Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Visitor Speaks

More than a month ago, I sent an invite to all of you to the pictorials of our latest film from  Lexuality Entertainment. My first choice as our special guest was a government doctor who wanted a respite from his toxic daily work.  But a few days after, he cancelled due to work schedule problems.

So, my next choice was Jon,  an accountant from San  Juan. And based on his letter, I think he had a great time watching our pictorials for "Huling Halik", written and directed by a promising young filmmaker "Zig Dulay".

Let me share what Jon, had to write about his experience at the studio of Ian Feliz Alquiros:

Eyes Wide Shut. I got picked. When Lex told me that I was chosen to be his lucky guest for the "Huling Halik" pictorial, it really made my day. It was something that I had been looking forward to, and the fates favored me.

I arrived on time. There I saw I pool of hot guys and a very talented staff. The photo shoot was done exceptionally and professionally.It exceeded what I had hoped for. But during that moment, there was more than what my eyes had seen. There was a sense of happiness and gratefulness which I felt. It was happiness because I saw my real world. It was where I belong. I had been in the closet for so long and yet at that time, I felt how it was to be me. I felt grateful because I saw people who had passion for excellence. This opened my eyes that even when society is still half-hearted in accepting people like us, there is a big avenue to excel and a huge opportunity to achieve dreams.

Lex and the rest of his staff had been very hospitable. That I would always be thankful. But what really made my day was to experience a work of art that coincided with my commitment to be true to myself and be realize that this is a happy and colorful world.

Cheers to you Lex and hope to witness again such an experience like this with you. I will always be your supporter. Just pull a tag. May this upcoming project reach the sky's limit for success.



Thanks Jon,

More invites to come!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Johnron's Back

In case you were once his fan, the star of the  hit macho dancing video  "Hubad" and former Provoq member, Johnron Tanada is back in Manila for good. I recently met him in a casting meeting for this new script I have just finished writing.

And of course, I didn't let the chance pass by without asking him about the controversies that hounded the internet regarding his stint in Macau.

LEX: Gaano katotoo na naging kayo ng dating model na si Jude Marco sa Macau.

JOHNRON: Si Jude po, bakla po siya. Siya po ang mentor ko dun. Siya ang nag-alalay sa akin. Siya kasi  ang number one entertainer sa club namin.

LEX: So may relasyon nga ba kayo?

JOHNRON: Wala po.

Friday, March 18, 2011

How Woud You Know If a Guy Is Serious?

Part 4 of Migz, the Virgin

In a romantic level, you'll know if a guy is into you if he wants to build a deep friendship with you even after both of you have explored all kinds of physical connection in bed. Another indicator if a guy is romantically serious with you is, if he starts introducing you to his friends and family. That means there's something between the two of you that's really special.

These are some of the lessons i have learned having experienced a little over a decade of flirting, loving and hurting. I'm sure the wiser readers of this blog have more to say.

 Thank you for reading this blog.Young people like you are the reason why I continue to maintain this website. May you have a joyful, exciting and a fulfilling gay life ahead of you.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Eye" Like You

Part 3 of Migz, the Virgin

Lets start with a hookup. How would you know if another guy is interested in you for a quick hook up? Now, this usually happens in public. And this is my general rule, If a guy stares at you for more than 3 seconds, chances are, he is into you (unless of course, he thinks you are someone else)

If he stares at you and does something else with his lips or makes a quick bilateral rise and drop of eye brows, then he really is into you.

Whenever you see someone interesting in public. Use the power of eye contact. If he looks back at you. Then, smile. Youll never know where a simple smile could lead you to.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hookup or Romance?

Part 2 of Migz, the Virgin

Hi Migz,

Thank you for writing. How old are you? If you are in your teenage years to early twenties, then you shouldn't feel bad being a virgin at all. Many straight Filipino guys are also virgin when you at that age bracket. So, there's nothing to worry about it.

And since you are a virgin, please heed the advice of a certified slut like me. Lose your virginity to someone you find very special. Someone you trust. And someone you really like (at the very least). Make your first sexual experience an intimate moment where there is genuine sharing of desire between you and your partner. If you do that, you're off to a healthier sex life.

Now, for your question, how will you know if another guy likes you. The most obvious answer is to take it from his  non verbal cues. Many people have difficulty verbalizing their romantic intentions. And that makes the whole game more exciting.

Allow me to answer your question into two categories: first, the hookup level - the casual, sometimes anonymous and plain consummation of desire and the second, romantic level.


The "Hinala" Party

Everyone's invited to the "Hinala" extreme uncut preview party on March 18 at unit 404 wil-vic building V Luna road extension, Diliman, Quezon city.

For the price of Php300, one gets a preview of this next film from Cris Pablo, a free drink and a DVD of one of Queeriosity's videos.

contact 09359440330 for details.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Migz, the Virgin

Dear Lex,

    Im migs, i was browsing the net and it led me to your page. Salamat sa blog mo kasi its a page where i can be free. Discreet kasi ako, my dad is a retired army mahirap magladlad for now kasi complicated anyway masaya pa din ako kahit deprived sa mga bagay na usually ginagawa ng normal na gays kagaya ng nasa blog mo. Question kuya how would i know if another guy likes me? he he cencya na ah wala kasi me experience sa mga ganun he he pahingi naman ng tips. Gusto ko kasi maka experience magka BF feeling ko kasi ako na lang ang natitirang virgin ha ha.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missing the Men

Mr. Philippines
Mr.  Canada
Mr. Peru
Mr. Brazil
I feel so bad I missed the Press Conference for Mr. Gay World  International last Wednesday at my neighborhood  mall, Robinsons Galleria . It is the first time that the international pageant  will be held here in Manila.  And the delgates from around the world are really hot.

The grand finals will be held this Sunday. March 13, 8pm  at Club Mwah,  652  Boni Avenue,  Mandaluyong city.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

For Ronnie

Dear Ronnie,

Thank you for sharing your difficult situation. The wise readers of this blog have spoken. And your options are laid out on you. It is difficult to continue with a relationship when trust is compromised. But is a 15 year relationship worth saving? Definitely. But only if your partner is willing to be honest with you.

I wish you happiness in whichever option you decide to take.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anger on the Raid on Boys of Bora

The Boys of Bora
My dear friend, Mr. D from Singapore, a regular patron of Filipino gay establishments expresses his rage against the raid of "Boys of Bora":

Hi Lex,

I just learned that The Boys of Bora was recently raided - courtesy of Imbestigador. And I feel so angry about it. While some of these establishments may not be operating legally and the services they offer not legal, the workers there are all trying to make a decent and honest living driven mainly by poverty. Have Mike Enrique and the people at GMA thought about this? What is illegal may not be immoral and/or unethical. But what Mike and his colleagues are doing is plain immoral and unethical. I have nothing against shows such as Imbestigador per se. But what I take issue with is the kinds of things that they report on. Doing massage parlours and bars are unethical because they are doing that just to drive viewership ratings without a thought to the workers who depend on these establishments to make a living. Have they thought about the loss of income of these people and their starving families with the closure of the establishments after the raids? If they are really constructive, go investigate and expose things that may bring about an improvement to the lives of people such as cases of corruption, corporate dishonesty, bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiencies. I hope that enough people in the Philippines will say enough is enough to this kind of nonsense and stand up to the show producers. It would be good if like-minded people get together helmed by some famous characters such as Boy Abunda and condemn the show for taking advantage of poor and down-trodden people.


Christian from Boys of Bora


Thank you for this thought provoking piece of email. I completely agree with you. The so-called moralists of the Filipino society all blame poverty for the rise of prostitution in this country. But my question is, how does the raid of these gay establishments actually help the so called "victims" of poverty? I'm wondering.

And by the way, according to a text message from the owner of the massage center, no case was actually filed against them. But the damage has been done.