneel down and suck the two actors so we could start the scene. But I remembered, I have three long paragraphs of lines in that scene. If I do it, I will surely lose my lines and my concentration for the scene.

And the tragedy is, I left the actors all by themselves.

Watch this scene uncut in "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" on Wednesday, October 21 at Robinsons Galleria, Ermita, Metro East and Bacolod.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Juan Is Approved Uncut

The Censors (MTRCB) has approved "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" on its first review, meaning we can see bold newcomer Ace Ricafort gyrating with his semi-hard dangling onscreen. Troop to Robinsons Cinemas (Galleria, Manila, Metroeast and Bacolod) on Wednesday, October 21 to watch Ace reveal what he's got.

If you wanna see screenshots of naked Ace Ricafort, go visit RD Dantes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mr. Gay World Tomorrow!

Get a glimpse of the Mr. Gay World Phils 2009 candidates tonight at 10pm October 17, 2009 as they are presented at The Library in Malate with reigning Mr. Gay World Max Krzyzanowski from Ireland.

The candidates will be going around Malate bars past midnight to promote Mr. Gay World Philippines grand coronation night on October 25, 2009 at Metro Bar. Grab your tickets now for only 500 pesos. Hosted by the Philippine's King of Talk Boy Abunda. Directed by Ronald Carballo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Premiere Night's Orgy?

A story has been circulating around the net that the special screening of "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" (which by the way, is approved without cuts with complete frontal exposure from its actors) has ended into an orgy session among its attendees.


I missed the orgy! What a tragedy!

After the last screening, I was busy chitchatting with bloggers "miong21" and "discreet manila" as well as with filmmaker Francis Pasion (of the award winning film, Jay) and I never knew some orgy stuff has been happening.

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" -- UNCUT with penile exposures (thanks to Ace Ricafort and Tony Lapena) is showing on Wednesday, October 21 at Robinsons Galleria, Ermita, Metro East and Bacolod.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sexy Wico

I was invited by my yoga client to the fashion show of his clothing line, Fabe Clothing. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the event which features this sexy and hairy model, Wico.

In these photos, Wico is wearing Fabe Clothing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now Showing: Boylets

Boylets is a film about street hustlers making a living by seducing gays and stealing cable. Directed by Crisaldo Pablo (Duda, Bathhouse), film stars daring newcomers Joeffrey Javier and And Charles Delgado.

Now showing at Robinsons Galleria, Remar Cubao, Isettan Quiapo and Colon, Cebu.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


ni Lex Bonife

Siya ay discreet.
Boses niya'y malalim.
Daliri niya'y nakapirmi;

Siya ay discreet
Mga barkada'y basketbolista.
Mga babae'y karay karay ng kanyang matitipunong braso.

Siya ay discreet
Dahil ayaw niyang sumama sa katulad kong kumekembot
sa kanta ni Madonna

Siya ay discreet.
Sa kanyang palagiang pagsuso
bigote niya'y tumutusok sa bayag ng kanyang niluluhuran.

Siya ay discreet
Dahil kapag tinitira siya ni kumpare
Sigaw lang niya'y "idiin mo pa dude"

Siya ay discreet
Lalake at macho
kahit wala siyang bayag panindigan ang kanyang pagkatao

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uncut Juan Screening

Yes, there's an Uncut Screening of "Ang Laro sa Buhay ni Juan", the latest opus of Joselito altarejos. And it will only be available to 30 ticket buyers.

Screening is on October 14 (Wed), 2009, 9:30pm at Mogwai, Cubao Shoe Expo. In this version of the film, newcomer Ace Ricafort shows what he's got (in the grand erectile tradition of Hary Laurel and Josh Ivan Morales)

Interested in this private screening? Email me if you're interested lex (at) lexuality (dot) com. Tickets at Php250 with one free drink.

I Love This "Boy"

Just saw the film "Boy" at Robinsons Galleria and I must say, it's one of those boys I would never forget. It's a fine mixture of poetry, passion and personal awakenings about an adolescent boy who falls in love with a stripper. The film is megged by Aureus Solito, the acclaimed director of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros and Tuli.

Catch this "Boy" this week!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

18 Gay Hunks

As a blogger of gay scene, I was invited to the presscon of the Mr. Gay World 2009 where 19 gay hunks were presented to the press. Here are the three most remarkable contenders for me:

Erimar Ortigas is one of the press favorites because of his "artista" appeal. He is a call center representative who is also the billboard model of his company.

David Bosley is my personal crush. Tall, stocky and American bred, he dresses up mannequins for SM. Now, he's one hot mannequin I would love to undress.

Nomer Yuzon, I think is most deserving of the title. He has the height and the grace of a model. A former flight steward, he hails from Hawaii.
What I like about this contest is that it helps break the stereotypical image of the gay Filipino.
It was also a nice experience to see all these contestants in person.
Everyone has the chance to meet them on the pageant night, October 25, 2009 (Sunday) 8:00 pm at the Metro Bar, West Ave., Quezon city. The winner of Mr. Gay World Philippines will represent our country in Oslo, Norway on 2010.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October is so Gay!

Daring newcomer Ace Ricafort is introduced in "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan"

image from the film "Boy"

October is so Gay, particularly on the local entertainment scene. Showing right now is the much awaited film from the director of "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros", Aureus Solito. The new film "Boy" has made waves in different festivals abroad. In fact, in Italy, the film together with Joselito Altarejos' "Antonio's Secret" were hailed as the milestones of the "new wave of Filipino gay cinema"

Meanwhile, pioneering digital filmmaker Criosaldo Pablo has "Boylets" on October 14. And Joselito Altarejos (Ang Lihim ni Antonio and Ang Lalake sa Parola) is back with his self produced film, "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" on October 21.

Mark your dates:

"Boy" - Now Showing (Robinsons Galleria)

"Boylets" - October 14 (selected cinemas)

"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" - October 21 (Robinsons Galleria & Manila)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now Showing: Boy

One of the most formidable filmmakers of this country, Aureus Solito (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros & Tuli) is back with his new film "Boy" about an adolescent boy's love affair with a stripper. Now Showing at Robinsons Galleria.

Boylets Trailer

This is the trailer and synopsis of Crisaldo Pabo's "Boylets" showing on October 14 on selected cinemas.

What if you are still very young and at peace with your sexuality and your dream boy is an out of school good for nothing guy? What if he actually likes you? What if he is about to leave for good and only you can stop him? This steamy indie movie is showing in select cinemas: Robinsons Galleria, Remar-Cubao, Isetann-Recto, Cebu and soon in Davao. Starring Joeffrey Javier, Charles Delgado, Rusty Adonis and Francis Sienes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Juan Trailer

Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan explores two hours in the life of Juan Reyes (played by Ray An Dulay), known to others as Erwin. Juan is a 25 year old Masbate native who just found his way to Manila three years ago. Erwin has tried his hand at many odd jobs and now works as a live-sex performer at an underground gay bar but has decided to leave Manila for good.

On the day of his departure, he will take us with him as he makes life decisions—big and small. The most important one of all is leaving the impoverished place which he called home for a year, capping it with his emotional goodbyes with his lover, Noel (played by Nico Antonio of all-male vocal group VOIZboys). And, how a raid by the authorities marred his last performance in an underground bar called Inner Sanctum which changed his resolve.

The film marks the beginning of filmmaker Joselito Altarejós foray in producing his own films under BEYONDtheBOX. It stars 2008 Cinemanilas Asian Best Actress Angeli Bayani, Richard Quan, Perry Escaño, Lex Bonife, Nico Antonio and Ray An Dulay. The support cast is led by daring newcomer Ace Ricafort (as one of the live show performers called Tupada Boys), Ivy Sumilang, May-i Fabros, Bobby Reyes, Michael Cayetano, Tony Lapeña, Dexter Pelagio, Annelle Durano, Arlene Pilapil, and Mark Fabillar.

Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan will be showing exclusively at Robinsons Cinemas (Galleria and Manila) on October 21st.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I admit I stole this photo from the facebook acount of its photographer JC Cerilla. This is Sid Lucero, that talented actor from the film "Selda" and another "Eigenmann" creation (son of Mark Gil). Just like his dad during younger years, Sid is today's one of the most promising serious actors in the industry.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gay Men Murdered

A reader sends this article on several gay men murdered in Jamaica with homophobia as a clear motivation behind the crimes:


An honourary consul to the British High Commission in Jamaica was found brutally murdered in his Montego Bay home on Sep 9.

John Terry was found naked, wrapped in a bloody sheet, with a cord wrapped tightly around his neck. He had been brutally beaten in the head. There was reportedly a note left with Terry's body that read, "This is what will happen to all gays." It was signed by "Gay-Man." Police reported that Terry likely knew his assailant.

Terry lived in Jamaica since 1967 and was an honourary consul for 13 years. He became a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1982.

Jason Mcfarlane of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays says at least one of the members of his organisation knew Terry.

Based on the note that the press says was found and the contents of it, and the fact the person had time to sit and write it, it's really premeditated and clearly homophobia linked."

This is only the latest in a long string of eerily similar homophobic murders in Jamaica. In 2004 the semi-nude and butchered body of gay activist Brian Williamson was found in his New Kingston apartment. He was reportedly stabbed and chopped at more than 70 times with a machete. Eyewitnesses to the aftermath say his neighbours gathered to gawk and celebrate his death in the street outside his home. A young male newspaper vendor subsequently pleaded guilty to the killing.

In 2006 Jamaica's highest ranking trade official, Peter King, was found brutally murdered in his Kingston home. He was reportedly found naked with stab wounds to his upper chest. His throat was slashed and, according to several sources, his genitals had been hacked from his loins and stuffed in his mouth. A man was sentenced on a manslaughter charge in King's death earlier this year.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Body Image

Recently, has published an article on commone health issues among gay men. One of which is eating disorder. Here's what the medical publishers have written about it:

Gay men are more likely to experience body image problems and eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, than are their straight counterparts. One explanation is that gay men aim to sexually attract men, which subjects them to the same kind of body image pressure as heterosexual women. Gay men also may engage in more social comparison than do heterosexual men, possibly causing gay men to feel more dissatisfied with their appearance.

If you're struggling with body image problems or an eating disorder, get help. Talk to your doctor or a trusted friend or loved one. Together you may find possible treatment options.


A Woman Likes It

Jennifer Lee in "Ang Lalake sa Parola" (photo courtesy of

Here's a reply from Karen, a Filipina from the US who likes gay films:

You're welcome, Lex!

I guess in your eyes, it's a bit strange for a Filipino woman to enjoy your films, since women in a Filipino society look down upon men being "feminine" in any way and that homosexuality is still looked upon as a sin in the Philippines, but I guess you can say that I even though I was raised in a Filipino background, I appreciated the homosexual lifestyle even though I'm straight because a lot of my friends are gay, and I accept and am proud for who they are. I just wish that the Philippines was as open as it is in parts of the US.

If I can be frank, your stories about homosexuality in the Philippines are a very beautiful thing, which is refreshing after having to see so many Filipino films with gay men being depicted in a stereotypical "crossed-dresser" with the lispy-overtly feminine accent (which, can be over the top, but can be somewhat true to a point), but at the same time, it degrades homosexuals as less than human, something to be laughed at, a complete joke. The characters you create are real, believable, dark and emotional, adding a lot of depth to the messages that are subliminally conveyed on the screen.

I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but I felt compelled to respond to your message...LOL



Salamat Karen at Mabuhay ka!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Naked Tony

His name is Tony. He was referred to us by the owner of a blue bar "Dtour" in Mandaluyong. And he was the bar's most sought after exhibitionist/ client as he enjoys stripping off in front of the other bar clients.
We first got him for the film "Little Boy/ Big Boy". But his exposure was cut by the censors. Now, he's doing it again for the latest film of Joselito Altarejos "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" as he plays one of the sex performers together with Rayan Dulay and charming newcomer Ace Ricafort.
When I asked him why he enjoys doing this even if he's not a model or a professional actor, he admits to have a heightened sense of arousal when other people enjoy his nakedness. To me, such claim of sexual freedom is quite enviable.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Female Admirer

(Scene from Ang Lihim ni Antonio featuring Nino Fernanez and Kenjie Garcia)

Hi Lex!

I'm a big fan of yours from the US, I loved the script that you wrote for "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" and "Ang Lalake Sa Parola"...keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future! Mabuhay!



Hi Karen,

I am surprised. I never expected any female to appreciate my works. Thank you very much. Mabuhay ka!