Monday, February 27, 2012

The "Hunk of the Decade" First Runner-Up

In a bar, somewhere in Timog, Quezon City, a bikini contest, "Hunk of the Decade" was held last year. And this guy was the first runner-up. And according to the losing contestant who sent this photo, this  guy is really smart in answering the judges' questions. And that paved his way to being one level short of being the title holder.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drama Camp

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The fourth installment of the popular gay movie series "Eating Out 4: Drama Camp" is coming to the Philippines for a very special screening at Queeriosity Palace on March 11. It's one fun Sunday that I wouldn't miss!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Boylet Fund

This celebrity TV host was lecturing me on personal finances. And our topic was "Boylet Fund".

Boylet fund is entertainment budget allotted for fun experiences with men. It could be spent with dates or even payment for sexual services if that is your thing.

Now, if any of your men begin to ask for money outside of your usual agreement such as school loan or family emergency loan and you decide to give in to the request, the budget must be STRICTLY drawn against the boylet fund and not on your personal budget.

With this mindset, no gay man has to sacrifice his personal needs for the sake of his "boylet". And every time a guy asks for a loan, the gay man is always forced to ask himself "Am I willing to deplete my boylet fund just for one guy alone? Is he really worth it?"

What do you think of "boylet funds"?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Original Hubadero

Before there was "Hot Men in the Philippines" by RD Dantes and the Bench Brief models, a little over a hundred years ago, there was Eugen Sandow, who loved to be photographed naked for the delight of the whole modern world to see.

He was probably the fantasy of thousands of gay men back then whose desires are yet to be expressed. In one of his magazine interviews, he recalls being a "close friend" to a popular English gay artist.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are You Game?

Here's my response to Adrian, the young engineer who is secretly in love with his roommate:

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for writing. 

First, reading text messages of other people is not an acceptable behavior. Even partners who respect each other's privacy don't do it with each other.

Stop checkin on his messages and just ask him point blank if he is open to have sex with other men. Don't be afraid. Just ask the question when both of you are relaxed and comfortable.

Whatever his answer is, just take your cue from there.

Good luck!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Roommate

Here's a letter from a young guy who is in love with his officemate/ roommate:

Hi Lex,

I'm a young electrical engineer. And I am bisexual. Though I must say that I'm more inclined to guys. Anyway... So I met this super duper nice and fit guy at our workplace who graduated at the same college as mine.  He's turning 30 this year. 

I think God made some moves. It's kinda a long story but we ended up living together in the same apartment room. Since we are staying together, my curiosity suddenly strikes. I checked up one of his phones. And I saw some interesting messages. Sweet texts from different guys. And one text from his close friend shocked me, "Goodluck on your new business/ bf/partner." There are still more messages that I haven't read. But to sum it all up, he may be gay... bisexual... or confused?

I mean at work he really looks/acts straight. He goes to the gym. And always says "Pre". In which I don't think are gauges if you're straight or not. Bottomline is, there's so much mystery that is covering him and he's so nice towards me that I'm slowly falling for him.

But here's the catch:
He's "courting" a girl at our office. But I notice he doesn't make those "big moves".
Based on the recent text messages from his phone, I think he's in a relationship with a guy?
I think he notices that I'm bi.
And I'm falling for him. I just don't know what to do. I know there are many things that are at risk. I dunno if he's okay with guys. I just don't wanna ruin everything between us.
I hope you could help me out Lex,

Big thanks,


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brute Briefs

During the 80's, looking at print ads of men's underwear was a great source of joy for me.  Here's an old ad which I think belongs to the 70's. Notice the shape of men back then would never pass as sexy in today's standards.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recommended Masseur

"Mr. Looking-for-ES" was quite happy with his Southbay City Spa experience (Paranaque). Let's hear it from him:

    Hi Lex,

    I have had the pleasure of being massaged
    by Maynard and Ben. Maynard was the friskier
    one and the Ben had wonderful hands and
    a yummy body! And I bargained well with both of them. 
    Ben showed me a great time in the private room.Winking smile 

    I'm now in the Washington D.C. to finish my
    master's degree. I'm staying with my mom.
    Thank you for the tip on the masseurs at
    South Bay. I would love to go back there.

    Mr. "looking-for-ES"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"LEX-tra Service"

The Russian College Hunk part 3

"You know, I am good in massage. Do you want to try it?", i asked.

He happily agreed. I asked him to lie down his chest as my hands started to slide around his body in different strokes of swedish massage. 

Sadly, I discovered another set of lesions beside his balls too. But on with the massage. i decided to give him some of the best strokes my hands can perform. (I did study massage a few years back from Nurture Spa).

Everytime my hands caressed his inner thighs, i could see his humongous manhood browing between them. I asked him to lie on his back. And his huge, red Russian soldier was ready to attack. I was in my bikinis and he started grabbing my crotch as well. He guided my face towards his manhood. I was really tempted to proceed and play with fire. 

But i decided to tell him the biggest lie of them all. "Sorry man, I don't suck." I could hear the thunder and the angry Boracay waves in protest.

Instead, I reached for the oil and started to give him my special "LEX-tra service" - special convoluted srokes that drove my Russian visitor to heights of pleasure. He came all over my bed. And I could see the look of satisfaction on his beautiful face that says this was another happy memory of the Philippines.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Naked White Guy in My Room

Part 2 of Russian College Hunk

The gorgeous guy from Moscow stripped naked beside my bed. The curtain-filtered Boracay sunlight shines on his fit yet juvenile built.

My hands reached for his chest and my lips started to feel his neck. But after a few seconds, my dream sex scene was not exactly ideal after all. 

My fingers sensed something funny on his chest. There was a lesion half the size of his nipple - dry, raised, red skin. I began to investigate further. And there were three smaller lesions right below his armpit. At that time, I wasn't sure of what to do. All I know is, lesions are common among HIV/ AIDS cases.

I knew I could be paranoid. But I didn't want to take chances. I also did not want to offend him by confronting him about his health. But if I suddenly stop and ask him to leave, I was thinking, what about Filipino hopitality? It was his first time in the Philippines and I didn't want to give him a bad experience.

Then, a nice strategy came up...

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Russian College Hunk

Sometimes the universe will grant you one freaking lucky day to be in bed with a gorgeous hunk whom you would never expect to drop his pants in front of you.

I got mine one sunny day at the poolside of Patio Pacific in Boracay. I was waiting at the lounge chair when my Russian chatmate approached me. And I was surprised to see a young absolutely handsome white guy from Moscow standing in front me. And after the generic "hi-hello's", we decided it was best to spend the warm day inside my apartment in the island.

He was on vacation with his family. And he decided to meet me for some "fun".

And as soon as the door was locked, my visitor decided to show off his toned, white body. I walked towards him as my right hand reached for his chest.

To be continued...