Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dirty Dreams

This wonderful married gay couple from New York city is now in Manila for a holiday. And I was their self-appointed gay scene tourist guide. Because the Filipino half of the couple specifically asked for a "dirty" place to party in, I immediately thought of the Dream Boys bar in Cubao, Quezon city as the starting point of our Saturday night.

Saturday night entrance is PHP250 which does not include drinks. Drinks cost PHP250 at two bottles per order.

And yes, Dream Boys did not fail the expectations of my naughty visitors from the Big Apple. Some of their dancers did show more than what is legally acceptable in the Catholic-controlled Philippine laws. And they did go around tables to prove to the audience that what they have between their legs are not prosthetics. You can touch them if you don't believe your eyes. Just be ready for some bills to hand to them. I always prepare a few hundred pesos in my pocket for these examinations.

And dirty as it is, a cockroach flew at the back of the neck of my American friend born in India. Sanitation doesn't seem to be a priority in this place.

There were about twenty performers for the night. But only about four of them were capable of creating any palpable excitement between my thighs. As my visitor noticed, "Why do the less-good looking dancers have more courage to show their privates?" I answered, "because the better looking men have their faces to bank on, hence they have a privilege to keep more to themselves."

Despite of this, should one of the dancers fancy you, be ready to pay PHP300 per drink as they stay in your table. Dream Boys is located at Aurora Blvd, beside Betty Go-Belmonte station of LRT2, Cubao, Quezon city.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Blog

I have new blog. And it's a boring blog. No naked men. No sex talk. No gay life.

But it's all about something that is very close to my heart, traveling. So allow me to share my memories and my recommended places in my recent trips at lexGo. Thank you for your visit.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Surprising Massage in Davao

In our recent trip to Davao, we tried this gay-friendly spa called Amaranthus. There is nothing luxurious in this place. In fact, it maybe a notch lower than comfortable for most spa fanatics in Manila. But their male massage therapists are quite good looking. It is a delight to be touched and kneaded by their attractive masseurs.

My friends enjoyed their services especially their "surprise sequence"at the end of it all. I must say this surprise is something I have never experienced in Manila. And it is up for you to explore.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Men's Resort

I just came from a trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia famous for Angkor Wat and other amazing blockbuster movie-worthy temples. And in that charming town, our group stayed in Men's Resort, an all-male adult only hotel.
Our Room

The very cozy ground floor of the hotel

The four-storey hotel is tucked neatly away from the busy street. But is always accessible via "tuk-tuk", the motorcycle-driven carriage in Cambodia. It has all the amenities every gay man would require for his stay - a spa, workable gym, pool, wifi, a very cruisy jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Most of the guests were white men. But the wet area is open to visitors which makes the ground floor officially a "gay bath house" from 5 pm to 11pm. The place is also popular to young local gay men.

On the right side of the pool is the dark area of steam, jacuzzi and sauna.
Action happens right there.

For the use of the wet facilities with small bedrooms for your intimate activities, one month membership fee is USD40 (about PHP1,600) and entrance fee is USD7 (about PHP280). If you choose to stay in their hotel, the cheapest room is about USD50 (about PHP2000) per night.

My friends enjoyed their massage in their spa which not-surprisingly offered a gay happy ending. But no, you cannot choose from their masseurs unlike a typical gay massage place. 

Thank you to the gorgeous and charming Hawaiian couple Bill and Gordon for our memorable stay in this hotel.