Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Marine's Cock

A newspaper in Great Britain accidentally publishes a photo of a group of marines. One of them showing his thing. Do you see him? (Thanks to Miong21 for posting this on Facebook)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fight Back!

No gay man deserves to be bullied. Here is my response to "bullied gay worker":

Hi Bullied Gay Worker,

If at this point you don't like your work regardless of the "gay jokes" hurled against you, then by all means resign.

But if you are not ready and you are bothered by those anti-gay statements, then stand up for yourself. No one deserves to be bullied just because they are gay.

The next time you hear any of your co-workers making those offensive statements against you, look them in the eye and in your most confident stance, declare "Bakit, ano ang problema mo sa bakla?".

If he or she dares list some of his/ her homophobic concerns. Say this in your most declarative tone "ikaw ang may problema. Hindi ako o kung sinumang bakla."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dancing Tondo Hunks

Real Estate will suddenly go up in Tondo due to the demand from gay men to have them as neighbors! Watch.

Officemates Bully a Gay Man

Do you ever get bullied in your office just because you are different - limp wristed, high-pitched and a Lady Gaga fan? Here's a letter from one of our unlucky brothers:

Dear Sir Lex,

I'm gay pero bihis lalaki pag pumapasok sa opis at sa bahay din, kasi hapi naman ako sa ganung itsura. Pero I experienced pang-aasar at the same way it's act of discrimination sa work. Sabi ng boss ko paulit-ulit na magbago na ako kasi new year na, parang naiinis na rin ako kaya sabi ko, choice ko maging bakla wala ba ako akong karapatan sa choice ko, di naman sya sumagot parang wala lang. Pinaka slight hurt ako nang nagpicturan kami ng boss kong maitim, sabi ko kasi ang puti ko sa picture (crush ko yung boss ko na lalaki at alam ng small group namin kaya may asaran)nagpantig sa tenga ko dahil sa sinabi ng girl na kasama namin "di bale ng maiitim wag lang bakla". Tingin mo lex mag resign na ako? kasi sobra na ang pang bubully pero sinasakyan ko na lang na parang joke at nakatawa that I'm gay at tsaka ayaw ko na rin naman ng work ko ngayun. Payo naman po!

Bullied Gay Worker

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for Extra Service

Hi Lex,

I live here in Makati but I would like to go to South Bay City Spa as I've been hearing good things about it. Would you know what  kind of ES the masseurs offer there and how   much should I pay for the ES?  


Mr. Looking-for-ES


Hi "looking-for-ES",

Unlike the strip of massage clinics in Kamias, an ES or "extra service" is not on the menu of Southbay city spa. The place offers legitimate massage. Their masseurs are well-trained and as far as I know and not all of them will give you that "extra effort".

The place however, is popular among many horny gay men. It's easy to meet a lot of like-minded men in the wet areas.

If you want to experience that "extra-care" from your masseur, I suggest, book a private room in advance. And request for a male masseur. Chances are, you might find a masseur who will be playful enough for your requirements.

In terms of cost, having tried so many places, the range of "extra experience" should cost around PHP500 to 1500. That depends on your negotiation skills. And according to one masseur I have spoken to, the more pleasant and the "cleaner" you appear to them, the more they are willing to lower the cost. 

So just be loyal and nice to your masseur and they will definitely do their best to keep you coming back.


Monday, January 23, 2012

They "Cum" Together

JC's Massage Part 3:

He started working on my neck down to my chest and a lot concentrated on my nipples.. to my stomach down to the sides of my holy grail. Sometimes nasasagi niya na nga eh. Then he said .. Sir gusto niyo masahihin ko na din to .. sabay grab sa ano ko… Sabi ko..mahal ata yang ganyan eh.. But he said.. Kayo na po bahala kung magkano gusto niyo ibigay na tip.

Siyempre i grabbed the opportunity. Ok sabi ko.. Bigla siyang pumatong sa ken, naghubad at biglang niya kong hinalikan. DI pala masahe ang bibigay niya sa ken kundi total romance. He kissed me intimately that i forgot every aching pain I had in my body. I kissed him back… played with his nipples and his thing too. His is as big as mine.. The remaining 15 minutes was spent with full romance ending it with a bang! Nagpalabas kami ng sabay.. That’s it walang ibang nangyari..pero damn, that was indeed an ultimate massage experience.

He was really nice because after the massage, he went back ang gave me a hot towel.

I gave him 500 as a tip eventhough ang pera ko lang nun eh 600 na lang. He deserved it totally.

He said thanks and I went home with my friend wondering why I was smiling and was in a great mood after :) 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Now, he's naked

JC's massage part 2:

I was fully naked. His massage has become more intense and sensual everytime his hands are on my butt. Then he said:

Sir, nag gigym po kayo no?, Ang lean din po kasi ng katawan niyo parang sa ken lang.

He was teasing me. I know that. So I replied.. “ah oo, pero di na madalas”. Then he commented “Ngayon lang ako nakapagmasahe ng kasing gwapo ko, chinito po pala kayo sir .. sabay tawa.

So i giggled too. The massage was just so good. Ang lambot ng kamay niya at ang sarap ng haplos. It came to the point where parang sobrang lalim na ng kuha niya sa pwet ko na parang hanggang dun sa butas eh minamasahe niya na. It was just erotic.. grabe I instanly had an erection.

When I turned over, I had no escaped from him seing my “thing” hard as a rock already. Sabi niya tuloy.. Wow sir.. ayos ha… Tumawa na lang ako and said. Hayaan mo na lang.. cnsya ka na ha. Ang sarap mo kasi magmasahe.. Ayos lang po, he replied.

to be continued

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JC's massage

One of our readers JC, shares his pleasurable massage experience at Spada after their office Christmas party:

Hi Lex, 

I am a very discreet good looking guy and after our christmas friend and I decided to have a massage since we were both tired and a bit tipsy because of the alcohol we drank on the said event. I was just really looking forward to a nice and soothing swedish massage so I can sleep the whole day afterwards. But what happened was a total opposite of what you had experienced. The masseur was very pleasant, nice voice, i should say, lalaking lalaki kumbaga. I thought, baka boses lang yung maganda but i was mistaken, when i turned around I saw an angel like face.. he looks like the young version of ian veneracion. He is very well built, which I am too by the way…hindi sa pagyayabang. He is very proactive the entire time, checking if the pressure was ok or where exactly in my body I want him to concentrate on. After the back was done,I was surprised when he asked kung ok lang daw sa ken hubarin yung boxer shorts ko para mamasahe niya din yung buttocks ko. Normally, I dont go fully naked on a massage bed, but this one’s hard to resist kasi nga sobrang cute at mabait siya. So I said “sige, ok lang “. I knew that moment that something’s bound to happen.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go For It!

Here is my response to Alexander, the guy who is secretly in lust for and in love with his best friend:

Hi Alexander,

The answer is right in your hands. You have the right strategies. All you have to do is implement it. If I were in your shoes, I will try to find my way to his crotch again. Should the "get-him-drunk" strategy work, then it's perfect.

If it doesn't, i will tell him exactly how I feel. If he avoids me after that, fine. That is what he has been doing anyway. If it brings us into a new level of relationship, then perfect.

If the two plans fail, then it is just a confirmation that he is not into you and its a clear go signal to move on. You are young. And you are destined to meet so many other men in your life.

Good luck in your plans.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Patron and the "Pwet"

If devotees of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo will drop their pants like this during the procession, I will surely find my way every year in that maddening, death defying march of fanaticism.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Help

In Love With Best Friend Part 4

Here's the last part of the letter of the secretly-in-love best friend:

I think he's also bisexual because in our Gen Pysch course I've learned that you can be gay or bi if you've witnessed a traumatic scene (I remember him saying that he saw the violent break up of his parents, his father dragged his mom out of the house because of her infidelity). Also, if you were molested at a young age (the molestations began during grade six and ended on senior year).

Lex, I don't know what to do. I love him with all my heart. I've done crazier things with other guys and girls but he is different, he's like my kryptonite. I love his chinito eyes, the mole on his right cheek, when he scrunches his nose, the way he covers his mouth when he laughs, those cursed lips, when he plays his guitar during our jammings, his armpit hair, his scent, and damn it even his sungki! I don't know if I should give up or keep on chasing pavements (quoting Adele haha). I've asked my bi-female friend and she said that he MIGHT also have feelings for me but I guess she doesn't really understand the male mind so I resorted in asking you.
Otherwise, I'll be forced to execute my most desperate move, get him drunk (Pag may alak, may balak).

I hope you can help me, because it's driving me crazy.

Thankfully yours,


Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Best Friend's Avoiding Me

In Love With Best Friend Part 3

Letter sender enumerates why he doubts his friendship will turn to love someday:

Now, here is a list of the things that make me think that I'm not special to him:

1. I told him that I miss the past and if we could relive it. He replied that he doesn't want to because it's the past.
2. During those masturbation sessions, he doesn't want to touch mine or me touching his even if I had proposed it for a million times. Well we've touched each others pricks for 3 times I guess, 3 out of our hundred masturbation sessions.
3. Also during those "experiments" we didn't go all out, we would just do it for a minute then continue masturbating.
4. We haven't even kissed.
5. He's gone sooo cold. I'm lucky if he'll be the one to text me first or return my calls. Yet I can't stay mad at him when I get a "sorry, was busy" text from him.
6. I've arranged for us to meet for so many times and he would always cancel it for the reason that he's too lazy to get out of the house BUT he won't invite me in their house, you know it's like he doesn't want to see me. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sex With Best Friend

In Love With Best Friend Part 2

Letter sender enumerates why he thinks there is something more between him and his best friend:

Here's a list of the things that make me think that he also had feelings for me:

1. He confided to me his dark past,  that he was molested by a family friend.
2. We had masturbation sessions since grade six and up to present although not as often as before, we're quite busy because of our college life.
3. During high school we also experimented and ended up having oral sex, twice.
4. We had a huge fight during senior year, we didn't talk  for months and then prom came, before prom ended he hugged me out of the blue so technically he was my last dance (this is the most puzzling thing he's ever done to me, I mean why hug me in front of other students and teachers? this is also the first and last time he's hugged me)
5. If we meet, text or chat we would always play jokes about our penis sizes ( I don't think this is really valid haha)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Love with Best Friend

(part 1)

Dear Lex,

I'm Alexander, 18 years old, bisexual and in love with my best friend. I've known him for 7 years and have been in love with him for 4 years now.

We were really close during high school and he would only share his darkest secrets, his frustrations, and his problems to me. We were like brothers or a little more than that. Our classmates even thought that we were dating but of course we just brushed it off because I was not sure of my sexuality back then  and he's not comfortable being labeled gay or bi or just being around gays. So anyways I realized that I fell in love with him when I can't stand a day without texting him, I thought of him all the time and I wanted to be with him 24/7. The problem is I don't know if he loves me too or if I'm just in the "bestfriend zone".