Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Gyrating Men at Nob Hill Adult Theater

Lexuality was dead for 2014. Zero post at all except for its facebook page. And I'm just glad I found the time to post one again.

Last September of last year, I spent two weeks in San Francisco and I was glad to discover the Nob Hill Adult Theater, a gay entertainment place in the Nob Hill area of the city.

Porn performers regularly hold shows here and they practically have an all-day and all-night "macho-dancing" performance. There is one performer for every thirty minutes who was more than willing to be touched as he shoves his crotch on your face.

The entrance was about USD 10 (about PHP450) and the place from the standards of third-world Philippines is very nice, decent and clean. In fact, it seemed like a very small version of Music Museum in Greenhills. So it was a place you would not mind spending a few hours on.

The performers I was able to catch were really hot. One was an Israeli god. The other a buff-Filipino looker and the last one was a Latino hunk who told me "I have been to Boracay and I love to fuck Filipinos" (Didn't I just tell you I'm a Filipino?")

I must admit that dance wasn't something to look forward to. But once you start to give them 5 to 10 dollar bills, it gets really hot. They will spend a lot of time giving you a lap dance, they will force your hands to their most private parts, and give your lips a feel of their skin.

They have a private room inside where for USD120 you can invite the performer and do everything else that you want to do with him. And that price I was told covers everything.

Now, if that's not your thing, you can head downstairs find yourself a cubicle where you may play with a fellow visitor and there's no additional cost to it.

I must say this place was one of the highlights of my San Francisco trip.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Catch The Escort at Trinoma

Catch the special screening of "The Escort" at Trinoma this December 8 (Sunday) at 4:15pm. This event is part of the Pride Week festival happening in Quezon City. Happy Pride everyone!

Friday, November 22, 2013

An Experience from a Married Man

Jetro Bravo from Cagayan De Oro

A married man (presumably to a woman since there is no gay marriage in the Philippines) wrote his review on Jetro Bravo, that hottie masseur based in Cagayan De Oro:

Salamat Lex sa blog mo tungkol sa masseur na ito,I had meet him and i enjoy the experience,Im a married man and very discreet.I pass by sa Cagayan everytime im homeward bound to Camiguin Island,I must admit i had nice time and was given and showed the services and respect that i like which i like most and yes you are correct as he has his rules but i still like it.5 ***** for you.

Married Man


Thanks married man for sharing your experience! Stay safe.


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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And They Got Wilder

Still on that wild birthday that I just couldn't forget, here are more stills from that memorable evening!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Then They Took Off Their Jeans

Still on the party of a friend who used to publish a popular male erotica magazine, the men just started to take off their pants by the billiards table. Amazing. More photos coming soon.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Wild Party Begins

I just arrived from a birthday party of publisher friend held inside a private house in Quezon City. And to my great surprise, the guests started to take off their shirts.

You want to see what's next?

Maybe I'll post it in this blog. Or maybe I'll just post it in the Lexuality Facebook Page.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jetro Bravo!

Jetro Bravo from CDO

Last month, I met this masseur based in Cagayan De Oro. And he calls himself "Jetro Bravo". He is a newly trained massage therapist who is half Australian and half Filipino. He grew up in Subic but decided to stay with his grand parents in CDO.

His massage quality belongs to the beginner's range. But his dedication to his craft is quite palpable. He concocts his own massage solution using Neutrogena body oil and other types of lotion which I somehow appreciate.

But what makes this guy striking is his very nice and sincere attitude towards me. He shared with me how much he tries to be very friendly and professional to his clients even if he has experienced several rude and abusive clients.

The key to enjoy the experience with Jetro is just to accept his limitations as a service provider. Although, I must admit the session was quite sensational to say the least.

So if you have plans of visiting CDO and you have budget to spare, visit his facebook profile "Jetro Bravo" and book a schedule with him. Enjoy!

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