Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Bath House to Gym

Five years ago, I was a bath house fan. A week can't go by without using one of my three rotating bath house membership ID's from F, E and CB.

Until I discovered that the gym (especially the popular ones) is a nice alternative to a bath house. The steam and sauna facilities of many popular gyms have become a popular hangout for many gay men. Although it is not advisable to do naughty acts inside the gym, the place has become a potent meeting place for men.

And for almost half a decade, I met most of my boyfriends from the gym. Meeting a new guy was a stronger motivation than having a muscled body for me.

There was a time where I spent more time at the gym everyday than my work. My gym addiction turned me into a certified group exercise teacher and from then on, my "career" at the wet floor area soon dried up. I began to avoid doing "sensitive" stuff inside the "all men only" area as I was afraid of being the star of the next "sauna controversy" which several of my co-instructors have unfortunately experienced.

Now, I miss the bath house. I miss the gym action. And I just miss being young and being able to surrender my once, lean body to sexual abandon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avoiding Grogeous Sales Men

For the past few years I have been teaching myself financial discipline. A simple, yet comfortable retirement has been one of my dreams, and I have been seriously working on it.

One of the things I have taught myself is never to be seduced by an attractive salesman. There is something about good looking sales men that I find it difficult to refuse to pay for something when the sales man asks me to.

I remember losing several thousand bucks for purchases I have never thought of. In two different instances, I was approached by two good looking real estate agents offering two diferent condominium units. In both instances they successfully convinced me to pay Php25,000 each for the reservation of condo units. After a month or two, I realized I don't to be financially committed for something I'm not very much into. In the end, both of my payments got forfeited.

When I was in college, a gorgeous guy used to sell peanuts inside SM Sta. Mesa. I would purchase from him just so I could stare at his lovely eyes. It came to a point that he knew I was deeply attracted to him that everytime I came, he would ask an extra Php50 from me ("pamasehe lang pauwi"). And I didn't mind letting go of my money.

Just yeterday, I was walking along Trinoma. I saw the Viktor Jeans shop. And inside the shop was a muscled, gorgeous guy working as a sales man. I was about to enter when I realized there is no way I'll be able to refuse this guy. And purchasing a pair of jeans for about Php10,000 was not in my budget at the moment. So even if my credit card was willing to make this guy happy, with all my will, I refused to step inside the shop and ran straight to my gym.

Now, I'm learning.

PS I'm dating a good looking sales manager now. And thank god he has never tried selling anything to me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Gay Collection in the 90's

In the recent Cinemalaya Awards Ceremony, I met a man named Ces Evangelista. He told me he enjoys reading this blog and he introduced himself as the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Chika Chika".

Suddenly, memories of my juvenile gay life flashed in my mind. At the time when my classmates were collecting original X-Men comics, I was collecting issues of Abante Tonite and Chika Chika maagazines. When fantasy cards were the in thing, I had a complete newspaper prints of Ginoong Pilipinas contestants, Richard Gomez in trunks, Harold Pineda in feathers, Mike Magat in torn maong shorts and all the other drool worthy actors of this country. When Stan Lee was the "must read" for my classmates, I was busy with materials from my childhood heros - Xerex Xaviera, Oskee Salazar, Jerome Pelgone and Puri Titiwang.

So when the former editor of "Chika Chika" told me how he enjoys reading my blog, suddenly I was confronted with a sense of aging. I now belong to a new generation of media practitioners creating enjoyable materials for my fellow gay men.

I also realized that the gay generation is marked by the gay media that dominated it. Back then, they were just news papers. Now, they are moving images, digital, pirated or what have you. Back then, it gay flesh feast had to be "hidden" in a more acceptable idea package - as part of showbiz entertainment magazine, as part of health news interest. Now, it's a generation of RD Dantes and other blogs - all unashamed of their sexual expression.

Yes, Ces. In a way, I am giving back what you have given to me when I was young through Chika-chika magazine. And it's now my time to give to the younger ones so the celebration of the Pinoy gay sexuality never ends.

Mabuhay ka, Ces at ang iyong mga kasama noong dekada nobenta.
Mabuhay ang mga lalakeng nag-trunks, nagpakita ng bakat at nagbilad ng kalamnan para sa ating kaligayahan.
Mabuhay ang bawat bakla, bisexual at kung sino pa man na nalilibugan sa kapwa lalake.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Review of "Muli"

A Lexuality reader and gay film enthusiast Gerry Santos shares his review on the much awaited gay love story "Muli" starring Cogie Domingo and Sid Lucero under the direction of Adolf Alix, Jr:

Finally! Finally, the pilipino adult gay movie that, to date, leads the pack!

I had the good fortune to watch the 3hr+ “work in progress” screening of Muli (we were advised that the refined version has a planned UP screening by August).

Polishing is quite evident with the rough cut, but already, Muli registers the resonance of being the first pilipino gay movie that genuinely delivers the remarkable positive ending on love and life!

Several accomplishments set the film apart:

A strategic, substantial and crafted cinematography that reinforces, rather than overpowers the message intent.

A refreshing slew of superb actors proficiently guided by the master of the film.

Despite the period portrayal of condemnations, tribulations and human weaknesses, the film courageously refused to fall into the trappings of unnecessary age old pilipino gay theme exploitations or succumb to the follies of doom and passe (much like the confusion and weary excesses of a joel lamangan or a mel chionglo).

For once, my ears did not bleed from score overkill (as the general case in most, if not all, pilipino movies when they insanely drag a scene).

The film manages to remain driven on the older, wiser processes of the two lead characters and their journeys towards loving, bearing, losing, hiding and hoping. These stages are darn heavy yet interestingly, the film floats effortlessly with grace and quiet discipline.

Most noteworthy is how the screenplay managed to balance an otherwise leaning towards contrite certainty. The critically significant character of a son who, during his child years had been neglected by his father, ended up as the very same soul who managed to embrace, accept and liberate his father’s desire for a secret love and earnest choice of life, once again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

That Janvier

In the recent Cinemalaya Awards night, it was my first time to see independent film hunk, Janvier Daly (Bayaw, Roxxxane), and I must say, to me he is a sex god! He had this masculine aura that would make me kneel down on him anytime he would ask me to. And even as he sat several rows away from me, my eyes couldn't help but get fixed to his every movement. (Janvier was in the cast of "Ang Paglilitis ni Bonifacio" by Mario O' Hara while I was seated with the cast of "Pink Halo Halo" by Joselito Altarejos)

For this reason, I vowed to myself, that if I'm doing another film especially as a producer, I should never get Janvier Daly. I am so smitten by him that I will be useless in negotiating for his talent fee (yes, Chiqui Gil!). His charm is so strong that whatever he asks for in the set, I will never be able to turn him down to the detriment of the whole production.

And because of this, I will choose to remain as a fan - secretly admiring and sensually drooling over Janvier Daly.

PS. I also think Janvier is a good actor so to all the filmmakers and producers who read this blog, please get this guy a good role in your movies. I will be happily supporting all his projects.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Blow Job and Sympathies

Word for the Day:


An act of selflessness when one gives another person a fellatio even if the person is not worthy of it; usually done out of sympathy or perhaps, gratitude.

i.e. Hindi ko naman siya talaga type. Pero dahil mabait naman at nalilibugan, binigyan ko na lang ng "chupang awa"

Gay World Winners

Got this update from facebook:

Filipino-Arabian model Sherwin Limon Abuel (center), 34, of Mandaluyong City was crowned Mr. Gay World Philippines 2010 during the finale held on July 17th at the Metro Bar in Quezon City.

Runners-up were Marc Ernest Biala (left) and Miguel dela Serna (right). Fifteen handsome gay men from the Philippines competed for the title.

Abuel, who is also a local fashion designer and dubbed as “Runaway Guru”, will be expected to represent the host country Philippines at the Mister Gay World 2011.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Favorite Spa

I consider myself to have high standards when it comes to massage services. Being a certified yoga teacher, I know quite well when a masseur knows what he's doing and whether his force or pressure is safe and effective.

But the quality of massage isn't everything for me. Before I become a regular of a particular spa, I consider the interiors of the place, the number of male therapists available, the face value of these masseurs, their tactile homoerotic skills of and more importantly, the number of gay men who frequent their wet area!

 One of these spas that I have always raved about is South Bay City spa. It's along MIA road, behind KFC fronting the coastal mall along the Coastal Road. The building that houses the spa is unpretentious. But when you get to the highest level where the spa is located, the interiors are quite impressive. The lounge is comfortably inviting as it overlooks the bay area.

Massage is in the price range of Php600. And you can add about Php200 for a private room.

One of the best features of this spa is that the masseurs I have encountered so far know very well the fine pressure points of a gay man's body. To be honest, for the many years I have frequented this spa, I haven't done anything sexual with any of their staff but the sensuality of their strokes is something I always enjoyed. It really takes special skills to know how to please the gay man's body. And boy, do they have it! Just be generous with your tip, and they'll be happy to let their hands explore farther.

But my favorite is the wet floor. Gay men flock to this waiting to make friends with each other. But be careful with your activities inside, the spa is open to everyone, we don't want to offend innocent clients who also come in. Be very discreet and you shall be rewarded. I have recommended this spa to a lot of my "sauna" friends at the gym and they too have nice stories to share.

This place is gay friendly and is always worth my trip from my place in Ortigas all the way to the South.

Oh! I think this post has been too long. My "trapz" are now aching for a massage! Is it really my trapz or is it something else? hehehe.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Cost of Relationships

Lexuality says:

All relationships cost something. But one must be careful not to put a price to that cost.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Break for Sexy Actors

Marco Morales while taking a break during
the shoot of "Laruang Lalake"
The common notion that baring in a gay movie is a desperate attempt and is the sign of career suicide for actors has been proven wrong by three solid cases.

First is Coco Martin (Masahista) who is now the poster boy of "I-can-make-it-big-in-mainstream-entertainment-even-if-i-started-in-a-gay-film", his lead roles in ABS-CBN and his slew of endorsements and EDSA billboards is a testament that talent will bring you places. (God bless ABS for a wonderful packaging of Coco Martin!).

Second, is Tyron Perez (Twilight Dancers, Pipo), who now has a lead role again in ABS-CBN.

Following suit is GMA, who signed in "frontal nudity king" Marco Morales (Heavenly Touch, Pipo) under their stable of stars and now has a significant role in "Langit sa Piling Mo". Marco's latest gay film is "Laruang Lalake" under Lexuality Entertainment.

Thank you TV Giants for bringing the bread for these talented actors.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's Next?

It's the Grand Coronation Night of Mr. Gay World Philippines 2010 on July 17, 2010 (Saturday) at Metro Bar, West Avenue, Quezon City.

The event will be hosted by iconic Contravidas Miss Jean Garcia and Miss Cherie Gil.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Queer Flicks

There are two new gay movies to watch out for "Subok" and "Ang Pinakamahabang One Night Stand 2". Both films are produced by Sinehan Digitales.


Paalam sa lahat ng umaasa
Paalam sa lahat ng nagpakasasa
Nalalapit na ang pagsasara
ng bibig kong nakakabaliw chumupa (may ganoon? echos!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Loose Briefs

A good looking hunk was changing beside my locker at the gym. He had a chiseled body and the face of an adonis. But he was wearing a loose, old underwear that didn't look right for a hot guy like him.

My mind was playfully scouting for a pick up line.

"Excuse me sir, gusto mo bang pasikipin ko ang brief mo?" (excuse me, would you like me to tighten your briefs for you?)

But I chose to remain silent not wanting to piss him off.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bed Bar Burns

I was awaken by a call informing me that Malate's iconic dance bar, Bed caught fire. And fear struck me as I remembered the burned bodies of Ozone bar. And I was glad to hear that no one was injured in the incident.

Here's a statement from their website:

"July 8, 2010, a fire in BED was contained thanks to the courageous local fire fighters in the area. We are glad to say that no one was injured.

Investigation is now ongoing and as such, BED will be closed until further notice."

Recomended Gay Strip Bars

scene from "Laruang Lalake", shot at Planet Xanadu
Hi Lex,

How are you?

I will be going back to the Philippines next week for a vacation from Singapore.

I just want to ask where to go. (I like to go to a gay bar who have gorgeous men na pwede i-take out) Please help me on this.





Thank you for sending a message. I am currently busy with "Laruang Lalake", and I'm cooking up another film after this.

With regards to your inquiry, I can share with you some gay strip bar places which I prefer personally:

There's Batong Buhay (near Chow King at the back of Gateway mall in Cubao), the staff here is not aggressive as the others. Entrance is free. And I find the boys interesting. Here you can hook up with former Provoq member John Miller.

Planet Xanadu (along Sct. Borromeo near National Bookstore Quezon Ave) is also a nice place to visit offering a variety of good looking men.

I like Club Papa (along Tramo, turn left from Edsa going to the airport), the interiors are nice and the men are of impressive quality.

I also like Klub Modelo (along Dimasalang at the back of Chinese General Hospital) because they have a lot of stocky men that i am very much into.

And Adonis (along Timog, near GMA) has very good looking men. Although, my foreigner friend from Singapore had a bad experience with the place particularly with its "financially demanding" floor manager.

Entrance is usually about Php250. Men's drinks are about Php250 to Php300. And if you want to take them out during the evening, prepare to shell off around Php3000 to 5000 as bar fine and that does not include "tip" for your chosen date.
Have fun in your vacation here in the Philippines!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Glimpse of Pink Halo-halo

Now on its sixth year, the prestigious Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival has five big name and established directors adding luster to this year's Competition with the new Director's Showcase category. Competing in this category are Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio by Mario O'Hara, Two Funerals by Gil Portes, Sigwa by Joel Lamangan, Isang Pirasong Buhay by Mark Meily, and Pink Halo-Halo by Joselito Altarejós. The Director's Showcase category features works by Filipino directors who have directed at least three full-length feature films which have been released commercially.

Shot in Masbate, Bicol Region, Pink Halo-Halo is the first full length feature shot entirely in the Masbateño language. The film is partly based on real life events and tells the tale of what families of soldiers have to deal with in times of adversity. Back in 2008, a young boy catches a TV report about a wounded soldier pleading for rescue. That soldier is his father. He and his mother seek help that comes too late.

Directed by Joselito Altarejós. It stars Allen Dizon, Angeli Bayani, Dexter Doria, Mark Fabillar and introducing Paolo Constantino.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Laruan Experience

We just finished a 23 hour long day 1 shoot of our new film "Laruang Lalake", directed by Joselito Altarejos under Lexuality Entertainment (Yes! There is now such an entity!). Together with our hard working actors Arjay Carreon, Richard Quan, Mon Confiado and Marco Morales (and several other daring new ones), some lucky Lexuality readers, we all witnessed a new film unfold before our eyes.

Lexuality reader Snakey Dreyfus writes about his memorable experience on theset of Laruang Lalake:

"As a former closeted fan of indie films, I have always been infinitely curious about what happens in front of the camera. As much as these films kept on winning international film festival, this was not the reason why I watched them. I have had countless dreams of subconsciously made-up scenarios; awake and otherwise, of young “up and coming” actors parading in front of me in various stages of undress. Those were the days (and nights) of visions of Antonio (he still is my forever crush), Mateo and even Tito Jo! I knew that it was every PLU’s longing to be a witness of this most mysterious and intriguing of rituals – the making of an indie gay film.

And lo and behold, I had a chance to see the first day shoot of Jay Altarejos’ “LARUANG LALAKI”. First time producer and writer...Lex Bonife gave an ALL ACCESS pass to a number of loyal followers of LEXUALITY, his blog."

Snakey continues, "I had a lot of preconceived notions of what to expect, I daydreamed of what I wanted to see. And boy did I shatter those expectations! What I had was even better!"

"I realized a movie set is a complex system of specialties. From the staff members, to the camera men (one of them is definitely hot by the way), to the bit players, to the production, to the actors etc. etc. I became conscious that I was in a roomful of very special artists. It was then that I lost the “malice” that I was thinking about, considering im in an indie set with a very interesting and thought provoking title. I thought I was an artist myself until I saw the dedication and the almost static energy of creativity around me. My respects and admiration flowed to each and everyone."

"The shoot was a memorable experience. To wrap it up without putting in spoilers for the benefit of the thousands of audiences that this movie will generate, I will sum it up that it would be one of the most talked about film in months to come (not that I know anything much about the story other than the bits and pieces that I was able to piece together)"

"All I can say right now is; Marco Morales is a nice guy with a very magnetic presence, Arjay Carreon is shy with an intense personality and tremendous angst (and very cute), Mark Xander Fabillar deserves to be called (vegan)prince being able to look like an angel after toiling it off the whole day... Mon Confiado, Richard Quan and the rest of the cast were superb to watch; you can almost see them shift from real life to character. And I should not forget those 3 appealing dancers."

"In summary, all I want you to really know is watch out for the bath scene, the feathers and the product of a whole bunch of artists. LARUANG LALAKI is something I can’t almost wait to see."
Thank you Snakey for writing this post in your facebook account. And thank you for the rest who shared this wonderful experience.  My apologies for those I cannot accomodate since our venue is quite small. But I will definitely give away FREE invites to the premiere of this film.
We are doing the day 2 shoot next week in some dark alley along Rizal avenue in Manila.
Thank you guys for all your support.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pink Premiere

For all the fans of Joselito Altarejos, don't miss the premiere of his most personal and most important film to date: Pink Halo-halo, a cinemalaya entry on  July 11 (Sunday), 630PM, CCP Main Theater.

Tickets at P150.00.

Please text 09064755774 or 09151949141 to reserve.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Queen's Man

During the reign of the queen who no longer has her crown, a gay courtier (my friend) was roaming around the castle when he spotted a tall, god-like man creature standing by the hallway of the castle. The gay courtier took out his business card to introduce himself to the god-like creature who flied for a living.

But the castle's guard stopped the gay courtier, saying "Sir, kay ma'am yan!"

Who said men collection was just a habit exclusive to gay men?