Friday, January 29, 2010

Touching the Taxi Driver

My client asked me to acompany his transgender empoyee from Boracay to the Morato area. And from Paranaque, we boarded a cab whose driver looks like a cross between Gardo Versoza and Janvier Daley with a little bulge from his tummy. The trannie sat beside the driver. And I was at the backseat.

We were so engaged in our gay talk that the driver began to join our conversation and started to flirt with the trannie. It was at that time that I realized how lucky cross dressers are! And I was mumbling to myself, "God! I should have been a trannie!". The driver started to touch my long haired companion who was shrieking in delight disguised as a protest.

And I told the driver.

LEXUALITY: Ay kuya! Inaabuso mo na yang kasama ko. Kung gusto mo ganito na lang, sa bawat hipo mo sa kanya, hihipuan kita. (Mr. Driver, I think you are taking advantage of my companion. Let's keep it fair. If you continue to touch her, I will start touching you.)

The driver laughed. He continued to caress my companion. And my hands went straight to his crotch.

I may not be beautiful like my visitor. But I sure know how to find my way to my own happiness.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

When Beautiful People Fail

Last January 2, I was invited by a good friend whom I have met through this blog, Mr. Line of Flight to be a judge in a Miss Gay Contest in Ilocos Norte.

The pageant had an impressive production value and the title went to a trannie who is a medical doctor by day and a "kontesera" by night.

There was one lesson that I learned as I participated in the event. Most people would enjoy seeing beautiful people fail. This observation was quite evident as the audience anticipated for every mistake of every beautiful contestant onstage. Could this be the same behavior why we love to talk about the mistakes celebrities commit in their lives?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Antonio is Best Actor

Congratulations to Kenjie Garcia for winning Best Actor for "Antonio's Secret" in Festival del Sol Gran Canaria in Spain.

Kenjie, you are one hell of a lucky guy. You get acting nominations from different award giving bodies, you get an international best actor award all by touching and playing the dick of your tito Jonbert, Josh Ivan Morales.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Waiting for Love

I was staring at the horizon thinking about a story I'm writing when this idea suddenly popped out of my head:

Ang pag-ibig ay parang lotto. Dapat tumaya bago manalo. Ngunit hindi dapat ilaan ang buong buhay kakahintay sa pagkapanalo. (Love is like the lottery. One must bet before one could win. But one one should never spend his whole life waiting to win)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

FILM TEASER: Santuaryo

Gay indie blockbuster director Monti Parungao (Sagwan and Bayaw) is back with a another erotic film about a group of men trapped in an island, Santuaryo coming this March, 2010.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Suck & Chirp

I observed some gay men to have constant chirping sounds when they suck dicks. And I began to wonder whether this sound is produced consciously by the oral sex giver.

Could the sound add arousal into the giver? Or is this a natural consequence of their teeth alignment and mouth shape? Or to be Freudian, could the auditory effort be brought about by some infantile influences?

I have no answer on this query. And as I try to investigate on this, let me find myself a nice guy where I can practice chirping.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Palawan 1

Palawan 1 bar is now one of the iconic gay landmarks in Manila. It ia a favorite hangout among gay men particularly those who want to display their singing prowess. It used to be that dirty and poorly ventilated place but is now teeming with early twentysomething gay men in their cool Bench and Folded & Hung Outfits. Palawan 1 is now bigger than before. And there is more room to breathe.

Thank you to its equally successful competitors (Starlight and Saellite), the street right behind the Gateway mall in Cubao is now an official gay district every wekend.

There is no entrance fee. Beer is relatively cheap. At Php250, you get about 5 bottles and an interesting night flirting with gay men all around the area.

image courtesy of

On Heart Break

A man from the past told me that he's afraid to break my heart again, I told him:

Break my heart, I'll just get better.

Monday, January 18, 2010

They Come, They Go

The past few days, I am haunted by men from my past. And I thought to myself:

Ganyan silang lahat - darating, aalis, makakalimot, makakaalala. Dahil lahat tayo dumaraan lamang sa buhay ng bawat isa.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Batong Buhay

In English, "Batong Buhay" can loosely be translated to anything hard that is pulsating with life. And that's exactly what this bar in Cubao beside the Araneta station of the LRT2 line.

Many good looking boys strip off to show their hardwares pulsating with blood and vigor!

Batong Buhay is located right in front of the landmark Cubao gay place, Palawan 1 and is reportedly owned by the same management. This is the only gay strip bar I have been to that offers "value meals". For a thousand pesos, you get 4 bottles of beer, a chicharon (pig skin crackers), and 4 glasses of man's drink for your preferred macho dancer.

And here's more - there is no entrance fee to the bar!

And to top it all, some of the boys here belong to the best looking strippers I have seen. In terms of value, this is the best strip bar I have ever visited.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Masculinity

Lexuality Thoughts:

The heterosexual men do not have the exclusive rights to masculinity.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Boyfriend on Your Death Bed

Dear Klein,

I was shocked to learn about your death. Your are 35, a fixture of gay parties and a lively conversationalist among the loose clique of gay men who gather by the community pool every night.

Your relationship with Jay-R is a story worth remembering. He stood by you as your body fell ill. He was there as you lost your sense of balance, your eyesight and your bodily functions. Jay-R loved you enough to take care of you as your body deteriorated.

And on your death, he lovingly groomed your lifeless body silently praying for you to wake as if you were just in deep slumber.

As you leave this world, your love for each other will alaways inspire me. Because of you and Jay-R, I knew that love between men is as genuine and as sublime as any other love in this world.

Thank you Klein and Jay-R for this beautiful lesson.

Jay-R, I grieve for your loss.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sexy Felix Rocco


Actor FELIX ROCO does a nude scene in Joel Lamangan's highly charged drama "SAGRADA FAMILIA", but Felix does it in style, in the same tradition of Christopher De Leon, Philip Salvador and his father, Bembol Rocco.

Felix does not want to be tagged as a sexy actor and his role in "Sagrada" is of importance, as Lovi Poe's high school boyfriend who gets the ire of Lovi's father, played by Emilio Garcia. Little does Felix know that his girlfriend Lovi is in an incestuous relationship wih her father. Felix admits that he wasn't ready to do the scene and that it would be the last time that he will disrobe for the cameras.

"Sagrada Familia" also stars Snooky Serna, Robert Arevalo, Rico Barrera and Ms. Gloria Diaz. It is written by Racquel Villavicencio and directed by Joel C. Lamangan.
"Sagrada Familia" will have a grand premiere night this Sunday, January 17 at SM Megamall Cinema 6 at 7 PM.

It is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. For the trailer, pleasecheck out youtube and search for "Sagrada Familia (Official Trailer)"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gay Yoga Pose

In Western yoga, this is called "happy baby pose".

And this pose is one of my favorite indicators whether the guy attending my vinyasa yoga class is gay or not. To my observation, straight men (those who come to my class with their wives and girlfriends) always have difficulty in doing this pose.

While those who are openly gay effortlessly open their legs into this nice, relaxing pose.

I wonder why.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Men's Court 2

Part 2

Inside Men's Court in Avenida, Rizal, their trannie floor manager guided us to our seats and never went away. She was so enamored with the Chinese charm of Mr.D, that she started rubbing her breasts on the toned arms of my friend making him very uncomfortable.

It was probably her way of threatening us "get one of my men in your table or I will rub my inflated chest on your arm for the rest of the evening". But we stood firm. We never got any of her men on our table.

At Php380 per glass, their macho dancer's drinks were more expensive than some of the best strip bars in the Metro (Big Papa, Adonis, etc.).

And their dancers -- their looks will never fail to remind you of the harsh realities of our third world existence.

In Men's Court, there is no such thing as fantasy because this gay strip bar is the perfect place for gay men who dream to become the next Mother Teresa.

Image of Avenida courtesy of

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Rats and Gay Men

I was laughing my heart out when I overheard my gay neighbor saying this:

Maniwala ka na sa daga, huwag lang sa bakla! (It is better to trust a rat than a gay man)

It certainly sounds very derogatory for us, gay men. But hey, it's quite healthy to make fun of ourselves.


"Parisukat: Makuha ka sa Isang Titig" is a new film by Jonison Fontanos starring Toffee Calma. The movie is about the death of an entrepreneur and all the sexy boys surrounding him. Check out this trailer and watch out for the film on February 17.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Men's Court 1

Part 1

I and my adventurous Singaporean friend, Mr. D with controversial filmmaker Monti Parungao, of "Sagawan" and "Bayaw" fame, went all the way to Recto to look for the "sleaziest" bar I have ever visited, "D' Ultimate Zone". We went at the back of Isettan Recto only to find out it is no longer in operation.

A concerned staff from the Mini-stop which was right below the bar told us that the owner opened another bar at the corner of Avenida (now, Rizal Ave.) and Soler street, it's name is "Men's Court".

Situated inside what's probably a building that survived the second world war, we parked in front of the bar and proceeded to the ticket booth. Now, the anolamous evening begins. We asked for the ticket price and the attendant did not know how much the tickets were. There was no signage of how much the entrance costs. A hushed discussion between the attendants started to ensue.

Being a pathologically paranoid city dweller, i told the attendants, "Kayo ha, dinadagdagan niyo pa yata yung entrance fee. Bakit hindi niyo alam kung magkano ito?" (Are you trying to jack up your rates for us? How come you don't know the entrance rate?) They saw us get off from Monti's shiny SUV, and that probably motivated them to squeeze more money from us.

Finally, they decided to charge us Php200 each. And we were ushered inside what seems to be a horror house littered with wannabe strippers and agitated cockroaches.

image courtesy of

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gay Film Expose

Dear fans of our gay films,

We are working very hard now to shoot our 2010 offering "Ang Palabas ni Adonis" directed by Joselito Altarejos, a narrative expose on the Filipino gay film industry.

This film will be the first project of "frontal nudity" king Marco Morales for our team and he will be joined by other sexy actors which I have yet to announce.

We've done our auditions. But no new actor have made it to the top role.

Watch out for this on February, 2010.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hooked with Manila Gay Life

Dear Lex,

I'm an avid follower of your blog and your amusing style of writing. I was particularly envious of your Singapore friend you mentioned in your penultimate entry! I'm dreaming one day we could be friends enough that I'll be entitled to such an honour of you as personal escort to the gay delights of Manila.

I am also a writer and I travel regularly to Manila. My first trip was in 1984 and I can't rid myself of the Pinoy bug in me since! I travel there next on Jan 9 and should be there about 3 weeks at least. It will be a great privilege if I could meet with you.

I am especially fascinated by the genre of films you are involved in. My only regret is I cannot follow the dialogues because there are usually no English subtitles. But the stars are all such a great fantasy!

Look forward to hearing from you and meantime, I'll continue following your blog - sorry, I haven't plucked up courage to make any comments yet!

Cheers for a great and exciting new year for you!




Dear John,

Thank you for the nice words. I have always enjoyed meeting my readers in person. And I'll be pleased to show you around the pink side of Manila.

Get in touch with me when you get here! Happy New Year.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

City Jail Boys

Hi Lex,

I just came across your blogsite yesterday and I think yours is one of the best. I read about the City Jail meron palang mga hotties dun na game sa booking. :) ..Meron pa rin kaya ngyon? :) May I know which city jail that is (and what time mganda pumunta) para makapunta ako and do my own adventure?..I would really appreciate it..thanks



Hi Joel,

Thanks for the compliment. I met some of the boys from Manila City Jail courtesy of an entertainment writer who has a boyfriend inside. Unfortunately, you can't come in if you don't have a contact inside. You need to know someone jailed inside to be become a visitor.

Many of those behind the bars would lovingly welcome gay men and their gifts. You see they barely get any visits from friends and families. And more often than not, they are also sexually starved.

Gay Men with some cash are treated like kings inside. And I must tell you, there are a number of good looking men inside who is worth your love and attention!

But I have to warn you though that a visit to the City Jail is not for those with a weak heart.


Friday, January 1, 2010


Christmas was memorable. A man from my past comes back to warm my bed. Here's my letter of thanks to you, VP.

Para kay VP

Nandito ka na naman sa kama – nakahubo, nakahilata
Tanda mo pa ba itong asul na bedsheet
Siya ang hinigaan mo noong nakaraang taon
Hinalikan niya ang iyong balat
Tanda pa rin niya ang lasa nito

Sakaling ikaw ay magpasiya na muling umalis,
Hahanapin niya ang pawis mo

Hanggang sa iyong muling pagbabalik