Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Big Dicks and Small Dicks

In the recent controversy of former Ilocos gov, Chavit Singson, he was accused of physical violence against his common law wife. According to him, he caught his wife making love with her boy friend and in his interviews, he reiterates how small the penis of his rival is.

In his interviews, notice how Chavit reasserts his bruised masculinity by repetitively proclaiming how small the penis of his lover's wife is.

Apparently, for men, sizes really do matter.

This reminds me of a recent problem we encountered with the production of Joselito Altarejos' "Ang Sayaw ni Juan" where the first batch of actors had a problem disrobing in front of their fellow actors simply because they were ashamed of their sizes. (I will not name these actors! Don't force me!). So, they were all replaced after the workshop.

I'm just happy to reflect that personally, I never had problems with sizes. As long as it ejaculates, I shouldn't have any problem with it.


Anonymous said...

Grabe noh! binogbog at hinubaran pala yung kalaguyo ni Che.. name nung guy is Richard Catral.. tapos bugbugin at hubaran eh chavit and his men take pictures of naked Richard...tapos pinakita pa sa mga kakilala nya yung pics. gosh! in fairness gwapo si richard. Sana makita naten yung pix nya joke!

Anonymous said...

true that

line of flight said...

Chavit's main problem is that he is totally out of control and his perception is likely to be skewed because of that, i doubt Che's lover has a small dick. Of course, I thought will women its not so much the length but the girth?

Jeff said...

I agree totally, I am a Canadian here in the Philippines and I could care less about size. The only deal breaker for me is a bad kisser. I find guys here very nervous around me cause they make some pretty broad assumption about my size and they seem so shy when we get intimate, I have never been a size queen, and truth be known if its on the small side i prefer it. atleast my jaw doesn't ache.