Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ang Lihim ni Antonio: Scene 37

Here is one of the most controversial scenes in "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" (Antonio's Secret) that was shortened by the MTRCB.


Hinuhubad ni Jonbert ang kanyang damit. Si Antonio naman ay nagte-text lang.

Mukhang lasing ka a.

Hindi. Nakainom lang.

Pahiga na si Jonbert at tatangungin niya si Antonio.

May mga sex videos ba diyan sa phone mo?

Konti. Binigay lang sa akin nung mga barkada ko sa internet café.

Patingin naman o. Ok lang?


Antonio hands him the phone and shows him how to access the sex videos.

Click mo na lang sa mga folders diyan. Lahat yan.

Dami a. Sabi mo konti lang.

Matatawa si Antonio. Unti-unting maririnig ang ungol ng mga babae mula sa sex videos sa cell phone.

Tulog na ako. Sawa na ako diyan e.

Mukhang napagparausan mo na lahat ‘to ha.

Mangingiti lang si Antonio as he turns off the lights and goes back to his bed. After a few seconds, he covers himself with a blanket up to his head.

Dahan dahan niyang sisilipin ang kuya Jonbert niya na hinahawakan ang kanyang sariling ari habang nanonood ng sex videos.

Titingnan ni Jonbert si Antonio to check kung tulog na siya. Nakatalukbong na si Antonio ng kumot.

After a few seconds, Jonbert starts to masturbate. Pinagmamasdan siya ni Antonio.


Madaling Araw. Di pa rin makatulog si Antonio. Antonio gets his cellphone mula sa higaan ni Jonbert. 3:00am ayon sa cell phone as Antonio checks it.

Maririnig ang mga pusang naglalampungan mula sa kalapit na bahay.

Pinagmamasdan ni Antonio ang naka-brief na si Jonbert.. Lalapitan ni Antonio si Jonbert at dahan-dahang hihipuan sa itaas ng kanyang brief.

Makikitang inilalabas ni Antonio ang ari ng kanyang uncle.

Nakapikit pa rin si Jonbert mistulang walang nararamdaman.

Josh Ivan Morales

Josh Ivan is a native of Cagayan de Oro. Together with his ever reliable city map, he has been going around Metro Manila for about two years doing the typical rounds of the modeling scene – go-sees, VTR’s, photo shoots and fashion shows. He claims his mom to be his biggest admirer – having told him everyday how good looking he was since high school.

But after seeing his sexy video in Provoq, his biggest fan has stopped talking to him for several months. Until now, his mom has not completely accepted that his beloved son strips off in front of the camera for a living. Josh Ivan’s biggest dream is to retire back to his hometown with a small business and a simple life.

(written by Lex Bonife, this profile first appeared in Cruise Coffe Table Book)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Antonio's Secrets Revealed

Secrets on the film "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" (Antonio's Secret)

  • Kenji Garcia (Antonio) is actually 19 years old when he shot this film.
  • This digital feature was shot in HD in three days in the city of Marikina
  • All the sex scenes in the film were rehearsed prior to the shoot.
  • Kenji and Nino Fernandez (Nathan) both brushed their teeth vigorously before their sex scene.
  • Josh Ivan Morales coached Kenji in how to focus on his sensitive "masturbation" scene.
  • Despite numerous takes and long, grueling hours of work, Josh Ivan never had any problems in achieving an erection in his sex scenes.
  • All boxer shorts worn by Antonio are owned by the owner of this blog
  • To state the obvious, no plasters are allowed in the shoot of this film

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awit Para kay Antonio

Lyrics of the theme song from the film "Ang Lihim ni Antonio"
Words by Lex Bonife; Music by Ajit Hardasani

Kung may tanong ka, sabihin mo
Isigaw mo, huwag kang matakot
Bakit ka narito, ano ba ang pakay mo
Sa buhay na ito

Bakit ka patuloy pa sa paghinga?
Bakit ka patuloy pa
Sa paghuhukay ng pag-asa?

Kahulugan, Kaguluhan
Kabuluhan at Kawalan
Kaya mo bang alamin?
Kaya mo bang unawain

Ang Kahulugan, Kaguluhan
Kabuluhan at Kawalan
Kaya mo bang alamin?
Kaya mo bang unawain

Sa paggising mo sa umaga
Sa pagmulat mo sa iyong mata
Isama mo ang iyong diwa

Kay among lumilkha
Magtanong at mamangha
Ikaw ang bahala

Bakit ka patuloy pa sa paghinga?
Bakit ka patuloy pa
Sa paghuhukay ng pag-asa?

Kahulugan, Kaguluhan
Kabuluhan at Kawalan
Kaya mo bang alamin?
Kaya mo bang unawain

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gusto Kong Maging Burat

Gusto Ko Maging Burat
Tula ni Lex Bonife

Gusto ko maging burat
Kahit isang gabi lang
Walang mata, walang tainga,
Walang kamay, walang paa,
Walang isip, walang puso
Isang buong burat

Gusto ko maging burat
Kahit isang gabi lang
Maging isang pares ng walang ligalig na bayag,
Isang mahaba at nagmamalaking tagdan
Isang ulong nag-iinit at nagmamarunong
Kasama na rin ang mga mga nakalilito at sali-saliwang bulbol

Gusto ko maging burat
Kahit isang gabi lang
Sapagkat makapangyarihan ang ari ng lalake
Tinititigan, inaasam
Niluluhuran, ninanamnam
Parang isang santo, laman ng maraming dasal

Beefcake Power

Beefcake Power
by Lex Bonife

(This article first appeared in Cruise Coffee Table Book)

“Who among the Filipino sex symbols during your younger days has been the most consistent object of your fantasy”? This was my question to several gay men. And answers would always begin with half a minute of silence and a nostalgic smile probably brought about by remembering the days when masturbation was the primary source of sexual release in our lives.

A few giggles and some muted laughter would accompany memories of some respondents as they recall slipping inside movie houses just to see Alfie Anido in his skimpy shorts, collecting Kislap magazines for a photo of Richard Gomez or Gabby Concepcion in their swimming trunks or silently getting glimpses of the Ginoong Pilipinas contestants in their underwear in the “Abante Tonite” tabloid.

Since the 1970’s, the entertainment world never ran out of beefcake images to satisfy the ever changing fantasies of every gay man. In the decade of the martial law up to the 80’s, gay sexual diversions were realized in the images of Vic Vargas, Ernie Garcia, Al Tantay, Orestes Ojeda, Daniel Fernando and Gino Antonio.

Gay men from the 90’s have been blessed with images of Gardo Versoza, Leandro Baldemor, Leonardo Litton, Rodel Velayo and Anton Bernardo courtesy of Seiko films. Who could ever forget this film company’s tagline, “If it’s from Seiko, it must be good”? And their hunks were surely more than good, they were heavenly!

Portraying a “beefcake role” would usually assure a new actor a place in local cinematic history. Some of these actors include Allan Paule (Macho Dancer), Lawrence David (Sibak), Coco Martin (Masahista) and Tyron Perez (Midnight Dancers). Perhaps, the adoration of such actors in these memorable roles is a reflection of the fact that many gay men are quite influential when it comes to writing and recording the Filipino cinematic history.

Aside from helping out new actors, the “beefcake formula” has proved to be an effective way to prolong the career of countless actors. Matinee idols and “boy-next-door” types would have to be photographed in their under wears at a certain point of their career to mark their readiness for “serious roles”. The biggest actors of the country have stripped off in movies and in fan magazines at one point in their individual careers – Richard Gomez, Christopher De Leon, Cesar Montano, Albert Martinez to name a few.

For the gay man especially to the younger ones, the beefcake image of actors and models hold an immense power in itself. Aside from the fact that these materials have surely launched countless orgasmic trajectories, they have also served as a blue print for the kind of men that one always crave for in their lives. The collective power of these images lies in their massive diversity. From the innocent probinsyano, to the naughty college boy, from the hunky daddy to the athletic jock, from the affluent looking boyfriend material to the raw appeal of a blue collared worker, these images have continued to visualize every gay man’s preference for an intimate partner.

Considering all these, the beefcake image may be seen as a force that helps sustain the media industry, maintain careers, create sources of income and more importantly, physically represent the gay men’s inner longings in their lives. The power of these images is undoubtedly quite strong, that to some, it’s almost divine.

The Dateless Gay Man

The Dateless Gay Man: A Survival Guide
By Lex Bonife

(This article first appeared in Valentino magazine)

You chat. You party. You even try visiting the blue bars once in a while. But still, you don’t seem to meet the “right” guy that you would like to date steadily.

Has the gay market run out of “steady date-material” guys? Is the majority content with one night stands and quick gratifications? Or are some people doomed to be dateless for the most part of their lives?

The issue is not about sex. Sex has been quite easy for the gay men. It’s everywhere. It even comes cheap nowadays ranging from less than a hundred bucks to a few thousand pesos, given if you’re game for the flesh trade. And it can get a lot cheaper, especially if you’re willing to settle for a quick “orgasmic” fix inside dark parks, secretive rest rooms and your popular “raid-able”, rundown theaters.

But meeting that single and attractive guy, who would be willing to spend moments with you, whom you would proudly introduce to your friends and family and who genuinely shares your interests -- is quite rare in this lifetime (at least for me).

So I came up with a short list of “things-to-do” and “must-always-remember-stuffs”, every time I feel sorry that I’m dateless. I hope some of these things help, should you find yourself in the same situation.

· Being dateless is never a tragedy.

Even the most beautiful and most successful people in our society, whether straight or gay find themselves in a “dateless” mode at one point of their lives. So if you’re dateless, that does not automatically mean that there is something terribly wrong about you. Never feel bad.

· Image is Power.

Humans are primarily motivated by what they see. So, let’s accept it, we are judged with what people see from us. As date searchers, it is our primary duty to stay as beautiful, as healthy and as fit as we can get. Don’t expect people to have the patience to search for the inner beauty in you. Let it shine for all people to see!

· Do-it-yourself.
Discover the joy of doing things that are best done when you’re alone. Read a good book. Watch an art film and really think about it. Enroll yourself in a skill that you have long wanted to learn – photography, music or any sport. Being alone does not mean you have to stop growing and enjoying life. Never wait for the right guy in despair.

· Know your history.

Have you dated other men in the past? Did you enjoy these moments? How did you feel about these men from your dating history? If you have gone out steadily with men whose company you at least enjoyed, just remember, if it has happened in the past, there is still a significant probability that it can happen again in the future. So, if you have dated “great” men, there’s always a possibility that you could be dating other “great” men in the near future. It’s a lot more fun to look at it that way.

· Don’t set an alarm.

For men, there is no such thing as a biological clock. Don't pressure yourself into a steady relationship at any point in your life. Remember, it is better to be alone and happy than get stuck with the wrong partner.

· Is X=enemy?

Life becomes more complicated if your list of “exes” is directly proportional to your list of most hated people i.e. each and every ex automatically becomes an enemy. As much as possible, be friendly with your exes. The gay world is a small world. If you bump into each other, smile or even talk to them. Being able to let go of failed relationships is a sure sign of maturity.

· Get the “Miss Friendship” title.

For a lot of people, they think that their relationships didn’t work because of misgivings or personal weaknesses. Here’s a task. Start making friends with people coming from different background from yours. Ask and learn about their dating and mating perspectives. You would soon realize people’s behavior with their relationships is highly influenced by their unique background and personal history. Accept that every person has distinct and different sets of paradigms when it comes to dating. It’s not always our fault.

· Be your own best friend.

Make friends with yourself. Examine yourself honestly especially if you find it difficult to establish relationships. Do you have an attitude or a behavior that gets in the way in keeping relationships with other men? Knowing ourselves, our needs and our hang-ups should always be a continuous process if we want to grow as individuals and as future partners.

· The "right" guy is never a "perfect" guy

Should you find a “not-so-exciting” guy who is willing to go out with you, remind yourself, there is no prince charming created for each and one of us. If you want a long term partner in life, the guy would never meet all your expectations. After all, he is just human just like you are – capable of being imperfect and inconsistent.

Our happiness should never be dependent on another person. But that does not mean that we could happily live isolated lives away from others. Failed relationships from our past have certainly hurt us and have inevitably changed us. But we should never allow these failures to embitter us.

For me, our lives are like a series of short stories. Like a good story, good things and relationships come to an end. But one should never lose the passion and the zeal to always start a new story at any point in his life.