Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Marriage Equality

Thanks to one anonymous reader for taking the time to share his thoughts on this matter. And just like kuya Germs, he is against marriage equality: 

actually puede ngang gawing ground for annulment kung ang isa sa mag-asawa ay baog. sa case ni fpj at susan roces, pinili nila magsama despite the fact na di puede magkaanak si susan; their choice.

i think kuya germ's reason is valid. and don't take it against him dahil lang iba ang pananaw niya. he's a thinking person.

bading din ako. hindi rin ako sang-ayon na magpakasal ang parehong kasarian. magsama na lang kung nagmamahalan.

I am not a lawyer. So I checked out a Filipino legal forum and it states that "impotence" is a valid ground for annulment. And by impotence, it means the incapacity to consummate sexual relations. However, it was clearly stated that "infertility" is different from impotence. And I suppose with that statement, infertility alone is not a valid ground for annulment. Come to think of it, in marriage one promises to stay together "in sickness and in health".

To stress my point, procreation is not the only reason for marriage. I want to get married to my partner because I would like to give him hospital rights. As my partner, he has the right to visit me and be in charge of my health or make decisions for me.

If as a gay man you have no intention to get married. That is your personal choice. And I respect that. But no one - not you, not kuya Germs and not even the state should deprive me and thousands of others of that basic civil right to be recognized as partners under the law regardless of our gender.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Model Chef

Model Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan as the Chef of Chow King

My partner and I met the new chef of the Chowking advertisement recently at Cav, Bonifacio High Street. His name is Dennis Tan. He sent me one of his photos and I thought many of you would be interested to take a look into it.

Wake Up, Kuya Germs!

TV Host German Moreno is against marriage equality. In a recent column of Ricky Lo in Philippine Star, he declared:

"Hindi ako agree. Hindi naayon sa natural na sistema. Kung nagmamahalan, lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae, magsama na lang at huwag na magpakasal. Ang purpose ng marriage ay magka-anak. Sa parehong sex, hindi naman magbubunga ang kanilang pagmamahalan, so bakit pa magpapakasal?"

"Kuya Germs", following your logic, then all marriages that did not bear any child should be declared null and void. If your reasoning is followed, the marriage of Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr., should be invalidated since according to you the "only" purpose of marriage is to procreate, and they have failed to do so.

Kulang ka lang sa tulog kuya Germs para makapag-isip ng maayos sa bagay na ito.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrities Stand for Equality

Yes. Many important Philippine Celebrities are not as ignorant and bigoted as Manny Pacquiao and Miriam Quiambao. There is hope for Equality in this nation.

Sen. Chiz Escudero
Jon Morales (Philippine Volcanoes)
Cheche Lazaro
Atty. Adel Tamano
Angel Aquino
Karen Davila
Rep. Teddy Casino

I Stand for Equality

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Dare to Care

I would like to invite you my dear readers to the launch of "I Dare to Care About Equality" - A photographic campaign against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. 

To launch this campaign, let's party at Bed Manila on Sunday May 20, 9:30pm.

This event is organized by BAHAGHARI CENTER for LGBT Research, Education, and Advocacy and OUTRAGE MAGAZINE

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Toilet Harassment in New York City

The Toilet Harassment/ Robbery on Gay Men does not happen only in Manila. Even New Yorkers are victimized too. Here's a contribution from John Vincent from the Big Apple:

This happened recently at Grand Central Terminal in NYC. One man flashed the victim, then his accomplice came over and flashed a (fake) police badge. They forced the victim to go to an ATM machine and withdraw money. Wanted posters were put up warning men of the scam and to help cath the perpetrator. Be careful guys!! 

 Thanks John Vincent for sharing!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Toilet Incident

A reader shares his "Toilet Robbery Incident" at Mc Donald's Pedro Gil:

"Naka encounter na ako ng ganyan dyan sa McDonalds toilet sa Pedro Gil... he showed his cock,then smiled at me then he told me "ok ba ang size", then I told him okay naman..then before leaving the toilet he told me, "bastos ka pare, ireport kaya kita dyan sa police sa baba"...then i told him, i did nothing..then kinuha nya wallet ko,tangay lahat..para di na daw sya magsumbong sa pulis..."

At this point, I really want to know, what is the best way to deal with this kind of crime against our fellow gay men.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toilet Robbery on Gay Men

There's a new known modus operandi on gay men. Two men try to seduce a suspected gay man inside a mall toilet. After they confirm that their prey is a gay man, they begin to intimidate him threatening him with public humiliation in exchange for his money and mobile phone.

One man put a stop to this by reporting the incident to Robinsons Galleria security who arrested the suspects before leaving the mall.

If this happens to you, do not be afraid to report the incident to authorities.

Read the Philippine Daily Inquirer report.