Monday, May 30, 2011

Hotmen's Strip Show

If you are free this Saturday (June 4), hope to see you guys at the Hotmen Launch party at Zirkoh Tomas Morato, 10PM. Special Guest Hunks are Johnron Tanada (of Barako movie) and Dennis Torres (of Sagwan)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Earthly Creatures

Joeffrey Javier

This Friday, catch some sexy boys strut their stuff at the Roofdeck of Empire Centre Mall at the Pasay Edsa-Taft Rotunda. Produced by Queeriosity Projects, this event called "Mga Makalupang Nilalang" stars Joeffrey Javier (our lead actor for "Huling Halik) and other boys from the Queeriosity team.

The event is on May 27, 8pm. Tickets at Php500, Php300 and Php150.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Driver Needs a Lover

The actor Juan Rodrigo

A few days ago, I took a cab to a Caloocan hospital to visit my friend struggling with his platelet count, thanks to the dengue virus.

The cab driver initiated a conversation asking me about my province. And the whole getting-to-know-you conversation led him to admit that he left his wife for a gay man. But after several years, their relationship fizzled.

You might be interested to know that the dirver is lean, tall, very manly and his face resembles the soap opera actor Juan Rodrigo. He is in his 40's , a single dad and is pretty much attractive. He told me that he is in search for a gay partner. And as for his preference, he likes someone who does not wear make-up (take note, it applies to both natural day wear and night time look)

And here's another important criterion, he does not go for casual sex even paid sex. He wants a serious relationship. And not a commercial relationship as he cllarified.

The guy seems to be nice. And I'm really hoping he gets to have the a sincere and deserving partner through this post.

If you are interested with him, just email him at paulpp3p(at)yahoo(dot)com. Send your photo and tell him about yourself.

May the joy of love be with the "makeup-less" guy who emails him.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop Patronizing the Rent Boys of QC Circle

A gay student is victimized (again!) by some QC Police Crooks and the scheming rent boys around the Quezon Memorial Circle:

this crazy thing just happened to me last night too, and 'till now, i am freaked out by it. same scenarios: cb (rent boy) texting, he asked me to drop him off where i picked him up then all of a sudden, policemen flashed their lights into my car. when we pulled over, they threatened me that i violated some sort of ordinance and i'll be jailed for some time. then the police told me: 'matutulungan ka naman namin eh, depende lang sayo." we negotiated and they got 3500 out of my student pocket. fuck them. i have two questions though: was there really an ordinance violated? and, what happened to you guys after the experience? i mean were you summoned to some sort of court or police station? until now, i can't stop thinking about the experience--paranoia! since i don't want people to know about this, especially my parents. please help.



Dear anonymous boy,

Commercial sex services are illegal in this country. But before the police men could actually file a case against you, they need to prove first that you actually paid the rent boy some amount in exchange for sexual services.

That’s something that they couldn’t do given you situation. So you being a college student, afraid of being reprimanded by your parents, you are their best victim for threat and extortion.

So my plea to our fellow gay men is to stop patronizing these scheming rent boys around the QC circle. And never drop your rent boys to places where you can be a potential victim of harassment.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yoga Event for HIV/ AIDS

I’m inviting everyone to join me in the commemoration of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on May 15 Sunday at the Glorietta 3 Park. It will be an afternoon that will gather yoga enthusiasts and HIV advocates in a candlelit sunset ceremony honoring the lives of people affected by HIV and AIDS.

This event will feature some of the top yoga teachers in Manila - Roland dela Cruz, Jeannie Javelosa, Tesa Celdran among others. It will be a great experience to attend the classes of these teacher even if you are a beginner. I am honored to be invited as one of the teachers but let it be noted that I do not belong to the "top yoga teacher" rank.

This event is brought to us by the Yoga for Life organization in their effort to support the HIV Community.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Invitation

Here I am, inviting my dear readers once again. But this time, there are no hunks gyrating in their bikinis, no actors for photo opps. But this event is a great opportunity to help the growing HIV-positive community in Manila.

Please watch the video.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

A "Bisexual" Tip

The tag "Bisexual" has become an "in" thing for a lot of gay men nowadays in Manila. And here's a tip for those who would like to strengthen their "bisexual" claim.

When receiving a blow job from another man, say these words at least three times, "Ang sarap pare, parang pekpek lang". Now say it with conviction, even if you have never tried fucking a woman's cunt in your whole life.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ombre on May 4

This is the poster of the upcoming film Ombre, the "bro-mance" film from Jonison Fontanos, the director of Parisukat. It will be shown on May 4 at Isettan Recto, Remar Cubao, Roben Manila, Ever Gotesco Monumento and Eden Cebu.