Saturday, February 28, 2009

Email from Boy Salsal

Hi Lex,

This is boysalsal. Lagi ko binabasa yung blog mo. napanood ko din yung mga dvd at movies na may kinalaman ka. Inggit nga ako sa yo e. Lagi kang surrounded by boys. hehehe...

Anyway, me dvd ako ng "Lihim ni Antonio". Lagi kong pinapanood kasi fan din ako ni josh/maico ever since his calendar boys/manila exposed days pa.

May question ako. Doon ba sa behind the scenes nung Antonio, di ba may dinelete na scene dun. Yung hinahada si josh nung bading at may background na "i'll be", para kaseng totoo yung pag bj sa kanya dun. May sound pa kasi -- like, slurping sound. tinotoo ba yun? pati yung whispers nila? just asking ha.

What are the other dvd pa na irerelease nyo? sana puro uncut. or at least may i know where can i avail yung mga uncut films.

thanks and more power lex.

Boy Salsal


Hi Boy Salsal,

Nice name you've got there. I wonder how you got that name (hahaha).

In the scene from "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" where Jonbert is having sex with the gay character, Eli played by a theater actor, both are naked but sex was just simulated.

As of the moment, none of my screenplays have undergone principal photography, so there is no DVD release that I can speak of.

Thanks for reading Lexuality. Have a great "salsal"


Friday, February 27, 2009

The Xanadu Experience

(Scene from the film "Walang Kawala", shot at Planet Xanadu)

Here's the third part of my gay bar (male strip bar) report with my trip with Lexuality reader Mr. D from Singapore:

Our first stop that Saturday night is Planet Xanadu. Because of its spaceous performance area, this place is a favorite among gay videos -- its the venue of the instructional video "Hubad: Striptease Sessions for the Daring Men" and the bar featured in the digital movie "Walang Kawala".

We reached this bar by turning right to the street by the Monumento in EDSA and turning left after a few blocks from EDSA. This street is a bit hard to find though. And we took about five turns to finally find the street where Planet Xanadu is located.

The boys here are quite okay. But the performances are a lot more superior than most of the bars we have visited.

Except for some talented twinkie dancers and some nice looking men gyrating, I did not experience anything special on this bar as there was no "big event" on that evening. So Mr. D decided to fly to Klub Modelo in Manila after a two drinks.

Entrance to the bar is Php250. Men's drink is also on that range.

Lexuality Talk @ De La Salle

It was a thrilling experience to speak in front of four sections of Literature and Humanities students of De La Salle University. There were just about two gay men in the room (I asked the students to raise their hands if they were gay) but many of them seemed to be very interested in the story of the gay men.

My lecture is entitled "Kuwentong Bakla: The Evolution of Gay Men in Filipino Films" where I traced how Filipino films have reflected the level of acceptance of the gay men in our society throughout decades of the film medium.

From the funny gay characters who become straight before the film ends to the urban gay men of today's digital films, the "bakla" (gay man) has come a long way in Philippine cinema. But his journey is far from his ultimate goal : social integration and complete acceptance.

Thank you Prof. Ronald Gue for this opportunity to plant the seeds of understanding and appreciation of the Filipino gay man among your students.

Mabuhay kayo!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Avenida Bar

To continue my gay bar (male strip bar) adventures with Lexuality reader Mr. D from Singapore, after a few drinks at Big Papa, we took a cab going to Avenida (now known as Rizal ave.) in Manila to visit The Ultimate Zone.

Right after that colorfully lighted bridge from Lawton, the cab that we were in suddenly stopped. The vehicle was having engine problems. From the bridge, we decided to walk. Mr. D kept on talking with his Singaporean accent asking about the place that we are in. And I told him to keep his mouth shut as the street that we were in were'nt exactly the safest place in Metro Manila. I just realized that his foreign accent could attract criminals lurking in the dark.

So we walked for a few meters until we got another cab to bring us to "The Ultimate Zone" sleaziest bar in our itinerary. It is located a fews meters from the Doroteo Jose station of the LRT1 and is right beside Fugoso st.

If you don't like men sucking each other onstage, doing unprotected anal sex show and a lot of erection dance performances, then this place is not for you. You could simply close your eyes and take comfort on their hilarious DJ who has a verbal diarrhea for synonyms and "heart warming" phrases.

The best part of this bar, is the gorgeous stripper who sat with Mr. D. The stripper upong going onstage whipped up his majestic cock, came to our table and gave Mr.D some reassuring pat on his face.

Entrance to the bar is P250.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sean Penn Supports the Gay & Lesbians

Another shining moment for the gays and lesbians at the 81st Academy Awards or The Oscars was the speech of Best Actor winner, Sean Penn for the film "Milk", about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected politican in California.

In his words:

"for those who have voted against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate theirgreat shame and the shame of their grand children's eyes if they continue their way of support -- we've go to have equal rights for everyone".

Thank you, Sean Penn.

Thank you very much

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gay Pride Moment at the Oscar's

At the recent 81st Academy Awards or The Oscars, a screenwriter's speech moved me to tears. The winner for Best Original Screenplay for the film "Milk" is Dustin Lance Black . His film is about the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public offfice in California.

And when he accepted the speech, he said some very inspiring words for many young gay men and young lesbians out there.

Watch this video:

Monday, February 23, 2009

These Rappers Prefer a Gay Man

In youtube, a local rap song "Nagmahal Ako ng Bakla" (I Was in Love with a Gay Man) by a group of teenagers called DagTang Lason made me laugh.

The lyrics talks about a straight man who is tired with his unfaithful girl friend and finds solace on his gay lover.

Watch and listen to the words of this hilarious yet, entertaining music video.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


"Padyak" is from a Palanca award winning screenplay and is directed by Aloy Adlawan. It features Jay Aquitania, Rita Avila, Emilio Garcia, Irma Adlawan, Angel Jacob and Baron Geisler.

Premiere is on March 2, 7pm at the Robinsons Galleria

Why I Write Gay Stories

(scene from Ang Lihim ni Antonio/ Antonio's Secret)

My lecture at the De La Salle University has forced me to confront myself on what the hell is so important on what I do and what I write about.

After some reflection and meditation, i have figured out why I have and will continue to write stories of the Filipino gay man:

Representing the gay man through stories and moving images is not just about fighting for one’s sexual freedom.

It is an affirmation, that we could never underestimate the complexity of human behaviour.

After all, the human being is far more surprising than we’d like to think who we are.

(This is the text of the final slide of my lecture)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Papa

My gay bar (male strip bar) tour with Mr. D from Singapore started with "Big Papa" along Tramo street in Pasay. It was my first time in this bar and venue's layout was pretty impressive. Big stage, with comfortable chairs.

It was their big night then. Boys were pretty okay. And their selection ranged from the twinks to the late 20's.

One of their highlights then was a "threesome" production number with two of their best looking dancers and a trannie.

At that time, I was bothered to see a "heterosexual concept" of production number in a what we call a "gay bar". I was thinking then, why do we need a female figure in this sexual act, when it can certainly be done by three men!

But then I realized that more than half of the patrons are acctually straight females (to my assumption). Hence, there is a need to represent "straight sex" inside a "gay bar".

At a certain part of the show, a gay patron stood up and inserted a three thousand peso bill at the bikini of one of the dancers whom I thought wasn't actually deserving of such a generous tip. After about an hour, I saw the same guy doing some chores by the dressing room. And I realized he could be an employee of the bar, and the "tipping" was just a show to encourage other patrons to shower the boys with some money. That probably explains why the dancer didn't wear a happy smile when received the three thousand peso bills.

Some of the waiters are quite hot. They were the apple of my eyes more than the gyrating dancers on stage. The female patrons were fantastic -- shrieking loudly at the right moment throwing their inhibitions out as some dancers flirt with them. It was such a sight to see -- women enjoying sexual power and control.

Entrance to the bar is Php250.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Lola Watches "Butas"

Marco Morales, star of "Butas"

A 67 year old lola (grandmother) recounted to me the incident when she went to watch the erotic digital film "Butas" (Loophole) at the Robinsons Manila. And she shared how she was "interrogated" by the guard before she entered the cinema.

GUARD: Lola, alam niyo po ba na bold ang pinapanood niyo? (grannie, do you know that you are about to watch a sexually graphic film?)

LOLA: Oo (yes)

GUARD: Sigurado ho kayo. Hindi ho maganda yan. Nakakahilo. (Are you sure? The film's not pretty good. You might feel dizzy)

LOLA: A talaga?

But the grandmother has decided to enter the movie house.

GUARD: Ma'am, siguraduhin niyong may dala kayong gamot sa high blood! (please make sure you have your hypertensives with you!)

And lola decides to watch "Butas".

And she liked Marco Morales.

You've Got Male

Jan Nieto, Harry Santos, Bryan Termulo and Gian Magdangal are the four men who make up YOU’VE GOT MALE. Formed by the creative minds behind GMA 7 “S.O.P.” the group was once part of the segment called “Three Of A Kind”. The idea of putting 4 male soloists may not be new, but choosing which ones to include is the tricky part. Fortunately, the choices made by “S.O.P.” were right, as the segment would soon become one of the most awaited portions of the show.

The group is taking on a new challenge as they will be headlining their first major concert entitled “FOUR… The First Time”. The concert is set to introduce them as legitimate concert performers, both as soloists and as a group. What makes this show doubly interesting is that the audience gets to see them individually presenting their respective talents as solo artists, and as a quartet, complete with four-part harmonies.

“FOUR… The First Time” will be on February 20, 2009 at the Music Museum, 8PM. Special guests include Lovi and Concert Queen, Ms. Pops Fernandez. Produced by Dream Concert Asia Entertainment Production, in cooperation with GMA 7. Tickets are available at Music Museum (721-0635) and Ticketworld (891-9999)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gay Bar Tour

A few weeks ago, Mr. D, a Lexuality reader from Singapore visited Manila and asked me to accompany him to different Gay Bars (Male Strip Bars) here in Manila.

For two straight nights, we visited around five gay bars in the Metro: Big Papa (Pasay), Planet Xanadu (Malabon), Klub Modelo (Manila), Solution (Pasay) and the Ultimate Zone (Manila).

For the next few days, I shall post my reviews, on each of these places.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gay Men Unite!

(Lex and filmmaker Joselito Altarejos (in blue shirt) with friends at the Pride March)

Join and be a part of TASK FORCE PRIDE (the official organizerof the annual Pride March in Manila and other related LGBT events)!

Membership Program Information

Task Force Pride is an ever-evolving member and community-basedorganization of volunteers. The membership is a body that meets monthly with the Coordinators to make decisions to further the mission of theorganization. By becoming a member you will have a direct voice in shaping events that educates and gives back to the LGBT Community (i.e. the annual PrideMarch in Manila and other related LGBT events)

At our monthly meetings, the general membership can provide directinput to Coordinators and the Production Team/s as well as stay informed yearround through monthly e-Newsletters and periodic e-mail updates.

Other benefits of membership include participation in the nomination andselection of key posts, choosing the yearly theme of the Celebrationas well as voting on the selection of the Coordinators. These are just someof the ways in which you can be fully engaged with Pride and the greater LGBT Community!

In addition to what has been mentioned above, all members will:* enjoy special benefits and freebies from corporate sponsors* have the opportunity to make new friends and* create moments with friends and family that will last a lifetime!

For more information submit your query here or
Contact the TFP Secretariat at landline 3863327

Organizations that have participated in the past and/or up to last year
Ang Ladlad, BRIC, Circle of Friends (COF), GABAY, Lunduyan ngSining, MCC, One Bacardi, Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippine (STRAP), Rainbow Rights Project, UP Babaylan, g4Mountains, BED Malate, Government, Fab, INDIGO, PROGAY, Club Mwah, The Library, Palawan, ALMULA, Rainbow Bloggers Philippines, UP Film Institute and many more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thanks Baby!

Happy Valentines Baby!

Thank you for being here beside me.

I treasure every moment that I am with you.

Mahal Kita!


Valentine's "Booking"

If you find yourself alone this Valentine's Day, these publicity photos of the upcoming gay digital film "Booking", might add up some heat for your day.
Catch the "Director's Cut Premiere" of "Booking" at the UP Cine Adarna on February 24, 8pm at the UP Cine Adarna (UP Film Institute). Regular Showing is on March 4.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling Better After "Kambyo"

Hi Lex,

Just watched your movie, KAMBYO (movie credits are rolling while typing). i feel free like a bird although i'm here in dubai were homo is a no, no and yet...

anyway, thank you so much. my life is in trouble now. recession, vacation allowance, pasalubong, family, homesickness, personal matters, "kwarta" etc...

but this film made me realize that my life now is half full and not half empty. 2 thumbs up!

all the best.



Hi Julius,

That's very nice to hear.

Each one of us has his own "trouble" one way or another. You're right. It's the way we see things that would make a difference.

Sincerely yours,


PS Let's give credit to the director Joselito Altarejos. He worked a lot harder than I did to make "Kambyo" possible.

Selda, the New Version

Catch the screening of the North American version of "Selda" on February 14, 5 pm at Robinson's Galeria for the Queeriosity film festival.

" Selda (The Inmate)" won at the Thessaloniki Film festival for best actor (tie between Emilio Garcia and Sid Lucero). It also won the Gawad urian and the Gawad Tanglaw for Garcia and Lucero as well as a Star award for Garcia. The film, directed by Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos and also star Aras Mina, is one of the most highly acclaimed works of last year.

The movie revolves around the love affair between two inmates. It will compete in the Melbourne Queer Film festival this March.

Gay Flirting 101: Be Silent

Here's another gay flirting tip: Don't tell everyone what and whom you are after. You don't need a gay cheerleading squad to motivate you in every move. Flirting isn't about pleasing the crowd.

Source: David Singleton's "The ManDates: 25 Rules for Successful Gay Dating"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marco Morales in "Booking"

After the box-office success of "Butas(Loophole)", MARCO MORALES will again be seen in the Gay movie, "BOOKING", where he plays a struggling actor who will do anything and everything just to go places.

This film, inspired by the critically acclaimed Lino Brocka movie "Bona" features award winning thespians Emilio Garcia, Snooky Serna and Ms. Anita Linda.

This sexy gay drama will bring Emilio Garcia in the original role of Nora Aunor and Marco Morales in Philip Salvador's role.

Regular run is on March 4. Advance Screening is on February 23 at the UP Cine Adarna (Film Institute)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Uncut Showboyz Tonight at UP

If you're reading this post on February 11, 2009, yes, Showboyz is scheduled tonight at UP Cine Adarna (Film Institute) at 9pm.

Showboyz, the "happiest macho dancing movie ever" from this country stars Kristoffer King, Topher Baretto, Archie De Calma, John Miller and Toffee Calma.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Looking for Gay Men Singers

Pride Manila Chorus gears up for 2009 and beyond!

The country's first and only openly-gay chorus is currently open forauditions.Be part of this fun-filled journey as we get ready for our first concert season this September 2009!

Here's your chance to enjoy VIP privileges from sponsor clubs andfreebies from partners!


What does it take to be a part of the Pride Manila Chorus?

Let's start with what it doesn't take: A degree in music, A fabulous voice, sophisticated tastes in music.

Of course, we won't turn those down…So what does it take?Someone who loves music, enjoys singing in a group, likes socializing with cool guys. Someone who's willing to commit to a reasonable rehearsal schedule,which is:Wednesday nights 7:30 to 930 pm (might be moved to Thursday) with occasional sectional and dress rehearsals. Three to six concert dates a year.

Rehearsals currently at California Garden Square, Mandaluyong (very near crossing/starmall)

Someone willing to explore many different styles of music and someonewho can match pitch

How do I arrange for an audition?

Contact the following:Raul Barque: +63928 5206472 / +639063715928

Bien Rivera: landline (10 am to 10 pm): 3863327 / email:mailto:bien.rivera(at)gmail.comWe sing to inspire, encourage and sustain excellence in the choralarts and to achieve a gay-affirming presence in our country!

Workshop begins on February 16, 2009 (Monday)

We are extremely blessed that chorale conductor, Mr Jonathan Ayson hascome to train PMC at such an important time. Contact us now and bepart of an amazing experience.We are also looking for male and female musicians to join the chorus.If you can play anything from percussion to keyboards, strings, brassor woodwind, we want to hear from you here.

Lexuality Lectures at La Salle

This writer has been invited by De La Salle University's Mr. Ronald Gue of the Literature department to speak to their students regarding my written works for the gay community. It will be my first time to speak in front of students outside of my school UP Diliman, and I am honestly quite nervous.

It is an honor for me to be invited, hence, I have agreed to do my talk on February 19 in front of students from about four different Literature classes. What I have chosen to discuss is How Narratives Empower A Minority Group.

Having done this blog for almost a year and having written a few gay stories for film, I have received bulks of emails on how these "narratives" have made a difference in the lives of many gay men out there.

And it just illustrates that suffering among individuals coming from a minority group (in this case, the gay men) is relieved whenever their stories are re-told onscreen. The film narrative serves as an affirmation, that these gay men are not alone in their struggles with their personality and sexuality and that their most kept and "shameful" secrets are in fact shared by many other gay men.

Having witnessed this phenomenon first hand, I am just thankful that I am able to touch the lives of other gay men through the stories I wanted to share.

To you Mr. Gue, thank you for this invitation. I hope I could give justice as I represent the issues of "gay men" in front of presumably a majority of "straight" students at DLSU.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scenes from the Showboyz

Here are some screenshots from "Showboyz", the happiest macho dancing movie ever! (in the Philippines).

Topher Baretto (Quick Trip) and John Miller (Men of Provoq)

Topher Baretto

The "Showboyz"

Scene from the Backstage

Uncut Version Premiere of "Showboyz" is on February 11 (Wednesday) at the UP Film Institute. See you there!

This is X-Rated!

The MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) has given this poster of "Ang Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand" an X Rating simply because it depicts two men embracing!
This film is a series of short films directed by Eduardo Roy, James Estradough and Crisaldo Pablo.

Wow! Don't you just admire this society that we live in?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The "Uncut" Showboyz

On February 11 (Wednesday), Crisaldo Pablo's "Showboyz" will premiere at the UP Film Institute.
Dubbed as the "happiest Pinoy macho dancing movie ever", the film stars Kristoffer King (Serbis, Ang Babae sa Breakwater), Topher Baretto (Quick Trip) and John Miller (Men of Provoq). The film is also the comeback movie of 90's sexy actor Toffee Calma in a very colorfully flamboyant role.

Showboyz is the closing film of the Queeriosity International Film Festival.

See you at the premiere!

Encounters with "King"

Kristoffer King (photo from

I have finally met Kristoffer King, the URIAN Best Actor nominee and the sleazily yummy actor from “Serbis”.

I have met him in two different instances within the past few days. First, I was his co-actor in the film “Showboyz”. I was introduced to him while he was down to his trunks and all making me more excited to speak to him.

Lex (this writer) and Kristoffer King

We sat in one corner and he shared with me how he started in the business. Before his break in the movies (Mario O’ Hara’s Babae sa Breakwater), he was part of a dance group that used perform in noontime shows. And with an inherent sex appeal, as a dancer, he also did private shows for bridal showers. This explains how he got his “professional” dance moves onstage while shooting for Showboyz as a stripper.

For Kristoffer, the two of the best moments in his life are his experiences in Cannes Film Festival. First was with “Babae sa Breakwater” and the second is the recent “Serbis”. The march on the red carpet is so memorable it makes him feel “a very important person”.

After about a week, I met Mr. King again. This time, he is auditioning for the lead role in “Sabong”, Joselito Altarejos’ new digital film for Viva. In front of us, he showed us his “sensitive” side as an actor. More than his physical appeal, Kristoffer was comfortable with his skin and his very being – the mark of a true artist. That I think is his edge over many actors in this country.

This February, watch out for Kristoffer King in his new film Showboyz (directed by Crisaldo Pablo). Showboyz will premiere on February 11 at the UP Film Institute.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gay Film Sked at UP & Galleria

Scene from "Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand"

Scene from Hikbi

Tomorrow, February 7 (Saturday), the director’s cut version of “M2M Eyeball 1 and 2”, a series of sexy vignettes will premiere at the UP Cine Adarna (Film Institute) at 7pm.

And due to insistent public demand the series of shorts, “Mga Pinakahamabang One Night Stand” will again be shown at 9pm of the same night

This series of cinematic events is part of the celebration of QUEERIOSITY MANILA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

After these events in UP, Catch the Queeriosity Festival at Robinsons Galleria (Ortigas) with the following Philippine Premieres:

Feb 11 7pm ‘Sagwan' (opening film)

Feb 12 7pm 'Into It'

Feb 13 7pm Hikbi

Feb 14 7pm ‘Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand’

Feb 15 7pm A Natural Thing

Feb 16 7pm Night Scene

Feb 17 9pm 'Showboyz' (World Premiere and closing film)


Hikbi (Cry for Redemption) is a personal film of first time filmmaker Felbert Go. He directed it. He wrote the screenplay. He starred in it.

But "Hikbi" is not exactly an exercise in vanity as most people would easily assume. It is a sensitive portrayal of a neurotic relationship betweeen a lonely gay man and a straight tricycle driver who also sidelines as a male prostitute.

I admire this filmmaker for his brave artistry in re-interpreting his life with brutal honesty.

Hikbi is sad and without pretentions. Just like the lives of many other gay men.

HIKBI is showing this February:

February 7 4pm Mag:net Katipunan
February 9 2pm/ 7pm Feb 10 7pm at the UP Videotheque
February 13 7pm Robinsons Galleria

Jake Strips Off

Jake Roxas has no qualms doing nude scenes or gay scenes for as long as it is a good role like his character in the upcoming indie "WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM".

In this Paolo Villaluna & Ellen Ramos film, Jake plays a homosexual private detective who is hired to look for a runaway girl (Lovi Poe) but bfore finding her, he must find himself first. He has a lover (played by Rico Barrera) who is unfaithful to him.

Jake turned down "Selda" before and he regretted it.Now, he gets a shance to sink himself into a real good role in "WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM", The film will have a premiere on Sunday, February 8 at 8 pm at Robinson's Galeria. Joem Bascon also stars.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Movers & Shakers of Pinoy Gay Community, the only gayzine in the country has chosen this writer as one of the "Shakers and Movers" of the Filipino gay community, or to be more diverse and politically correct, the GLBTQI (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer and Intersexed).

It is such an honor to be listed along with other prominent personalities in the queer population (Fr. Richard Mickley, JM Cobbarubias of GMA, Great Ancheta of Bed, etc).

Here is the opening paragraph of the article:

In 1999, when Lex Bonife was 19 years old, moving from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) to the University of the Philippines, he met writer R.J. Nuevas, “one of the most established writers for soap opera (In the Philippines),” he recalls. “He invited me to send a resume to Viva. I have always wanted to work for television when I was young; I have always felt I was cut for a career in the entertainment industry, so even without a college degree and with zero experience, armed with a simple résumé, I met with Viva's Veronique Del Rosario, and to my surprise, I was hired.”

To read more, click:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Uncut Gay Films at UP Tonight!

Poster of "Ang Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand"

Screenshot from "Sagwan"

February 4 (Wednesday) is an important event for Pinoy gay film lovers like me. Two important works will premiere on this queer evening:

“Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand” by Cris Pablo, Harvey Estradough, and Eduardo Roy, Jr. and “Sagwan” by Monti Puno Parungao.

"Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand" is a compilation of four short stories entitled "Wait Waiter Wait", "Tutok", "Balot" and "Ang Pinakamahabang One Night Stand", all about love, commitment, sex and satisfaction people can surely relate to. It’s a compilation of stories that will teach, break and mend hearts of both straight or queer men and women.

"Sagwan" is a story about an 18-year-old virgin who struggles about his past. In the end, he realized that what matters is not who you are with but actually, how it feels with whom you are with.

The two movies can be watched on the said date at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Tickets can be availed for only P150, with special discounts for students with their recent IDs.

UP Film Institute will also feature a Crisaldo Vicente Pablo movie entitled “Showboyz” starring Tofie Calma on February 11, at 9:00 pm.

Queeriosity Film Festival

The "Cappuccinos", stars of the opening film "Sagwan" of the Queeriosity International Film Festival

Screenshot from "Ang Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand"

Queeriosity International Film Festival 2009 celebrates the rise of the Philippine gay niche market

The love month of February this year is pink with queer love as Filipino gay directors come together to launch the first Queeriosity International Film Festival (QIFF) in Robinson Galeria Movieworld and the University of the Philippines Film Institute.

On February 4, two screenings will soft launch the festival at the UP Film Institute. Newcomer enfant terrible Monti Puno Parungao, director of the local TV adaptation of Survivor, showcases his first full length feature Sagwan (The Paddle). The indie potboiler peeks at the lives of canoe pilots in an idyllic Philippine tourist town, where behind the breathtaking beauty flows painful memories of complicated sexualities suppressed and violated.

Also on the same date, the four short films are sewn together under the omnibus title "The Longest One Night Stands." The anthology presents the vignettes with titles: "Wait Waiter Wait" and "Tutok" by Cris Pablo; "Balot" by Harvey Estradough; and "Ang Pinakamahabang One Night Stand" by Eduardo Roy Jr.

The QIFF proceeds to Robinson Galeria on Feb. 11-17 and features Hikbi (Cry of Redemption) by Felbert Go. The gritty indie production is directorial debut of Go who was encouraged by director Lav Diaz to retell his crisis-filled gay life in film.

The festival will also reprise queer selections such as Paolo Villaluna's male prison romance "Selda", Aureus Solito's coming of age in the slums story "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" and the ground breaking tale of a male masseur in Brillante Mendoza’s “Masahista”. Other titles include “Kurap” and “Love Birds” by Ronnie Bertubin; “Jay” by Francis Pasion and “Dose” by Senedy Que.

Foreign titles include “Feeding Boys, Ayaya” from China and “A Very Natural Thing” from US of A.

The launch of the QIFF aims to compliment the community activities of clans and groups of bisexual and gay men such as the Fabulous 30s & 40s, Panget Clan, HBOX, School Boys Society, Bi Males Clan, Bi-Pilipinas Charity, Elite Mens Circle , Binatang Pinoy, New Age Community, Quatros Elementos Clan and many others in promoting acceptance of queer sexuality in society.
According to Cris Pablo, president of the indie film proponent Sinehan Digitales and QIFF founder, the Queeriosity event is in a big part a homage to the original grand dame of queer Pinoy fests, the Pink Film Festival, which traces its roots back to 1999.

"The present generation of gay and lesbian film makers and actors owe a huge debt to the indie film giant, Mr. Nick De Ocampo, because his Pink Film inspired us to come out of the closet and present our community to public screenings. His example encouraged us to openly discuss queer sexuality without shame," Pablo said.

While not as grand as the original Pink, Pablo said the LGBT community should be proud of the humble contributions the QIFF can do to reinvigorate the dying Philippine cinema industry and the emerging pink video market.

For tickets, venues and other information, visit the temporary promo website of QIFF at