Monday, September 29, 2008

Kristoffer's Blow Job

Kristoffer King

I just saw the Uncut Version of the Cannes Film Festival and New York Film Festival Entry, "Serbis" and I was petrified by the blow job scene of Kristoffer King. In this scene, Mr. King got his real and actual blow job from a dark and curly haired lady boy inside the projection room of the cinema where he works.

And in an earlier scene, he wagged his huge thing while peeing in front of Jacklyn Jose.

I must admit, I was "moved" by these scenes!

Serbis, the uncut version is now playing at the UP Film Institute from September 29 to October 1, 2008.

"Serbis" Uncut in UP

Coco Martin in Serbis

I am excited to watch "Serbis" again for the third time. But this time, it's running at the UP Film Institute so this version will be uncut as assured to me by its writer Armando "Bing" Lao.

Here's the update on this brilliantly controversial film from the email of Nonoy Lauzon of UP Film Institute:

The UP Film Institute finally screens Brillante Mendoza’s “Serbis” for a maximum extensive run beginning Monday, 29 September 2008, at 2, 5 and 7 p.m.

The showcase for the acclaimed and multi-award- winning director’s latest film caps UP Film Institute’s distinct series consisting of an all-Filipino selection in commemoration of the month identified with the invention of movies. Serbis has already made history as the first Filipino film to vie in 24 years for the top plum in main competition at Cannes and the first from the country to ever make it to the main slate of the New York Film Festival. Cannes, of course, is touted as the “Grand Dame of all filmfests that not one comes close to rivaling.”

For its part, New York Film Festival has long been a major cultural event much anticipated each year. Though non-competitive, the festival is credited for its exclusivity, for prestige unmatched by any other filmfest in all of the United States and for symbolically putting film on an equal artistic footing with all the high arts such as classical music, opera, dance and theater.

Dispatch of the official Festival notes from New York best sum it all up for the film: “Raw and uncompromising, the seventh feature by Brillante Mendoza (Foster Child, ND/NF 2008), channeling both Fassbinder and John Waters, follows the travails of the Pineda family in the (Philippine) city of Angeles. “Bigamy, unwanted pregnancy, possible incest and bothersome skin irritations are all part of their daily challenges, but the real star of the show is an enormous, dilapidated movie theater that doubles as family business and living space. Clearly at one time a prestige establishment, the theater now runs porn double bills and serves as a meeting ground for hustlers of every conceivable persuasion. “Mendoza brilliantly captures here the sordid, fetid atmosphere, interweaving various family subplots with the comings and goings of customers, thieves and even a runaway goat while enveloping the viewer in a maelstrom of sound, noise and continuous motion.

“A bold, challenging work from one of the recently energized Filipino cinema’s most interesting talents.”—46th New York Film Festival (Sept 26–Oct 12, 2008).

The start of UP Film Institute’s run for Serbis could not come at a better time with its recent triumph in Russia where an all-female international jury bestowed on the film the twin honors for Best Director and Best Actress. It is currently playing in Bangkok for the Southeast Asian Competition.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Justin's Package

Justin De Leon was our second lead actor for Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse). His sincere portrayal of a gay advertising copywriter who fell in love with a lighthouse caretaker earned him a nomination for best supporting actor (Enpress).

The film Parola was our first project together. I first saw him perform in an acting role in a Dulaang UP play by Floy Quintos. And I knew that this guy has some talent in him. So when we were looking for an actor for Parola, I recommended him to our director Joselito Altarejos.

In Parola, I realized Justin was a pro. Unlike other wannabe sexy actors that I have worked with, Justin is disciplined and was serious in his craft. He does his research and studies his script well. And when he's asked to take it off, he never has any qualms. He knows that his body is his asset in this business.

And what was more striking about him is his sincerity and honesty as a person. He was never ashamed of his humble beginnings -- working as an FX (a public utility vehicle) driver and his helping out in his family's carinderia (a small eatery). And he would honestly share many things that he has endured just to stay in show business.

For me, among his contemporaries in the now defunct Men of Provoq, Justin's got wit and some bits of wisdom. He's got talent and discipline. And for all these reasons, Justin is certainly a complete package.

Mamma Mia!

It has been months since the movie version of the musical "Mamma Mia" has played in Manila theaters. But the soundtrack of the film and the sincere vocals of Meryl Streep still haunts me.

Meryl doesn't have that perfect, "recording star" voice. But the her sound is so human that even a pop song from Abba could actually pierce through you.

Besides, the other star of the film Amanda Seyfried does an innocently sounding version of "Thank you for the Music". This track alone makes the whole soundtrack a good buy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Allen Dizon Endures

I first noticed Allen Dizon in his performance as a horny asshole in the modern classic "Pila Balde" by Jeffrey Jetturian in the late 90's. From then on, he has appeared in countless sexy films opposite numerous sexy actresses with strikingly distinct names.

About 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to work with him when Viva Hot Man was still intact in the videos "Sex Guru" and "Erotica: Lessons of the Flesh". And if there is one thing that's really distinct about him, Allen can seduce the camera like no other actors I have worked with. Off the cam, he seems to be a simple and ordinary man, but when he is asked to strip off and seduce the camera, his sex appeal simply bursts out from the frame.

Now, with a handful of acting trophies under his name, Allen is still one of the busiest sexy actors from his generation. He is currently one of the lead stars in the latest offering from Viva Entertainment "Room 213" (now showing at Robinsons Movie World)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hanggang sa Ating Pagtanda

Today, I and my partner celebrate our first anniversary. This poem is my gift to my man.

To the man I would like to be with for the rest of my life...

Hanggang sa Ating Pagtanda
Tula ni Lex Bonife para kay JDG

Sa pagkulubot ng ating balat, paglobo ng ating tiyan
Sana ako pa rin ang nasa tabi mo.

Sa pagtaas ng ating blood pressure, kolesterol at uric acid
Sana ikaw pa rin ang kayakap ko

Kapag dumating ang panahon at parehong hindi na natin kayang tumakbo sa treadmill,
Sana magkahawak pa rin ang ating mga kamay

Kapag nanlabo na ang iyong mga mata mo at hindi mo na kayang magmaneho,
Sana sabay pa rin nating tahakin ang landas ng buhay

Dahil darating ang araw,
Hindi na natin makikilala ang ating mga katawan
Bawat bahagi natin ay sisingilin na ng minuto at taon

Sana tayo pa rin ang magkasama
Hanggang sa ating pagtanda

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Of God and Blow Jobs

I bumped into screenwriter Ramon Bayron (Abakada, Ina) and he was ecstatic to share his thoughts on our film “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret). He liked the existentialism of the material and all. I was surprised that Mr. Bayron liked the film despite him being very religious. And he caught me by surprise by asking a very thought-provoking question.

“Why would God be concerned with men sucking each other’s penises when there are millions of other life-threatening and earth-shaking problems in this world?”

And I paused to think about it. What’s with ejaculation that God (as supposedly represented by the church) should make a big deal about? First, it thought about it in a particular context. If such an act would create destruction of a particular family, causing pain for the wife and her children, I think God should definitely look into it. But if two responsible and educated adult men help each other into ejaculation, what does God have to do about it?

It was such an interesting perspective to probe on. But unfortunately, I can’t force myself to continue with it. I don’t believe in the Judeo-Christian God. And I have known for a fact that historically, we humans are fond of ascribing and imposing our own attributes and values to the god that we create for ourselves. Hence, such an idiosyncracy from a supposedly “god being” isn’t really a surprise.

But if you are a believer, just like my friend, it would really be interesting to think about it. “What’s really with responsible men sucking each other’s cocks that would make God (Judeo-Christian) so angry that he will condemn you to hell for all eternity?”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Yellow House (Gay Pagsanjan Part 3)

A distinct, yellow house stands by one of the tree lined and uphill streets of Pagsanjan. A white staircase leads you to the main entrance of the house with a simple set of furniture, a laptop with internet connection and an iPod base.

A handful of gay men are busy serving drinks inside the house. While several men in their late teenage years spend their afternoon with a can of beer in one hand lazily sitting on the couch while the others are busy with computer games.

This is the yellow house rented by a group of gay friends from Manila for just about Php2500 (about USD56) pesos per month. This is their “not-so-secret” weekend getaway. And many boys of Pagsanjan just love to spend their time in here of course, with some free beer and gin.

Many of the boys were quite attractive. And many of them have their naked photos saved in the mobile phones of the house owners. The boys respectfully address each gay man as “sir”. And they would readily describe each “sir” as “nice and generous”.

The gay men from Manila proudly introduced their “boys” to us as if they were their prized collection. These young men are their assets, a breathing and highly enjoyable investment away from their daily lives in Manila.

As I made this Pagsanjan trip with a married gay couple from New York, I realized I am confronted by two contrasting images of the Filipino gay man. My friend from the US represents the gay man who thrives in a society where homosexuality is more properly integrated and enjoys a committed 10 year relationship with his partner. The gay owners of the yellow house represent the more prevalent setup of older gay men in the Philippines, which we all know is more constricted in the acceptance of homosexuals.

Looking at all these, I am just amazed at how homosexual expression would manifest itself in all kinds of ways within the uniqueness of every society.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Cab Driver's Sex Life

A while ago, I took a cab going to Makati. The cab was a bit old, air conditioner was barely breathing, tacky curtains hang by the passenger's window but the here's the good thing, it's driver was quite hot. He was tall, dark, well built and with very nice features from the profile view of his face.

Let's call him Jim, a 24 year old cabbie from Caloocan city. He has been driving a cab for almost a year and used to work as a waiter for a popular bar joint. For him taxi work is much better than his former job. As a waiter, he recalls earning just about Php3700 (about USD80) in two weeks and getting a lot of deductions from nasty customers who don't pay their bills.

I took the opportunity to talk to him and probe on the "interesting side" of being a good looking cab driver. He quickly admitted that during the wee hours he becomes a personal service to many passengers who fancy his "hunkiness" -- women and gays included. He told me how he services a woman who works as a "Guest Relations Officer" (GRO) at a strip joint in Timog, Quezon city who asks to be serviced in bed as well aside from her regular trasnportation needs. He proudly admitted how he services four gay men regularly, mostly working for the "call center" industry. He would pick them up in their individual offices, go straight to a bar for some drinks, and after a beer or two, he recalls how he gets wild in bed with these lucky men.

Jim shares how he enjoys the company of his queer patrons. They are nice, thoughtful and generous. And in many instances he finds himself enjoying their companionship better than some of those women he dates. who are "possessive and are always in a hurry to get married" after a few months of going out together.

(Just for the record, we did not have sex. And I did not get his contact number as well )

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brad Pitt Supports Gay Marriage

Brad Pitt

I am just elated to read this news:

Hollywood Superstar Brad Pitt, donated $100,000 dollars to support gay marriage in California. Mr. Pitt made the donation to fight Proposition 8, an initiative on California’s November ballot that would overturn the state Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage.

In a very inspiring statement, Mr. Pitt declared, “no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another and because discrimination has no place in America"

Sir RM (Gay Pagsanjan Part 2)

Pagsanjan, photography by Lex Bonife

One of the people I have met in Pagsanjan is a friendly gay man in his late 30’s, let’s call him Sir RM, as the boatmen address him as “sir”. Sir RM comes from Manila but visits his weekend house in Pagsanjan often.

His nicely built house has a nice veranda by the river where you can see all the bancas across the river.

In his weekend house, lives one of his boyfriends, a native in Pagsanjan. His boyfriend’s wife and 12 year old son also stay in this house. The wife doesn’t mind if the owner of the house is also the lover of her husband. And the kid is just happy to have a very generous uncle visiting them every weekend.

Even with his peaceful family setup, Sir RM still plays around with the other boatmen of Pagsanjan. In fact, he and some of his gay friends from Manila rents out a nice, yellow house right across his own vacation house. And this yellow house serves as their “headquarters” for their sexual adventures with many local boys.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The HIV Closet

Back in the Closet is an online journey of Pinoypoz, a twentysomething young professional in Ortigas who is currently battling HIV infection. When I interviewed him, he claimed that he got his HIV from a former boyfriend who is younger than he is. And he has also been in sexual contact with my good friend who is also HIV positive.

This blog is an honest account of the journeys of an HIV positive gay man living in Manila. Just like a closet, in here pinoypoz orderly keeps his memories, his dreams and all his uncertainties.

HIV is everywhere in our country. Be Safe. Get Tested.

Gay Pagsanjan (part 1)

Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna (photo by Lex Bonife)

In the 80’s, Pagsanjan was declared by international gay publications as the “gay paradise, a haven for homosexuals”. CNN describes it as “a popular location for men seeking homosexual prostitutes”. And Time magazine (1993) reported it to be the favorite destination for sex tourists seeking children.

But after about thirty years, the scene has dramatically changed. According to one local observer, number of foreign tourists has dropped dramatically when crackdown on pedophilia and human trafficking has been executed by the government.

Pagsanjan is still a beautiful place to visit. The lush forest, the calm waters and the strong cascading waterfalls are all a treat to a tired urban dweller like me. It is a quick escape and a nice weekend drive from Manila.

But aside from the nature’s beauty, Pagsanjan has more stories to tell especially for someone like me, always craving for the “queer perspective” in every society.

In this unique town, many of the boatmen, I learned had male foreigner lovers who built their houses and sent their children to school. The foreigners may not be visiting Pagsanjan as often as they would, but many of them continued to support their beloved boat men. And the wives are just happy for the generosity of their husband’s lovers.

One of the “star” boat men, now owns a small store in of the quick stops by the river. On that particular day, he tends to his store in his tiny red shorts, colored hair and muscular traces of a beautiful man from his early years. According to one of my sources, he now helps other boat men get “bookings” from some visitors.

Before we rode our banca, I noticed a peculiar looking guy with his toupee assisting us. He was swishy in his manner and was obviously gay. My source confirmed to me that this guy used to be a good looking stripper in his glory days.

The sex tourists have obviously created an interesting history among the people in Pagsanjan. In my next blog posts, I shall recount the stories of several gay men I have talked to and how they enjoy their sex lives in these days of this beautiful town.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Indie Films at the U-Belt

Several Filipino digital films will be shown at Isettan Recto in Manila from September 17 til October, 2008.

Among the films to be shown are indie film hits "Duda/ Doubt", "Bathhouse", "Endo" and the critically acclaimed "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros/ The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros" and "Endo"

This is a welcome initiative from Grupong Sinehan to bring independent films closer to university students of Manila

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Proud Hunk: Greg

Greg is a 27 year old hottie from Anneheim, California who visits Manila every now and then. He probably is one of the hottest guys I have ever chatted with at so I decided to ask his permission to be featured as one "proud hunk" in my blog.

He used to be a part of the US Air Force and he keeps himself fit by playing basketball and lifting weights at the gym.

In bed, as he claims (I need to emphasize this as my boyfriend could kill me), he likes to take things slow as he gives "cuddles, butterfly kisses and sweet afterplays".

Being a sensitive and a level headed guy, Greg has a clear aversion towards "men who are narcisstic with bigger dicks than brains". His ideal partner is smart and articulate and "not too goodlooking" (hurray! from the "not good looking guys" like me! I knew it, being imperfect is definitely attractive). And here's the final category -- Greg wants his partner to be someone with a sweet spot for the animals and the environment (ladies from Miss Earth, anyone?)

It was just very recently that he came out to his mother. She was dumbfounded and shocked as he expected her to be. But the good thing is, their relationship is now much better than before.

Currently, Greg is in Manila and is still single but looking, yet never in a hurry.

Room 213

Maricar dela Fuente, Allen Dizon and Gwen Garci

Viva Entertainment's latest digital offering is "Room 213" directed by Keith Sicat. This story is about a tenuous relationship between an architect (Allen Dizon) and his photographer wife ( Gwen Garci). They’ve been married for 10 years and have lost any emotional connection with each other. Since both want to save the marriage they start to take extreme measures in the hopes to rekindle their passion.
The filmmaker Sicat creates a stylized narrative with erotic elements dealing with the problem of how does a couple keep the spark within their relationship. According to this first time full length feature director "Allen and Gwen are amazing. They gave such understated, nuanced, and emotionally intense performances that are pitch perfect to the material. Allen knows that ‘less is more’. He relied mostly on his eyes and body language to convey what was going on internally with his character. Quite simply, his work is beautiful. "

He also adds that "Gwen was constantly surprising us in the way she would improvise during a scene. She would let the moment dictate her emotional state resulting in a remarkable, honest performance. This is a very different Gwen Garci that people are used to!"
Regular showing of "Room 213" in Metro Manila is on September 24.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Anthony Logan

Among the "Men of Provoq", Anthony Logan was for me, the easiest to get along with. He was disciplined and silent but always had a ready smile for everyone.

Anthony grew up in Taytay, Rizal. As a child, he dreamt of putting up his own gym. And he was able to put this up after years of his earnings as a model.

He claims that his siblings don't have any idea about his sexy pinups and photos even if his town is merely an hour away from the city. He has hoarded all the magazines that contains his images that is sold anywhere near his house.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gay Hip Hop

The American hip hop scene is a macho world and in many of its songs, it has openly expressed its dislike for the queer sexual preferences. Terrence Dean, a former executive at the music channel MTV has recently published a book exposing the hidden "gay life" of many popular rap stars in the US.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Porn Lovers

( Porn Stars and former lovers Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke)

Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke are popular porn stars in the US and at one time were famous for being lovers in the porn industry. I first saw this picture of this couple through the beautifully photographed coffee table book "XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits" by Timothy Greenfield Sanders.

In 1999, Jeremy started his porn career at the age 0f 21 and soon became the quintessential twink boy in the industry. Jason Hawke, on the other hand, has performed in about 70 films for different major porn companies and manages his own website where he does a pay-per-view live show every Friday.

Their relationship was considered the longest running in the realm of gay pornography. They both parted ways in 2006.

Hilom: All Male Spa

As my part of my commitment to my gay friends from NYC in showing them the queer lifestyle in Manila, I brought them to Hilom, an "all male spa" in the Roces area of Quezon City right beside the bar, Moomba.

I have been to several other "male massage parlors" in the metro, and we all agree that "Hilom" is a class of its own. It's a well designed place not to mention clean and very comfortable.

Many of their massuers are quite attractive. And the way the receptionist handled us was quite professional (the receptionist was named Gardo, and he looks very much like the actor Gardo Versoza)

Too bad, the place was fully booked and it cannot accomodate all four of us for Saturday night. And the downside of the place as my friend noticed, they don't have wet floors (sauna, steam or tub) even if they call the place a "spa"

The rates for their massage services are a bit higher than your usual sleazy male massage parlor. But I'm sure it's worth it. It's one place where your gay visitors from abroad would not feel uncomfortable visiting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strip Bar: Planet Xanadu

Last night, I and some gay friends from New York City, went to Caloocan city to visit Planet Xanadu, a strip bar quietly tucked in one of the streets near Monumento.

The bar is cleaner than most of the strip bars that I have ever been to. The performing boys are on the flabby side. And that's perfectly fine for me as I don't go for the four percent body fat type. Several of these boys are quite good looking. And almost all of them know how to work their way onstage.

We didn't ask anyone to join us on a table. My friends were a couple. And I was with my partner. But the rates, as my friends have observed are cheaper than those in the center of Metro Manila. (Php150 for entrance)

If you wanna visit Planet Xanadu, you may call (632) 3624756 for details

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Antonio's Secret: International Premiere

Our film Antonio's Secret (directed by Joselito Altarejos) will have its international premiere in Rochester, New York on October 13, 2008. Here's a statement from one of the reviewers at the Image Out Festival.

"Join us for the International Premiere of a controversial film that proves once again that not all gay films from the Philippines are about hustlers and macho dancers. Antonio's Secret tackles the taboo topic of incest and its tragic consequences."

"Antonio’s Secret takes a raw and honest look at the not-so-secret, and sometimes downright depraved, sex life of teenage boys. Director Joselito Altarejos adds a layer of depth by telling a rich story of a confused young man, growing up with few available positive role models, who makes crucial choices and is forced to face their tragic consequences. Using a, sometimes wobbly, handheld camera without employing much of a musical soundtrack, except for the occasional tunes from the acoustic guitar of a neighborhood musician, Altarejos pulls his audiences in and makes it a highly voyeuristic and intimate affair.

Our ImageOut There! Series brings you the type of film that rarely gets made in politically correct Hollywood, and is definitely not coming to your neighborhood multiplex anytime soon. Antonio’s Secret confronts the taboo topic of incest head on while giving an authentic portrait of middle-class life in Manila, far from the squalor of urban squatters typical of Filipino films with international distribution. Be warned that this film contains nudity, sensitive mature themes, and one graphic scene of violence.

With the advent of digital filmmaking, Philippine Cinema is enjoying a boost from young and edgy filmmakers. ImageOut is proud to provide a forum for these undiscovered gems.

~ Michael Gamilla (Imageout, Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got HIV?

"HIV is no longer a death sentence" says a Pinoy HIV positive user with a nick name of "Dying Young" from This is because of the availability of Anti-Retroviral (ARV's) medications that suppress the virus and prolong the life of a HIV positive individual.

In Manila, some of the reputable institutions who would care for HIV cases are the San Lazaro Hospital and the Rsearch Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Alabang.

ARV medicines for qualified clients are given for FREE under the global fund project on HIV and AIDS.

Don't be afraid. Get yourself tested. And spread the word not the virus.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lani Misalucha's Reminisce

I just bought my copy of Lani Misalucha's new album "Reminisce".

And I knew, Ill be in a wonderful musical journey with this album in my ipod for the next few weeks. Misalucha has a hauntingly unique way of re-living old songs such as "Here, There and Everywhere", "Someone that I Used to Love", "Get Here" and the only OPM, Joey Albert original "Iisa Pa Lamang".

The album costs Php320. What's three hundred bucks for a woman of such pure talent?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

JM Cobbarubias: Successfully Out

(JM Cobbarubias playing a cameo role as a reporter in "Antonio's Secret")

Former Probe Team reporter and TV Executive JM Cobbarubias made the Filipino gay community proud when he came out on national television through the very first TV show catered to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual (GLBT) community, aptly called "OUT" produced by GMA.

Before coming out, he was one of the charming segment hosts of Probe Team . He was the local travel feature host visiting the different destinations in our country. I remember watching him swim in his shorts in a segment in Bulacan and I was almost fixated to his half naked image onscreen.

A graduate of Development Communication from UP Los Banos, he started his career in Call Center in the early 2000. His first work for TV is acting in a re-enactment segment for Probe Team, where he happily played a male sex worker. After this interesting stint, JM applied and was accepted as a production assistant for Cheche Lazaro's much respected news team.

JM is now program manager in the News and Public Affairs Division of GMA. And he played a cameo role as the reporter at the end of our film "Ang Lihim ni Antonio/ Antonio's Secret"

For me, this man continues to be a positive image for gay men in the Philippines.


I have always wanted to be a client in a gay bath house or blue bar when a police raids happen.

When these happens, many professional gay men are harrassed by authorities and become victims of extorsion due to the fact that they do not want to be exposed publicly with their sexual orientation.

And that's exactly why I want to be there. To face the TV camera and to proclaim to the whole world that there is nothing illegal with men having sex with other men (as long as it is between two adults, prostitution is not involved and it is not done in a public place)

We need to stand up against these abusive authorities and media personnel.

Friday, September 5, 2008

"I Love Harry"

( Harry Laurel, in a cellphone photo in one of our pictorials last year)

There's a silly rumor circulating in the internet. Many of "lexuality" readers have been leaving messages in the chatbox and in my blog pages confirming if Harry and I are having a sexual relationship.
I don't know how this story originated. And allow me to clarify once and for all, I have not had any sexual relationship with Harry Laurel. (period). I never had any tryst with him in Hongkong and not even in Macau.
And ever since he changed numbers, I am no longer in touch with him.
Here's one of the emails I got from a certain "John X", who is the one who professes his love for Harry.
Hi Lex

What a BLOG Page! Thanks

I have just finished watching "Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)" and found it superb, the performance by Harry Laurel (Chua) was just moving.

Now I want to find out more about Harry and that is how I found You by Google, I see he has been covered on the front page of a July magazine, I have just got to find a copy.

To be able to find someone like Mateo (Harry) would be a dream come true, someone so genuine and down to earth.

Thanks for a great website Lex.

Regards John x
Hi John,
Thanks for this email. Harry is in the latest issues of Frontman magazine as well as the latest Climax 2. Enjoy his full glory :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Gem of a Giselle

(This writer with Giselle Sanchez, at the back is Marco Alcaraz clowning around)

One of the most intelligent and fun celebrities I had the opportunity to work with is Giselle Sanchez. We worked together in a forgettable morning show I used to write for QTV a few years back. She was one of our hosts.

Before meeting her, I was never a fan of hers. I thought she was too loud as a person.

But when I started working with her, I realized I was working with one of the smartest celebrities in the industry. As you know, it is very rare to find celebrities with brains in Philippine entertainment. And she was one of them.

She knew her lines like a pro. But more importantly, she was one person you draw good insights on topics ranging from the human cock to politics. Her humor behind the camera is infectious and definitely sharper than her onscreen appearances.

To me, Giselle is a gem.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Koverboyz" Video

If M2M Eyeball video, provided an honest characterization to its sex objects, "Koverboyz" on the other hand is a humorous attempt to visualize the gay man's sexual fantasies.

"Koverboyz" markets its sex objects as our "jologs" fantasies. In the Philippines, "jologs" is a colloquial term which refers for any quality associated with the lower socioeconomic status.

So, if you want your boys to be raw, hard and rough in the pinoy jologs mold, "Koverboyz" could make you really happy.

"Koverboyz" is available at leading video stores nationwide. If you want your private and uncut copy, you can call (632)9720474 or 63920-8619880 for inquiries.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

M2M Eyeball Video

I was given a complimentary, pre-MTRCB version of Queeriosity Video Project's "M2M Eyeball", a sexy vignette of different forms of hook ups among urban gay men.

The pure intention of this video is to "excite" the senses of its targeted gay audience. But the actors were given characterizations to represent different Filipino gay men.

Watching this video as well as all the other films of its director, Crisaldo Pablo (the same filmmaker of gay cult films Duda and Bathhouse), I can infer that Pablo is drawn to illustrate characters who are vulnerable, emotionally needy and psychologically fractured. His characters are drawn to sex. And are seriously pursuing meaning in every sexual encounter.

And I must admit such characterizations are realistic. Gay sexual acts are certainly not accepted by the mainstream public (in the Philippines). And men who engage in such would usually carry a burden of guilt. Perhaps, craving for meaning within these sexual encounters may be a good way to ease such guilt.

And aside from this observation, I guiltily admit that some men in this video gave me a hot Saturday morning.

M2M Eyeball is available in leading video stores nationwide. But if you prefer the private copy (just like what I have), you may call (632) 9720474 or (63920) 8619880 and inquire how you can have one.