Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yul Servo stars in Dose

Debuting director and acclaimed screenwriter Senedy Que's film "Dose" will be shown at Robinsons Galleria this coming week.

Dose is about the unlikely friendship that develops between a curious 12-year-old boy (Edy, an unloved child played by Fritz Chavez) and a lonely gardener (Danny, played by Yul Servo), where the line that defines love and abuse blurs, resulting in a touching, yet disturbing, relationship that defies age and gender.

Playing the grown-up Edy is Emilio Garcia who is 40, a filmmaker. Ray An Dulay is Bobby, Edy’s current boyfriend. Irma Adlawan is Helen, the aunt that takes care of Edy. Arlene Tolibas is Pilay, the maid. Alessandra de Rossi has a special participation.

Screening schedule at Robinsons Galleria is Dec 3, 7pm; Dec 4, 2pm; Dec 5, 10pm; Dec 6, 830pm

Refusing Gay Sex

Anthony, a student from UP Cebu doing a thesis on the films I have written "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" (Antonio's Secret) and "Ang Lalake sa Parola" (The Man in the Lighthouse) confronted me with a very sharp question, which I found myself a bit difficult to answer.

He asked me, why is that in both of the films, the main characters had to refuse a particular gay sexual act -- Antonio vehemently refusing anal sex and Mateo refusing to suck the character Jerome's dick -- both incidents led to the climax of the stories.

It made me think. Is it because I believe that appreciating complete gay sex takes time for a gay man? For a gay man, who is just starting to appreciate man-to-man sex, immediately sucking a dick or getting fucked, may not be very easy to achieve. To my experience and to many other people I know, this holds true.

Sexuality is so diverse, that it's difficult to pin down a behavior and proclaim it as true for everyone else. Hence, I know I could be wrong as well.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Gay Life

In the past few weeks, I have been reading articles on actor Jon Santos and how he describes his domestic partneship with a foreign guy. His semi-retirement in the entertainment industry was spent building a partnership and a home with his male partner.

I think this is a very positive news for the gay community. This is a strong message for everyone that being gay isn't just about hook ups, parties and renting sexual services.

A mature, happy and mutually satifying gay partnership is a reality. And representations of such must be supported by media if we want to promote a positive image of homosexuality in our Catholic-bondaged society,

Friday, November 28, 2008

Erotic Stories

When I was young, I have been a secret avid reader of Xerex Xaviera's column in Abante Tonite. Most of my earliest knowledge in sex came from this very popular column. My phallus could still recall several memorable stories from this lowly yet, revolutionary tabloid.

Let me share with you an interesting Pinoy blog site dedicated to gay erotica. Visit Mga Kuwento ni Big Boy

Happy reading!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Outrage Magazine is the first online publication for the Filipino gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex community that aims to be the complete sourcebook for everyone queer.

What I like about this site is the variety of their articles from sexuality all the way to travels, night life and even home decorations which I am very much into for the past few weeks.

Outrage mag is just one of those rare, sensible Pinoy gay sites I have ever found.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Beach Boys of Villamar

My friend brought me to a not-so-secret gay hideaway somewhere south of Manila. It’s Villamar beach resort, which has been quite famous for hook ups with rent boys.

Many boys here come to hang out expecting to meet some gay men who would willingly pay for an amount for at least Php200 (about USD5) in exchange for a sexual service. And boys here come in all ages and sizes – from the illegally young ones to the fresh meat in his 20’s, they are all game for some hot, beach fun!

The beach here isn’t exactly nice. Visit on a Saturday night and you’ll be surprised with hoards of boys and men.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Women's Right?

Riding the Metro Train, I am bothered to notice some women who demand that they be given a special treatment just because they belong to the child bearing sex.

I have encountered women pushing me expecting me to give way to them. I have suffered from women sneering at me every time they feel they are being squeezed inside a jam packed train.

The first car of the train is reserved women and the “special population” – disabled, senior citizens, etc. And that’s aside from the fact that equality among the sexes is recognized in our country. We’ve had two women for presidents, for goodness sake.

With all these facts, I wonder why many women still demand for a special privilege from “gentle men”?

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Muscled Gay Life

Book author Louie Cano is one of my favorite chit chat buddy over the dumb bells and bench press of Fitness First. His latest work "Masculadoll: Mga Sanaysay ng Buhay Bading na di Buking" is his first work that I have ever read. And I must say it brought me to fits of laughter for the past two days.

His colorful and flamboyant account as a muscled gay man dancing on the ledge of Bed Bar, hooking up with different men from the "discreet" to the "rent" boys, breaking his heart with an arrogantly imbecile man, and remembering his juvenile affair with his cute classmate makes me appreciate the rich diversity of life as a gay man through the lens of an irreverent humor.

Congratulations, Louie for "Masculadoll".

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We are all "echoseras", as claimed by my friend, event organizer Bien Rivera. In his interesting observation, Filipino gay men are masters of "echos", which is a gay term that refers to a silly claim or foolish talk.

According to Bien, because as young gay men living in a Christianly conservative society, we have learned to live double lives -- create lies about ourselves and sometimes pretend to be someone whom we're actually not all in the name of conforming to our "macho-centric" society.

"echos" isn't exactly bad although it is quite far from the truth. It usually is fun and does not pose a real danger unlike a deceptive lie.

And because of this observation, I now understand why I, along with other gay friends are true blue "echoseras".

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Loving Antonio

Here are more letters for Lexuality:

Sobrang naka-relate ako sa movie na “Lihim ni Antonio”I was moved…touched and amazed on how close the movie is in real life!!
I am one of those people who are like Antonio…gay but not out.
I feel like I am him…
Nagkaroon din ako ng kaibigan na nakagalit ko din…parang si Nathan… hehehe
Naninilip din ako sa banyo…hahaha
Nilalanghap ko ang manilaw nilaw na brief ng roommate ko…
At higit sa lahat, tinatanong ko rin sarili ko…kung ano purpose ko dito sa mundo…
Naramdaman ko ang lungkot na nararamdaman ni Antonio sa movie…I love it very very much.
Thanks to all the people who made this movie. All the actors are great…
I love Uncle Jo, I love Antonio…but most of all I love Nathan!! where the hell is he??
Love you guys!!
Please if you are planning of writing another movie, please inform me through my email…
I am interested in working with you guys!!



Hi Leprichaun1982

Thanks for dropping a note. Nathan, I believe still dances for GMA7 shows.


Lex Bonife,

I just saw your film Antonio’s Secret. What a wonderful film. I live in Los Angeles, California and am staying in Pampanga. Because of you I am really falling in love with Philippine gay cinema.

All the best,

Patrick Kelley

Los Angeles, California

Angeles City, Philippines


Thanks Patrick,

I'm glad that I am able to contribute in your appreciation with Philippine gay cinema. I love this genre as well.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Danton's Rampa

Danton Remoto

One of my most admired Filipino gay writers Danton Remoto is launching his new book "Rampa: Mga Sanaysay". I have always admired Danton for academic yet, accessible perspectives on gay life and society. One of his earliest books, "X Factor: Tales Outside the Closet", was a "guiding light" on how to go about with my adult gay life.

The launch of "Rampa: Mga Sanaysay" will be on Novenber 22 (Sat) at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4, Makati.

I'm looking forward to read these queer essays only a Danton Remoto could write.

Gay Taytay

For a gay man, Taytay rocks! I remember cruising around Taytay with my local friends and I was surprised to realize that men are very friendly to gays in that place. And mind you, we were far from being discreet because when I was with my friends, we were loud, out and proud.

In the different areas of Taytay that we drove around in, along the main highway, along the main "plaza" near the church as well as the narrow side streets, men flocked to us. They join us for a joyride. They join us for a drink or two. And the word "fun" to describe these moments is such an understatement.

How I wish I could bring back those "fun" Taytay memories!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paul Dances

Paul Guesande in the late 90's was the "dancing god" among the male strip bars in Quezon city. His face is angelic, his moves are mesmerizing and the size of his genitals was notable among the patrons of this time. I was too young then to enter these establishments so I never had the chance to witness his spectacle every week.

He was the most famous among his contemporaries. He even appeared in a few coffee table books in his naked glory.

Now, he still dances. Not as a stripper. But as a dance workout instructor in one of the biggest chain of health clubs in the country. His face is still angelic. And his moves could still keep you hot and panting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stick to Cocks!

I have a friend who once worked as a Guest Relations Officer in a Men's Entertainment Bar. In this work, she met her husband who after a few years turned out to be gay. They are now separated and her former hubbie now has a male partner.

Now, it makes me think. Did the husband marry her a few years back only to conveniently conceal his real sexual preference? Come to think of it, marrying a GRO from a night club was less complicated than marrying a woman coming from the same background as yours.

Of course, I never shared this conjecture to my friend, who is now very devastated from the breakup.

For other gay men thinking of doing the same stuff, please think again. If you like cocks, stick to it. Building a "straight" family could be more complicated than you think it is.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Bayas" Bar

In the early years of 2000, when gas prices were still about 20 pesos per liter, I drive to Taytay, Rizal every weekends to meet up with my gay friends in the area.

Tucked in this quiet town is a small, unassuming strip bar for gay men called "Bayas". It's an interesting name because, this term, bayas in gay lingo, also means, to masturbate.

The entrance fee is Php50. And drinks for your man is just about Php150. Now, what's really interesting here, is that buying drinks for men entitles you to touch their "thingies" or even give them a quick oral sex if you are as adventurous as some of my friends are!

Another interesting fact about this bar, is that it is also frequented more by women, whose husbands are working abroad. Many women here buy their favorite strippers their own motorcycles, so they can always enjoy a bumpy ride with them every night!

Remembering those hot boys of "Bayas", just makes me want to do, bayas! hehehe!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remembering Anton Bernardo

I came across this awesome picture of 90's sexy actor Anton Bernardo at manilagayguy, and I can't help but remember him when I first met him on the set of the past TV show "Subic Bay".

"Subic Bay" was a sexy series starring Joyce Jimenez, Troy Montero, Ruffa Mae Quinto and Priscilla Almeda.

It was such a memorable shoot staying in Subic with good looking actors and about forty bikini models as extras parading almost naked all thorughout the day. Sex was practically everywhere among the talents and the visitors on the set.

Anton Bernardo became a semi-regular talent on the show. And his "bulging" presence made me practically "speechless". He was adorable and karinyoso being extra sweet to gay men in the set.

He even brought his co-actor and friend Alyson VII on the set, bringing "happiness" to several female extras on the show.

Mr. Bernardo last appeared in the film "Torotot".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meeting the Proud Hunks



"Proud Hunks" is a category here in my blog where I feature sexy and attractive men who are out and proud of their sexuality. Except for Badong, I have never met all the other men featured as a proud hunk.

So, I was surprised to meet two of the proud hunks, Ken and Justin separately. Ken approached me while I was eating my brownies inside Fitness First Eastwood. He asked me if I was Lex. And he introduced himself as Ken, one of the men I featured here.

In another incident, while I was coming out from Abenson's at Shangri-la mall, a nice looking guy with a skin head was smiling at me. He turned out to be Justin.

Both guys were nice and are quite attractive in person.

Now, I can't wait to find our next proud hunk! Any volunteers?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Muscled Ugliness

I was lifting weights at Fitness First Platinum Trinoma when I overheard one of their PT's (personal trainers) complaining to two of his clients.

This PT shares how he feels uncomfortable being in briefs inside the sauna as he notices many gay men staring at him. And he recalls how one "big" gay man accidentally opening the shower stall where he is in it while drying up with his towel. He admitted that he initially wanted to punch the face of the gay man but he realized the gay man could have innocently opened the shower stall as no clothes were hanging on its door indicating that its occupied by anyone.

Now, here's the clincher. This muscled PT guy stands about 5'3, with big tummy and a face hunderd times uglier than "Pong Pagong", that turtled mascot from the TV show "Batibot". And did I say that without his Fitness First uniform, you would have certainly mistaken him as a black turtle?

The nerve of this guy to blatantly announce his homophobia as if every gay man is interested of his reptilian ancestry!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

March with Pride

Let's join everyone else from the diverse gay kingdom of Metro Manila in telling the whole world about who we are.

Join the Pride March on December 6, 2008 at Malate, Manila. There's a parade, a program, a pageant and a party on this gay day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay Film Battle

Today, November 12, two gay digital films are up to a head on battle for the box office: Joel Lamangan's "Walang Kawala" (No Way Out) and Ronaldo Bertubin's "Kurap" (Blink).

Polo Ravales

"Walang Kawala" stars Polo Ravales and Joseph Bitangcol, which I guess is a gay version of the Lino Brocka classic "Maynila, Sa Kuko ng Liwanag". Having read it's synopsis:

Joaquin (Polo Ravales), an unassuming fisherman, is forced to confront his homosexuality when his sex-starved wife Cynthia (Althea Vega) returns from her overseas job eager to get pregnant. His young and impulsive lover, Waldo (Joseph Bitangcol), flees to Manila in disgust. After a month of hesitation, Joaquin leaves his wife to follow Waldo. His search takes him on a seamy yet colorful trip through Manila's gay underbelly. He discovers Waldo's dangerour flirtation with Rufo (Emilio Garcia), a bisexual rogue cop who holds the clue to Waldo's disappearance. Rufo lures Joaquin into his home and introduces him to his submissive wife, Beng (Jean Garcia). A sadist who beats up Beng regularly, Rufo turns Joaquin into a prisoner and sex slave --- like he did to Waldo. When Joaquin is finally reunited with Waldo, he discovers that Rufo is about to sell them like fish to an international sex trafficking ring, along with his personal harem of male and female captives. With Beng's help, the two lovers plot their escape.

Sherwin Ordonez

And "Kurap" starring Sherwin Ordonez is about greed and corruption among small time criminals lurking the streets of Manila. I am looking forward to see this film as it's director's first film "Sikil" is for me a notable gay film.

Pinoy gay men, let's all unit and support these two films and show the Philippine economy the power of the pink peso!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rejecting an Eye Ball

My gay friends and I were sharing thoughts on how to easily reject an eye ball. Here's my tried and tested formula: offer the guy something like a coffee or cake. When he starts to enjoy it, break the news and tell him that you need to go somewhere else and you can't proceed as you planned. Most of the time, the guy doesn't show any negative reaction.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcoming HIV/ AIDS

One of my friends who is now a case of full blown AIDS, is back to his regular life. He has isolated himself for so many months after his health has failed him due to his infection.

Despite of his condition being evident in his skin and body shape, the zest for life is still alive in his eyes.

I am also glad that all the other gay men have welcomed him without any reservations.

Welcome back my friend! Let's live each day to the fullest!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cinema Tip

I was browsing through the guys4men forum when I got a very wise tip regarding hooking up for sex inside third run cinemas. Cruising these dark and dingy places in Cubao, Recto and other decrepit areas of the metropolis are still popular among many gay men for the thrill and convenience of quick sex.

Here's the invaluable tip: Don't go on a payday especially the weekend right after the payday as many crooked cops patrol these areas to victimize helpless gay men.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Search for the Pride Queen

If you are a gay man fit to be a beauty queen, then you are invited to join the beauty pageant on the most important gay event of the year, the Pride March 2008 this year.

The Pride March is happening on December 6 in Malate, Manila.

How I wish I could join this pageant, sigh!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hook Up Safety

While my new acquaintance (from the "beware of sex" post) was sharing the details of the crime committed by a fellow gay man, some of my gay friends volunteered some safety information when hooking up with other men in public places. Here are some very useful tips on this situation:

* Beware of Men who are over eager to come with you. You should feel much safer if you are the one who pursued the guy. Don't be flattered by a stranger's attention.

* If you catch yourself unzipping his pants and you find the penis of your new sex partner flaccid, chances are, he is thinking of other things and that could be committing a crime against you.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beware of Sex

A new acquaintance of mine confessed that two weeks ago, he invited a "text mate" of several weeks in his pad. The guy proved to be a looker and was quite hot. But what he didn't know, this sexy gay man is actually a criminal whose modus operandi is to put substances in your drink that will knock one out to unconsciousness.

My new friend woke up in his underwear, with his mac book gone along with his atm, cellphone and his one month salary.

This crime was the talk of the town among the gay men in our community and was also the biggest story in the government office of my friend who is decided to press charges against the perpetrator.

What horrifies the victim is the criminal is just another gay man like us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gay Economy

Former Progay Philippines president Oscar Atadero posted a very interesting idea on my multiply site.

He proposed the calculation of the largely unrecognized contributions of gay men to the economy whenever gays pay for sex whether to professional sex workers, masseurs, horny blue collared workers and even the highly priced celebrities and models. I'm sure this includes indirect expenses that is included in the sex-game between men, buying athletic shoes, paying for university tuition fees, etc.

I'm sure the total sum of this monetary transaction could be recognized as a major driver in our economy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Homophobic Waiter

Along with some friends from the gay men's choir Pride Manila Chorus, we were eating at a small hole-in-the-wall type of bar in Mandaluyong when the waiter, a lanky teenaged boy started making high pitched and gay irritating sounds. He was obviously having fun with another customer at our own expense.

I usually don't get offended on these kind of treatment from other people having been a proud, gay man since young, but one of my new friends, Bien, an Alabang bred gay gentleman was obviously insulted.

I called the attention of the waiter and interrogated him with an attitude hungry for some blood and violence.

"Pinagtatawanan niyo ba kami dahil mga bakla kami?" (Are you making fun of us because we are gay?)

"Sir, hindi po" (No, sir)

"Sigurado ka?" (Are you sure?)

"Sir, hindi po talaga. Hindi po." (No, sir. Absolutely not)

"Siguraduhin mo, ha!" (Then, be sure about it!)

We paid our bill and stood up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sabik Sa Bakla

Sabik sa Bakla
Tula ni Lex Bonife

Tahimik na ang mga martilyo, pako at lagari.
Dahan dahang nagsasabon ang mga matitipunong braso, dibdib at hita

Ubos na ang sinaing, nakakalat na ang mga lata ng sardinas
Nakahandusay na ang mga pagod na katawan,
Unti-unting nililimot ang nakahihingal na alaala ng kanilang maghapon

Maririnig ang mahinhing katok sa yerong pintuan
“No Trespassing”
“No Vacancy”
Ito ang isinisigaw ng marahas na pintura sa pasukan ng kanilang kaharian.

Papasok si bakla, bitbit ang bilog at emperador
Bawat mukha ay mamamangha,
Bawat antok ay mawawala.

Lahat mapapangiti
Sa pagdating ng anghel na mahilig lumuhod

Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Time Viewer

Here's another message I got from my other blog Lex Talk


I never knew of this film and never had I seen an Indie film before especially gay themed - until a social networking friend posted some vids on my comment page which paved the way for me to see this film. I can't say much, everything was perfect, the story - which was written by you - Lex, the way the film was shot - superb (thanks to the director), the cast - especially Kenji Garcia and Sharmaine Buencamino. Their acting was so natural and I felt I was taken right to the very place at each scene. I just can't help but praise each and everyone who were part of this film for an excellent job. I definitely will recommend this film to everyone. My hats off to you folks! I'd be looking forward for more Indie films from you. More power and I hope this film bags an international award SOON!



Salamat Exoczar!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

That "Straight" Guy

I met a new acquaintance who was telling me why he would never get caught entering a cinema showing a gay film. He is simply afraid of his girlfriend's friends catching him patronizing such films.

This guy admitted to me how he loves having sex with other men but also assured to me how much he loves his girlfriend. He also shared that he is bothered everytime his girlfriend teases him of being "gay"

Now, here's the glaring fact, this new acquaintance of mine is actually more "swishy" and "effeminate" than I am!

And it makes me wonder, why would girls actually stick to guys who are obviously gay? Why, why, why!