Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gay Boys for Pay

One would notice that many men who offer sexual services nowadays in the internet are openly gay men. And they are certainly not like your once popular "gay prostitutes" who had long hair, big boobs and the likes. They are hunky, chiseled and straight looking.

This would not have been the case twenty years ago. Back then, if a gigolo, admits to being gay, he would certainly lose his market value.

And I'm just happy to witness this changing landscape of flesh trade and evolving identity for the gay men.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick Trip

Toffer Barretto and Andro Morgan in a scene in Quick Trip

I attended the Invitational Screening of Crisaldo Pablo's new digital movie "Quick Trip" together with some of the "movers and shakers" of Philippine Independent Cinema: Armando "Bing" Lao (Screenwriter of Serbis), Emman dela Cruz (director of "Sarongbanggi") and Raymond Lee (producer of "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros).

The movie's lead character, Toffer Barretto was a refreshing and a sensitive actor while the other actor Andro Morgan will create cinematic history with his daring and actual ejaculation on screen! For sure, this controversial scene will be deleted in the film's regular commercial run.

Aside from the film's "historic" sexual act and several funny and realistic scenes, I find the narrative of the story simple and very cohesive making this digital feature Crisaldo Pablos's best film so far.

Walang Himala!

I took this photo of "Himala" from my phone at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery of the UP Film Institute. I have been a fan of this film even before I learned to appreciate the aesthetics of filmmaking.

The performance of Nora Aunor as she claimed "Walang Himala" was just so powerful for me. I was barely two years old when this was first shown. But the magic of that cinematic moment resounded to me way up into my adult life.

And even for that short moment, I think Nora Aunor should forever be a treasure in the history of Philippine Culture.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kagabi, Maganda Ako

Kagabi, maganda ako
Tula ni Lex Bonife

Kagabi, maganda ako
Sa mga hiwa-hiwalay na hugis ng dilim
dahan-dahan akong naglalakad
Suot ang aking makulay at mapanuksong bikini,
Ang kanilang mga mata'y uhaw na sinusundan
ang bawat yapak ng aking mga paa.

Kagabi, maganda ako
Nilapitan ko ang isang lalakeng naghuhumindig ang mga braso at bisig
Ngumiti, nilapit ang kanyang mukha sa aking tenga.
Nanghina ang aking tuhod at ako ay napaluhod.
At dahan dahan kong hinarap ang kanyang malaking sikretong
tinatago ng malambot na tela ng kanyang boxer shorts

Kagabi, maganda ako
Dahil ayon sa aking 6 footer at morenong kalaro,
ayaw pa niyang agad labasan
Kahit dumadami na ang mga lalakeng pilit na inaaninag
ang kintab ng aking laway sa kanyang katawan
Walang pa rin tigil sa pag-ungol ng "Shit, pare"
ang aking bagong kaibigan.

Ako'y nagising yakap ang aking unan
Matigas ang ari, ako'y tumayo at humarap sa salamin
Binati ko ang kulubot na linya ng aking noo pati na rin
ang aking nagmamalaking tiyan
At ako'y ngumiti, ang sabi ko lang "Kagabi, maganda ako"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Love Jacklyn Jose

I have always been fascinated with her monotonous voice and the painful yet placid expression in her face in all her films. Among my most favorite Jacklyn Jose performances are "Itanong Mo Sa Buwan", "Ataul for Rent", "Mulanay", "Lahar" and "Serbis". I always admired and craved for the honesty of her screen presence.

So, when I first met her in person, I admitted to her that I was a big fan of hers. Jacklyn Jose dared me to recite some her most famous lines in her trademark monotone. I tried grasping for the right lines, I failed.

In a recent interview, she admitted she has been itching to direct her own film. I can't wait to see this.

House of Swallows

I was walking along the Central Station in Hongkong, when I noticed a dessert store named "House of Swallows". I just thought this was a brilliant name for a business if only this had been a gay bar or a blue bar.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Proud Hunk: Don

Don is 26 years old and a proud hunk from Cavite. He is currently committed to another man whom he claims to be as good looking and as sexy as he is. Even without going to a gym, he keeps his body fit by working on an exercise ball, a few dumb bells and at times dancing with the Hip Hop Abs Video.

Currently, he is waiting for opportunities to work abroad.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Penis Shall Reveal the Truth!

Whoever said that those straight men who are prejudiced against gay men are themselves secretly harboring gay feelings? They are technically correct as supported by a scientific study.

This interesting study about gay bashers was quickly mentioned in the book that I am currently reading “Phantoms of the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind”, a brilliant book on experiments on neurology by V.S. Ramachandran.

In this study, the “straight gay bashers” and the “straight men who didn’t have problems with gay men” were asked to watch a “Man to Man” Pornography. And the result? The gay bashers significantly have bigger erections than the straight men who are not prejudiced.

If you’re curious how erections were measured, they used a device called penile plethysmograph, which measures changes in the circumference of the penis.

I’m thinking, what could this study actually imply?

First, since penile erection could both be a conscious or unconscious effort, it is possible that the formation of prejudice against gay men could simply be an unconscious effort -- meaning even before the “gay feelings” among “gay bashers” could be acknowledged, these “gay feelings” could have been repressed at an unconscious level therefore, their prejudice isn’t something that they have created with full awareness.

Two gay men like me, should learn to understand the straight who overtly hate us just because we are gay. We need to create a friendly and caring atmosphere with them so eventually, they could learn to accept their highly probable hidden “gay feelings”.

Don’t you just love the idea? The straight men who hate us gay men, are essentially gay men themselves. They just need a little support, understanding and a lot of love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finding Home in a Gay Relationship

I just finished watching "Shelter" (2007), a beautiful American gay-themed film about a young man sidelined by the needs of his family finding comfort in surfing and with his best friend's older brother.

This film also reminded me of "A Home at the End of the World" (2004) starring Colin Farrell, a chronicle about two childhood best friends, one straight and one gay man and the trials and triumphs their relationships have endured until the end.

These two stories represent that a hapy and a normal home could be created even between two men. They both depict the authenticity of love between gay relationships and illustrate a peacefully integrated gay life with the rest of the society.

Such stories is something that all of us gay men could aspire for. These films are a must see.

Friday, August 22, 2008

M2M Shower Scene

(Mcmiel Dennison)

(Ethan Zulueta)

Several years ago, I was asked by Viva to come up with a concept for a sex instructional video for Asia Agacoili. And one of Viva's big bosses, Vincent Del Rosario suggested the "Sex Guru" title.

Being an advocate of gay sex in media, I immediately found the opportunity to insert gay sex in this video.

Viva Hot Men Mcmiel Dennison and then a new member, Ethan Zulueta were chosen to do the gay scene. The video's director, Rico Gutierrez being a straight guy asked me to be the floor director for this gay sex scene as he felt Ill be more comfortable guiding the actors.

I coulc barely remember anything as it happened almost half a decade ago. But if there is one thing that I could assure everyone, Mcmiel's package was a gift from the heavens!(hehehe!)

Anyway, the video sold like a hotcake. But from the feedback from many people (especially the straight ones), they were disturbed by the gay sex scenes woven all thorughout the material.

So, in the next installment of the Sex Guru, the M2M gay sex was deleted.

(images of men courtesy of

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Climax 2

(photo courtesy of

A few days ago, I bought my copy of Climax 2 because it features three men I have worked with my last three films - the sex god Josh Ivan Morales, the conservative hunk Gabz Del Rosario and the lost Harry Laurel (this could be the last Harry Laurel memorabilia)

I bought my copy from CV magazines, owned by the ever friendly Mr. Conrad at the ground floor of Landmark in Makati. Upon seeing me, Conrad immediately told me about how happy he is with the sales of this Climax magazine. And he even compared it to the special edition magazine of Cruise (which, I was a part of). He told me "Ganyan, paggagawa ng magazine, yung may makikita" (That's how one should make a gay magazine. It has to reveal the model's manhood!) He compared it to our Cruise. And I just told him, the owner of Climax (Danio Caw) has a lot of money! And the models just can't turn down his budget.

I assure you. Climax 2 is worth the Php380. It's a well photographed collector's item. It was so good, that I wasn't even able to bring it home. It was stolen from me by my boyfriend!

Congratulations to Danio Caw, the man behind Climax 2. Go get your copy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Proud Hunk: Justin

Justin is a 25 year old call center representative from Pasig city. And quite contrary to what you see in his pictures, he describes himself to be boring (come on, how could a sexy guy like him be boring?)

He likes watching DVD's. And among his favorite films is Zhang Yhimuo's "Not One Less".

He claims that his sexuality has actually evolved throughout his life-- from being straight to being bisexual to being a proud homosexual! In bed, he prefers a partner who would like to actively "give it all".

If you want to see more pictures of him, visit

Lastly, I have no idea why he calls himself "jumbohotdog" in the internet. Please find out for yourself!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quickie Details

Here's the production notes from the upcoming gay film "Quickie":

"During the pre-production of Quickie finding the perfect actor, who will portray the role of Cris a family breadwinner who supports the medication of his diabetic mother and finding his own happiness after he was left by his call center boyfriend, was really like passing through a very tough decision. We searched every corner of the city and auditioned as many actors as we can just find the right man. Then there was Topher Barreto, he was buying a drink in 711 when accidentally director Cris Pablo spotted him. He came from a ball game and was steamingly hot that time. By the first we saw him we knew that he was the right one.

We didn’t have a hard time of convincing him to do the role. He was very daring and ready to go beyond his boundaries as long as it would make the movie better. He took a few acting sessions before the shooting day. He was very eager to learn. Topher is also a family breadwinner that’s why it was easy for us to explain the characterization of Cris.

Andro Morgan is also part of Quickie a very hot, charming and daring guy that will give Cris a smoking hot encounter to fight his cold and lonely night. Andro was very participative in this movie and we didn’t had a hard time in directing him especially in their intimate scene with Topher. He also prepared his body built for this movie making sure that he is in good shape by the time we shoot their love scene.





"Makawala", My Fourth Screenplay

About two days ago, I finished "Makawala" (To Escape), my fourth screenplay.

It is a story of a young woman, who does everything to ensure that she becomes the class valedictorian in their public high school.

This film tackles many themes that I find interesting in our society: the incompetent public school education; the corruption of educational system even among teachers and students; family sexual abuse, pederasty and the diaspora of parents to become domestic helpers abroad.

This screenplay is for the new film of critically acclaimed director Paolo Villaluna (Selda, Ilusyon) and is scheduled for shoot next month.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act of 2008

The "Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act of 2008" has been passed by the lower house and is now pending at the senate. And this law is a glaring violation of our human rights.

First, I clearly agree with the vision of its proponents.

* I am against unguided children being exposed to sexually explicit materials. Adult content and materials should be distributed properly to its intended audience and this must be strictly implemented by the government.

* I am clearly against the use of children in any pornographic materials and the exploitations of innocent adults in performing pornographic situations whether for private or public consumption that may be against their will.

* I am against the distribution of pornography peddled on the streets for everyone to see. (This is illegal, as these are all pirated copies)

But some provisions of this law clearly violate the Human Rights.

SEC. 4. Punishable Acts. - The following acts are declared illegal andpunishable:(a) Producing, printing, showing, exhibiting, importing, selling,advertising or distributing obscene or pornographic materials in allforms of mass media;

Obscene being defined as:

"Obscene" refers to anything that is indecent or offensive orcontrary to good customs or religious beliefs, principles or doctrines,or tends to corrupt or deprave the human mind, or is calculated toexcite impure thoughts or arouse prurient interest, or violates theproprieties of language and human behavior, regardless of the motive ofthe producer, printer, publisher, writer, importer,seller, distributoror exhibitor such as, but not limited to:(1) showing, depicting or describing sexual acts;(2) showing, depicting or describing human sexual organs or the femalebreasts;(3) showing, depicting or describing completely nude human bodies(4) describing erotic reactions, feelings or experiences on sexual actsor;(5) performing live sexual acts of whatever form.

The law clearly prohibits the expression of sex in ALL ITS FORMS. Hence, nude human bodies, human genitalia and EVEN erotic feelings and reactions should never be conveyed in a message whether through visual or through text.

“Impure thoughts”

What is an “impure thought”? Where does the concept of purity and impurity come from? Does this come from the religious belief that “sex is impure” and must only be shared between married people? Following this religious imposition, does that mean that all forms of sexual expression outside marriage is “impure”?

With this phrase, this law begins to sound like a “silly” phrase from a religious material.

Is it rightful for anyone to have the right to prohibit us in how we perceive visual and auditory messages?

And what is wrong with a material whose intention is to stimulate prurient interests from an educated and a responsible adult? Every adult person has the right to enjoy their sexuality, as long as they do not force anyone or entice a minor into consuming the sexual act with them. The enjoyment of one’s sexuality is a birthright of every person and that includes the consumption of “adult oriented” materials.

The basis of this provision obviously comes from religious principles that “sex is sacred” and “sex should only be consumed between two married people”.

This “lawful version” of a “biblical imposition” is questionable because no religious principle should ever be imposed on anyone.

This could be a clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18 -- Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Section 4 (c) Showing, exhibiting, selling, or distributing obscene orpornographic movies in whatever format, whether produced in thePhilippines or abroad, in any restaurant, club or other places open tothe public, including private buildings, places or houses where theviewers are not limited to them owners thereof and the members of his family;

Why should a group of adults with their full consent be prohibited from viewing OBSCENE and PORNOGRAPHIC materials even in their own private residence?

Section 4 (d)
Writing any obscene or pornographic article in any print orelectronic medium;

Why should anyone be prohibited to write anything about sexual expression, when Sex is an integral part of our physiological, psychological and sociological expression?

Is this not a clear violation of Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights? “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

I wonder, why do we taxpayers pay for the services of these imbecile lawmakers?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quickie Night on August 23

Filipino Digital Film Diva Crisaldo Pablo will have a premiere night of his new film "Quickie" this August 23 at the UP Film Institute.

The film stars Toffer Barretto (pictured above) and Andro Morgan.

First, I don't think Toffer Barretto is related to the famous celebrity sisters. He was discovered by the film director Pablo in a 7-11 outlet in Kamuning, Quezon city. The last time, I saw this director in person, he was in dire need for a new star.

And I'm looking forward to what his new star can actually prove.

I will be definitely be there at the premiere.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Incisive Gay Poetry

Nestor De Guzman's "Galing Cine Cafe" is a brutally honest and incisive poetic representation of gay cruising, anonymous sex and gay relationships in Manila.

It is a bold confession of continuous sexual longing that only gay men could understand beautifully expressed in accessible Filipino language. From frequenting the "blue bars", to dark parks and movie houses, Nestor De Guzman gives us a glimpse of the soul behind every throbbing cocks in this cruising area.

For me, this book is a must read.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My "Ago-go Dancer" Dream

Wayback in the 80's, female strippers were popularly called "Ago-go dancer". They were clad in bikinis, tits bouncing, hips gyrating nonchalantly and faces oblivious to the drunk and horny crowd of men watching her.

When I was young watching some ago-go dancers in films and TV, I remember to be in awe of them. Not because I was sexually attracted to them. But I was drawn to the to the softness of their movements, the rhythm of their body fat, their shining and outrageous outfit and the flexibility of their almost naked bodies.

I knew then that I wanted to become an Ago-go dancer. But the tragedy of it all, I was born with testicles and physiologically, I could never be one. (unless, I'll be willing to go under the knife, but that will never happen)

Looking back, this secret dream of mine could have led me to become a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga allow me to display flexibility and grace, sometimes gyrate to the rhythm of my exotic music. And more importantly, wear the shortest shorts possible without my testicles showing off as I spread my legs wide.

And I'm just happy that as a yoga teacher, I can still consider myself as a second class ago-go dancer -- another childhood that just came true.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Hate ROTC!

Wayback in 1997, every single Filipino male student was forced to complete two years of military training before one could complete a bachelor's degree.

I only finished one year of this training. And I never got my bachelor's degree.

I hated every single day of ROTC. Waking up at 5am on a Sunday morning. And marching under the heat of the sun for til about 1230pm. It was dehumanizing considering we were all wrapped up in a thick and heavy military uniform.

And all we learned was to march for the pleasure of some military officers.

At one time, I decided to join the Special Forces. It was a special team that would learn to rapel, use rifles among others. I joined the initiation and I passed it with flying colors. I was strong enough to endure hundreds of push ups, crunches, squats and what have you. I enjoyed it tremendously.

But when we were asked to march, they noticed my hips swayed and gyrated a bit naturally. The commander called my attention and yelled at me. He told me I was a sissy, walking as if I was in a shampoo TV ad.

And from then on, I quit the special forces. I was stronger than most of them. I could have been an asset in the group. But they will never accept "graceful" marching from me. And that was not my loss.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy, Sexy Video Shoot

In early 2007, we produced a sexy special interest video targeted for the gay audience. And it was one of those rare instances where we actually chose gay men for our talents for the project.

In the Philippines, it is usual practice that we only hire the "straight" men or those vehemently pretending to be "straight" as models. Otherwise, it could be a turn off for the gay market.

Our director, Monti Parungao, scouted several very attractive and openly gay men in Palawan bar in Cubao for talents who would be doing sexy scenes for the video. And needless to say, they performed naturally quite well as they romanced each other in front of the camera.

And our shoot was so hot! It was the first and only time that I actually flirted with a talent or a performer in my entire showbiz work. And I did not just flirt with one talent, I flirted with all of the hunky gay talents. The location of the shoot, was the bath house called "The Mansion" in Pasay City. And in between takes, while inside the dark alleys and rooms of "The Mansion", I would lock lips and "pet" with them quickly. And even while I'm giving instructions, they would just insert their fingers in my buttocks and I'll simply squeeze their crotches in return. What a job I had!

Looking back, that was the sexiest and craziest video shoot I ever had in my whole life. And I don't think it could ever happen again!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Proud Hunk: Badong

In 2003, Badong came to Manila from his hometown in Bacolod with Php300 in his pocket and a lot of courage and spirit. The only people who would welcome him in the city, are some guys he just met from the IRC chat.

After five years, working in a call center and doing voice over jobs in different corporate events, he now rents his own two bedroom unit in California Garden Square near Ortigas center.

Badong keeps himself fit by rowing early in the morning at the Manila Bay. He even travels to compete in this favorite sport of his. He does triathlon as as well and trains himself at the ULTRA every weekends.

A certified bottom guy, Badong loves to please his partner all the way in bed. And when he's free, he also accepts clients for massage services.

And being a very friendly guy, he has even mobilized all his gay neighbors (all members of the gay social website guys4men) into a small organization meeting every weekend for fun and leisure (I'm just wondering how fun this could get!)

I find swarthy guys really attractive. And I must say Badong is one hot and proud hunk! You can visit his blog at

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Man-Boy Love

"Pederasty" is the term used for sexual relationships between an adult man and a boy from 12 to 18 years of age.

I had to read about this kind of relationship since this will be one of the topics of my screenplay for my new project with acclaimed filmmaker Paolo Villaluna (Ilusyon, Selda).

Pederasty was common during the Classical Greek civilization. And it still happens nowadays, although it is now recognized as illegal in most governments.

In the early part of the 80's in the US, an organization was born to legalize pederasty. It was called "National Movement for Man Boy Love Association". It was initially intergated into gay rights but was eventually removed from the "gay revolution" due to severe criticisms that it is a front to pedophilia.

The movement fought for the right of minors for their own sexual expression. According to them, children have the right to realize their sexual desires. But they also made clear that they are against forcing anyone especially children for any sexual act against their will.

Now there are questions hounding me. Is sexual expression between minors and adults a fundamental right among human beings? Does the law of criminilizing adults in having consensual sexual acts with minors oppress this right? As per my research, there has been no substantial study that actually proves that minors who engage with consensual sexual acts with an adult feel psychologically abused and personally damaged by this relationship.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Proud Hunk: Ken

Ken is a 22 year old call center employee living in Cubao, Quezon city.

Ken is proud to be a gay man (an attractive gay man as his photos could tell). He loves to to bars and as well as to go online to hookup with other men. And for the past two years, he has been enjoying a "single and searching" lifestyle.

As a lover, Ken describes himself to be sensitive and eager to please his partner. In bed, he claims to be adventurous even trying pistachio ice cream for some flavorful sex (don't we just love ice creams?)

Get to more about Ken through his personal website

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Graphic Gay Sex

I am an advocate of the complete integration of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transexuals (GLBT) in the society they live in. And I believe that by sincerely showing graphic gay sex in films as well as other materials, we hasten the process of this integration.

The visual representation of gay sex may be offensive to many people. But it is a visual message needed by this advocacy. My conjecture is that when people are exposed to such images, the idea that "gay sex" is a predominantly natural act for a significant segment of our population becomes easier to comprehend for most people.

There is this popular church who declared to "love the sinner. but hate their sins." And this has led to society accepting gay men as productive individuals but reject the very idea of their sexual behavior and their sexual preferences.

Accepting us gay men as productive individuals is not enough. Society certainly benefits from our productivity. We are tax payers. And some gay men in the Philippines even controls some of the most powerful corporations in the country.

But I don't think this so called "acceptance" or tolerance accorded to us gay men is not enough.

Society has to stop forwning on our sexual preferences and behavior. Gay sex is very much a part of animal behavior albeit it is not reproductive. And whether you reject evolutionism or not, animal behavior is at the core of human behavior. And more importantly, love among the same sexes is as genuine as its straight counterpart no matter what your bible say about it.

Gay sex is normal. Gay love is genuine. And society must begin to accept it.

For these very reasons, I shall continue to promote the representation of honest, sincere and sometimes graphic gay sex in media.


Here's another letter that I'd like to share from one of our readers in Lexuality:

Recently became aware of your work and was profoundly shaken, because it touched upon some very private and personal experiences which i always thought to be uniquely mine.

Stunned to see them acted out as if my diary had become public.Wonderfully refreshing.

Have since become an avid admirer of all you do and look forward to watching your talent blossom with future endeavors.

By the way, this started out as a comment on one of your posts, but--after editing and rewriting--I thought it more personal as an email.

Thanks for sharing your visions,



Hi Umberto,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lex Bonife

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yoga Hunks

Last month, I attended the Asia Yoga Conference in Hongkong Conevention Center. And one of the best experiences in that conference is that you get to work out side by side with near naked gorgeous men from different countries.

And boy was it such a treat! During my classes, I would make sure to stop doing my pose just so I can watch my hunky neighbor do his own stuff in his skimpy trunks. I would have loved to take their photos but too bad, we are not allowed to record the class in any manner.

In Manila, there are barely any men in a typical yoga class. That's why it was absolutely exciting for me to see delightful men do yoga.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remembering Harry Laurel

There is a lot of buzz I've been reading about the latest issue of Frontman magazine where Harry Laurel, the star of "Ang Lalake sa Parola/ The Man in the Lighthouse" is on the cover.

I remember this innocent yet fiercely driven boy from Bicol province months before we shot his launching movie. A few weeks before we started the production, his discoverer and manager, Joey Diego, committed suicide.

Harry texted me about the tragedy. He was in shock. He was the first one to see the hanging body. And reporters have been hounding him.

Director Jay Altarejos and I were worried for Harry. He was deeply affected by the tragedy. And we were also worried about his welfare -- where will he be staying after the death of his manager, would he still want to pursue a showbiz career and other issues. But being the strong willed man that he is, he was back to his normal self a week after the tragedy. And he was more determined ever to make it in the business.

He would ask me a lot of questions about the industry, the rates, work expectations and other stuff. He would practice to himself and would come to the set prepared with all his lines. Harry was indeed a hard working dreamer. And I admired him for that.

But one obvious thing that will hinder Harry from getting good roles is his thick provincial acccent. The Filipino audience generally wants his hunk to speak like at least someone from Manila if he does not come from a more upscale city. Harry has to learn fast. And time is running out.

There is something about Harry that many gay men find him irresitable. But is this audience interest enough to sustain him with a steady stream of projects in the entertainment business? You're guess is as good as mine :)

Friday, August 1, 2008


I have always loved quickies.

The thrill and the rush of an impending public scandal, the danger of the place you have choses to execute your little "crime" in and the fear of getting caught all adds up to several minutes of unspeakable fun and ecstasy.

From school to the office, from bars to parks, from cinemas to toilets and to every forms of public transportation, every place is a ripe venue to do your quick, dirty "crime".

Quick public sex is a unique biochemical reaction within the body. The fusion of the "fear chemicals" plus the "sex chemicals" in the brain adds up to a one unique physiological experience.

So go ahead, do it at your own risk. Just make sure you don't do it in an Arab country where sodomy is considered a serious crime.