Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maraming Salamat

Maraming Salamat (Thank you very much!) to the organizers of Festival de la Luna in Valencia, Spain for choosing "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" as their  festival's Best Picture.

This is Antonio's second international best picture win.

In behalf of the filmmaker Joselito Altarejos and the actors, staff and crew, Muchas Gracias!


"Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan" will be screening in Chicago this November.

"Laruang Lalake" will be screening in Manila this October.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Massage for Men Only

Hi Lex,

I really like your blog. You are a great source for information for us, PLU's.

Allow me to share another must-try spa around the Metro. They offer two massage styles that is exclusive for men. First is FHM (for him massage) which focuses on the back, chest and groins and the other one is lingam massage, which is inspired by the ancient Indian technique of massaging the sex organ.

Price ranges from Php500 to Php1250 depends on your choice of service. The place is very clean with tasteful interiors. Unfortunately, one cannot choose his masseur unlike to good, old trusted Kamias massage places.

The name of the place is Spada and is located along Taft ave., between Edsa and Vito Cruz. Sorry, I wasn't able to get the exact address of the place.

Josh S.


Dear Josh S.,

Thanks for this information. This sounds like a nice gift for my boyfriend. Thanks for visiting Lexuality.


For more Lexuality stuff, visit the Lexuality Facebook 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr. Posh 2010

Last night, I was invited to become one of the judges of Mr. Posh 2010 at the Palwan 2 Bar in Yale st., Cubao. The event was organized by "Bi Beauties Guild", which needless to say is a group of gay and bisexual men who are into the promotion of sexy men in the queer side of sexuality. Let me share with you some photos from the bikini section of the event.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Manila's Iconic Bath House

For three decades, only one gay club in Manila has stood the test of time. Club Bath or CB as it is now more popularly called is still the cleanest and for me, the best designed bath house in the Philippines. Located at 2456 exactly at  the corner of FB Harison street and Valhalla street (a few meters away from Pasay City Hall), the members only club does not have a signage. But their ever-helpful guard is always willing to assist any guy who seems to be looking for the club.

Club Bath has clean and spacious wet floor, which includes a steam room (which gets steaming hot especially whenever men converge in it). They have a TV area, a gym, library and rooms for rest and recreation. Entrance fees range from Php200-230 depending on days, membership costs Php250. If you plan to rent one of their rooms for more privacy, you can have them for Php350-400.
What for me is the distinguishing quality of this club is the "silence" among its patrons unlike the other popular bath houses where loud giggles among the regulars are a common scene. This "ever silent" situtation of the club makes it very friendly for the first timers and even for those come alone.

I hope that CB continues to bring a few more decades of pleasure and sanctuary for the gay man in Manila.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gay Men's Yoga in Makati

As a registered yoga teacher and as a practitioner for more than 5 years, I must say yoga has been tremendously helpful with my bedroom skills. And for this, I am happy to announce that there's new class concept for yoga in Metro Manila.

Yoga Loca is a class exclusively for gay men. In this class, all students are required to be in their underwear (thongs preferred), and is geared to improve muscle definition, energy and a sense of enjoyment with fellow gay men. The class is taught by my friend, Paolo Leonido, a fellow vinyasa yoga instructorand is held every Thursdays 6:30-8pm and Saturdays 5:30-7pm.

It is held at the Penthouse of Century Plaza along Perea st., Legaspi village, Makati. You can opt for a drop-in rate of Php500 or you can buy a package of Php2400 for 6 classes. For more details, you may call 0906-5063958 or email

Are The Macho Dancers the Only Solution?

Response to Lonely Engineer

Hi Drake Mikels,

Thank you for trusting me to be sane enough to give insight into your issues. As I understand, your first biggest problem is that you have never experienced sex in your life. Unless you have horrible skin disease and you were born with three eyes and eight legs, I don’t understand why you couldn’t find anyone to have sex with you. The fact that your best friend agrees to sleep with you (even without having sex) says that you are certainly an acceptable person worthy to be beside another human being.

So I guess, in your words, we can acknowledge that it’s your faith that has been a hindrance for you to enjoy your sexuality. And I being an atheist, is not the best person to talk to you about faith. Unless, you are ready to explore atheism, then I will give you my number.

Now, let’s proceed to your questions:

Lonely Engineer: He doesn’t want to lose me as a friend either, so should I keep him as a friend?

Lex: By All Means.

Lonley Engineer: If I do keep him as my friend, how do I get over my feelings for him?

Lex: Our feelings are shaped by our perspectives. You are lucky to have him as a friend who will accept you for who you are. It is possible to use this genuine friendship as a tool to re-shape how you see and how you feel about him.

Lonely Engineer: Should I still continue to hope and wait? Or should I just shag the macho dancers to rid myself of my virginity?

Lex: If you are very curious and is dying to know how it feels to play with another man’s lips, how it feels to have a man’s nipple by your tongue and how it feels to have a manhood inside your mouth, for goodness sake, find someone to have sex with whether you pay for it or not! Life is oh so short! You’re not a woman. I don’t understand why you should punish yourself with virginity.

Lonely Engineer: Will it be shameful if my first kiss and my first sexual encounter come from macho dancers?

Lex: Certainly not. Your sexuality is yours. When it comes to what you do with your sexuality as long you do not step on the rights of other people, you are only answerable to yourself and not to the opinion of society.

Mr. Lonely enginner, I think your mistake is you keep on asking for romantic love from your straight best friends. Such behavior is an obvious recipe for tragedy. You need to come out and find other gay men to connect with. The diverse community of gay man is an abundant source of sisters and potential lovers.

Hiding in the closet is a life of punishment. Be the best of who you are and meet other like minded individuals. I am sure that true love and intimacy will soon find your way.



Monday, September 20, 2010

Raid Season

Recently, the Manila Police just raided a cinema along Recto ave., which is a popular sex cruising place for gay men. THe place is called Dilson cinema and the raid was televised over Imbestigador. It's a good thing that news networks are now more responsible and have pixelized the faces of gay men caught in the raid. So, no identities among the patrons were exposed.

Just a warning to everyone. It's the "Ber" months. And it's the season for the police force (who made us proud during the August 23 hostage!) to collect as much money as they can from the citizenry for the sake of their personal Christmas budget. And the gay population is one of their favorite targets.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Morning After (The Lonely Engineer Part 2)

The Lonely Engineer Part 2

I started removing his sando. Then he said, “pre matulog na lang tayo, please, matulog na lang tayo, mahal kita pre bilang isang kaibigan, huwag mong gawin to”. Then I cried. I said “sorry pre”. He said “ayos lang, matulog na tayo” while he was patting my back. To make the long story short, nothing happened. I was this close to getting rid of my virginity. I wasn’t even able to kiss him on the lips. He could have at least been my first kiss. We were on the same bed; I was hard the whole night. I could no longer make a move.

The following morning was worse. He was smiling at me when we saw each other. I couldn’t smile back. I couldn’t work since I didn’t sleep at all. And on top of that, I really wanted to talk to him about. So I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

When it finally did, I knocked on his door again. He was no longer smiling. He took pity on me. He asked me, “kelan ka pa ganyan?”. So I shared with him my life story, which I am not gonna bore you with. He was ok with it, as long as I won’t do it with him. I was happy, and at the same time sad. He is the first guy friend I have who accepted me for who I am. I don’t want to lose him, but at the same time, I want to forget my feelings for him. The only way I can forget my feelings for him is to get away from here, which is a luxury I cannot afford. I have bills to pay, and my career is doing so well.

I have had my heartbroken one two many times now. I am tired. I just want to know what it feels like to love someone who loves me back. I am losing hope that I’ll get there.

So these are my questions for you.

1. He doesn’t want to lose me as a friend either, so should I keep him as a friend?

2. If I do keep him as my friend, how do I get over my feelings for him?

3. Should I still continue to hope and wait? Or should I just shag the macho dancers to rid myself of my virginity?

4. Will it be shamefull if my first kiss and my first sexual encounter come from macho dancers?

Please do give me as much advice as you can. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thanks and more power to your blog and movies.


Drake Mikels
Lonely Engineer

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Lonely Engineer: 29 Years of “No Sex”

Part of 1 of a letter from "The Lonely Engineer"

If you are a gay man, what will you do if for almost three decades of your life, you have never been intimate with another man? Here's an interesting story from Drake, who calls himself "The Lonely Engineer":

Dear Lex,

I am a constant visitor of your site. I just wanna seek your advice on my personal life coz I am at a lost.

I am 29 years old, discreet gay, currently working in the Middle East. I have been single since birth, never been touched nor kissed. The reason maybe is because of the fact that I am not that good-looking, or I am a bit hesitant because of my faith.

Anyhow, this is how my story goes. I left the Philippines to work in the Middle East to forget a lost love. You see, I fell in love with my straight friend. I hid my feelings for him and ended up leaving him. He had no clue whatsoever why I suddenly became cold and started leaving him behind. We went our separate ways with no closure.

When an opportunity arose for me to work in the Middle East, I grabbed it with no hesitations, so I can forget the pain and start picking up pieces of my self that I’ve lost. You might be wondering how I can hurt this much, when nothing really ever began. I hurt because I lost a friend to my own fault. I fell in love with a straight guy, a friend more than anything.

Years went by. I started to forget his face. I recently took a vacation back home and indulged my self in exploring my sexuality by being an audience to my first gay bar experience, with my girl friends. Unfortunately, I have no guy friends, nor do I have gay friends to share this with. If you see me, you wouldn’t think I am one of you. My eyes were feasted with gyrating bodies up-close. That was the vacation that I will always remember.

Then I went back here in the Middle East. People in my work place do not have any idea of who I truly am. I have a lot of guy friends here who are my friends because they think I am straight. There is this one guy that I allowed myself to fall for. Big mistake, coz it’s like history repeating itself in a different location. When I started falling for him; that was the time I started ignoring him, because I don’t want to completely fall for him. But I already did.

He confronted me about it and I told him that I was just going thru a phase. But he was very persistent because he really considered me as a friend.

So that night, I walked into his room and took the risk of telling him that I am in fact gay. He laughed. He could not believe it. He wanted me to prove it. I wanted to kiss him but I was afraid that he might hit me or something. So I asked if I can stay the night. He agreed. We were both on the same bed. When the lights turned off, I started grabbing his crotch. He kept saying, “huwag pre, huwag”. Then I started pleading, “mabilis lang to pre, sige na, pagbigyan mo na ko” while kissing his chest and biceps…

To be continued...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hands to Heaven

I pray to the highest heavens that I be reincarnated as the hands of Luis Alandy so I could experience a few moments of heaven just like in this cover of Folio magazine which is available today. This new edition also features Joross Gamboa, Edgar Allan Guzman, Rainier Castillo and many other sexy men worthy of our fantasies.

Congratulations Danio Caw of Climax for another issue to look forward to. X-RAY FOLIO is now available in X-RAY FOLIO is now available in CV Magazine in Landmark Makati, Fully Booked Fort, Greenhills, Trinoma, SM North and Gateway starting tomorrow. It will also be available in Booksale next week. Limited stocks only.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Survivor's "Bromance"

Ian Batherson
Ahron Villena
The Survivor Celebrity Edition of GMA has an interesting twist going on. One of the revelations last night is a a notable "close friendship" between Ahron Villena and Ian Batherson.

Former ABS-CBN talent Villena has been very demonstrative of his fondness of Ian as caught by the reality TV cameras. And according to my source, the two are also buddies during bedtime.

Now, primetime TV is definitely more interesting!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

I received several e-mails from readers who would like to have an all-expense paid treat at Boys of Bora. Here's the winning letter from Mr. Johnel C.:

Hi Lex....

isa po akong minimum wage earner ganun pa man ako'y nagtatabi lang ng dalwandaan para mapanood ang mga movies na promoted ng BLOg mo...

sumulat ako sa pagbabakasakaling ma experience ko din ang hatid na panandaliang karangyaan sa pamamagitan ng iyong panibagong promo.

tooto naman ang sinabi ng kapatid nating yun na pag mahirap kang bakla ay fantacia na lang ang lahat...

pasalamat nga lang akot akoy may access sa opis para mabasa ang Blog mo...

sa muli ako'y umaasa na ako'y iyong mapagbibigyan....

Mabuhay ka....

Johnel C.


Dear Johnel C.,

Thanks for always supporting my projects. Please accept this treat as my way of thanking you and all other followers of Lexuality. Please email me your contact number so we can shedule your treat at Boys of Bora.


Monday, September 13, 2010

A Happy Massage Place

Here's an interesting place recommended by one of our readers, David M.

hey guys,

there is a new thai massage place in malate on adriatico near pedro faura. its name escapes me but i think it's a franchise. the decor was well done, and much nicer on the inside than it looked from the outside. it was also very clean. they had 2 male masseurs from cebu, handsome, friendly, and professional. although they lacked the intense physical intimacy of bora bora (boys of bora), they did perform a really good massage that came with a surprisingly happy ending. ;-) happy kneading!


Hi David M.,

Thanks for this new tip. I'm very curious to try this place.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gay Identity Issues at the Office

Dear Lex,

I am an avid fan of your site. I am glad that there is someone like you to understand our needs whether we are gay/bi sexual/or trippers. I am a young professional and an achiever as they say and i am very discreet. Nobody knows that I am like this, gay. Though being discreet doesn’t prohibit me satisfy my sexual needs.

I work for one of the top companies here in the Philippines, i am a supervisor and sometimes, get indecent proposals from our clients. But i refuse to do it with then. When I watch your films, I even wear caps and shades in entering the cinema so that no one would recognize me.

Then, a manager had a crush on me and turned him down and now, he has been looking for ways to set me up. Until he saw me watching your movies and i told him that i saw you once and you were introduced. i think that was during the pulupot night..Right now, i am up for promotion and the issue has blown out of proportion.

Many people in the office had no issues with my sexual identity. But there is one female who has been constantly pulling me down, claiming that i am immoral as i support senseless films and i bring that attitude to work. I find it unfair that she has to use my sexual preference to criticize my work attitude.

They are all hypocrites. They spread rumors about different people in the office. They say that "gays", bisexuals are immoral! i saw her awhile ago when i went to the main branch, she is pregnant for 2 months and her husband has been in Dubai for a year. My question is, who is the father of the baby? who is immoral? she just kept quiet. I just told her to stop saying bad things to people because she is already pregnant, give what is due to the baby, not her selfish scheme to ruin others for her to move up.

Revenge comes in the sweetest package! But honestly, i wish well for the baby because she is out of this.

i hope you share your opinion on this.




Dear Denver,

Now, you have turned me into your fan. I admire you for standing up for your sexual identity. And I admire you for confronting your bitch of an officemate for claiming that you bring "immorality" into your workplace just because you are gay.

May you have all the success that you deserve. And continue to shine as a gay man.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Junior is Out

Happy Holiday to everyone in Manila right now. If you plan to visit the mall, don't forget to pick up the "X Ray Junior", Prince Stefan edition.

Buy it at CV Magazine Landmark (Makati), Filbars, Booksale and select Fully Booked branches for only Php150

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raving for Raffy

Hi Lex,

I just visited Boys of Bora a few hours ago and tried Raffy. You're absolutely right! It was indeed a mind blowing experience. Actually, I mentioned you to him and he knows you quite well. Hindi siya photogenic pero up close, ang gwapo at ang amo ng mukha. Very hunky too. Thanks Lex!

By the way, any other must-try masseurs from the different establishments around the Metro? I'm fond of the Raffy-types.




Hi Bon,

Thanks for trusting my recommendation. Admittedly, I am also fond of the "Raffy-types" that's why I am usually not attracted to the "actor" looking type.

In case there's another masserur who will be worth my recommendation, I will feature him in this blog as well.

Thanks, too.


PS You may schedule him by calling the Boys of Bora at +63924330158

Monday, September 6, 2010

Waiting for the Waiters Part 2

Part 2

Let's continue the letter of "Bon" about his grand scheme to "taste" a bunch of good looking waiters in from his favorite resto:

...but when I tried to ask him again, he'd make "bawi" and say "Joke lang." However, the context of this comment was when we were talking about the infamous pick-up girls of Padi's Point.

The thing now is, I feel like pushing the envelope a little bit further next time. The other night, we were a little drunk and I was alreadyso tempted to make a move. However, what makes me hesitant is that as a customer and as a professional, these waiters seem to have so much respect for me, that even when we are in the midst of a drinking session, they'd still prefer to address me with "Sir...". If I make a move over the weekend, I'd be risking so many things, if you know what I mean. Though I am so not into the relationship thing (gusto ko lang talaga matikman ang iba sa kanila tapos barkada lang ulit) and given some of the waiters' previous sexual encounters with gay men, I also get a feeling that it won't be too difficult to you know...

Next week, I'm planning to bring XXX DVD's and watch these films with them while drinking sa house. O di ba ang dali na? Still, there's a part of me that's hesitant.

Before you react, I guess I also have a few questions:

In spite of my being discreet, do you think may naaamoy din sila?

Is it possible to mess around with a few of them and still be casual friends? My fear is that after that, they'd start avoiding me.

What can you say about my plan next weekend? Feasible ba or medyo dangerous?

Thanks for your time and I do hope to hear from you. Thanks



Hi Bon,
Thanks for sharing this exciting situation that you are in right now. My instinct tells me that if you plan to experience a bunch of straight men, it's always easier and safer to do the seduction one by one instead of setting up one hot evening for all of them  although the latter sounds more exciting.
The waiters being co-workers may have more sexual  inhibitions if they are together. So the probability of getting them in one seductive stroke is lesser than planning one scheme for every person.
If the waiters have been exposed to gay sex, most likely they know very well your intention so there's no need to be too guarded with your interactions with them.
And yes, with Pinoy straight men, they could always drop their pants for you and you could always remain friends.
Have fun!

Warning for Gay Men in Makati

Here's a warning to all gay men cruising in Makati from a concerned reader:
"for those living in Makati and those na nag cruise along Makati specially in JP Rizal Ave. be careful there are 2-3 guys pretending to be for hire pero once they get inside your car and about to do the deed inside, may darating na police pretending na nag roving sila and found your car suspicious. asset nila yung lalake, the guy usually may suot na heaphones pag naglalakad sa street...police will try all efforts to extort money from you,sasabihin nila na may media nag aantay sa police station and they will inform your wala ka magawa kundi to give money and hindi lang basta 5000 ah! more than that!"
Thank you for sharing this piece of information. I just hope that these crooked police men will be suspended from these activities just like what happened to a bunch of men in uniform victimizing gay men along QC Circle. These men in authority continue to bring international shame for our country.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waiting for the Waiters Part 1

Part 1

Here's the first part of an interesting letter from Bon, a "discreet bisexual" who is sharing his grand plan of getting a bunch of handsome waiters to bed:

Hi Lex,

Let me just share something that's been on my mind the last few days.

As a discreet and modesty aside, goodlooking bisexual, I recently befriended a group of restaurant staff (waiters) somewhere in Manila. Any PLU would know the real motive why I befriended these really handsome waiters. I have so far spent a few drinking sessions with them and so many nasty things have already entered my mind. They are kind, very accommodating and really good company. However, since I am discreet, I am quite sure (or am I?) that they do not know my "nasty" intentions.

We have so far talked about so many things - including their some of their sexual conquests. In one conversation,two of them admitted that they have had sexual encounters with gays before. They are restaurant staff so they are very much exposed to so many people. One of them, in a past drinking spree, whispered to me "Gawa tayo ng kalokohan"...

to be continued

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Daring Laruan Trailer

Here's the "daring version" of the trailer of Laruang Lalake. Watch it before it gets reported for violation in youtube!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The X Rated Poster

This is the poster of "Laruang Lalake" disapproved by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.