Friday, July 31, 2009

Miong 21's Big Boy Experience

Popular Gay Filipino Blogger Miong 21 writes about his experience at the invitational premiere of "Little Boy/ Big Boy" last night.

"Just saw "Little Boy/Big Boy" on its special premiere last night at the Robinson's Galleria with the whole cast (the child actor was not allowed to watch it of course) and crew including the director Jay Alterejos and screenwriter Lex Bonife (who provided me 2 premiere tickets for the movie, thanks Lex! Loved your cameo appearance!).

That was the first time I saw Lex in person, second for Mr. Alterejos. Mr. Danton Remoto was also there to introduce Direk Jay. The movie was great, in my own opinion. I don't have any background or experience in film directing or production but I can say the film was a great improvement from past films (Parola, Lihim & Kambyo) in terms of cinematography, sound, musical score & most especially and importantly the acting. Not that those previous films lacks in any of those categories."

Read the BLOG POST

Little Boy/ Big Boy is showing on August 5 at selected Robinsons Cinemas

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Extra Service

Another interesting case cited in the Philippine Dialy Inquirer article, "What Gays Should Know Before Going to Saudi", is that of a salon attendant forced to give "extra service" to their male clients in the Middle East.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Emmie (also not his real name), a gay hairdresser from Cebu City, had another experience to share: sex trafficking.

Sometime in January 2002, Emmie was recruited for a high-paying job in a salon in Bahrain.

“Customers requested haircuts, manicures, pedicures, body shaving, and massage services,” said Emmie, recounting his first day at the salon.

In the next few days, Emmie would learn why the salon was so popular: His coworkers gave “extra-services” to their customers.

“In fact, my colleagues were getting angry at me because I refused to do what they were doing to our clients,” Emmie said.

Emmie: Stand your ground

One day, a customer came and asked for the body shaving service. “The customer wanted me to hold his genitals with one hand while saving him. When I refused, he complained to my manager, and my manager scolded me,” Emmie said.

“I knew I was doing the right thing and I had nothing to lose by giving up the job I had already grown to despise. So I told my manager that I was not interested merely in making lots of money, but in making a lot—with dignity.”

“I wanted to stick to the provisions of my contract and use my talent to earn a living in a decent way,” explained Emmie.

During his seventh month at the salon, the manager again spoke to Emmie. He demanded that Emmie admit he was gay.

The confession trick

Emmie said the manager reminded him that homosexuality was prohibited in Bahrain. “He said I should tell him if indeed I was gay so he could protect me while working in his salon.”

Emmie told the manager the truth. Yes, he was gay. But his admission was used by his employer to sack him from his job and repatriate him back to Manila in October 2002.

“I asked that all my benefits, including my unpaid salary, be given to me, but my manager threatened to have me arrested and put in jail for being gay. I could not complain so I returned to Cebu empty-handed.”

Emmie believes the salon where he worked and others he came to know about were fronts for prostitution.

When Emmie returned from Bahrain, a friend informed him that a crewing company was hiring beauty experts for a passenger ship visiting countries in Europe and Asia. Emmie decided to give overseas work another chance. He applied and got the job.

Emmie recently returned from London after his contract ended. This time he had mostly good experiences to share about overseas work. He said he was applying with another crewing company for possible employment in another international passenger line.

But he still shudders when he remembers his first foray overseas. “Be aware of the culture and religion of the country that you are going to work in. Also, share your stories—whether by word of mouth or through Internet forums and blogs.

“Your story may save someone from becoming the next victim,” he said.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gay Rape

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there had been countless cases of Filipino gay men being raped in Saudi Arabia. Here is an excerpt from the article "What Gays Shoule Know Before Going to Saudi"

“The victims usually keep their shame to themselves and refuse to talk about their ordeal, so the abuses continue,” he said.

One common experience of gay OFWs is being lured by locals into having sex, which often degenerates into rape.

“Initially, [a gay OFW] may willingly accompany a local, especially a good-looking one, to have sex. But the situation turns to rape when the gay OFW realizes too late that he is being made to perform sexual acts that are against his will. If he resists, the disgruntled local can turn against him and go to the authorities, and the nightmare of being arrested and publicly shamed begins,” Ryan says.

If the OFW files a complaint, the local can turn the tables on him and claim that it was the OFW who “tempted him.” Such a claim can land the gay OFW behind bars and get him a prison sentence with 100 or more lashes. Homosexuality is a crime in Islamic law.

There are also times when gay OFWs are arrested by some policemen and end up getting sexually assaulted, claimed Ryan.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Body Beautiful?

I was lifting weights a while ago at the gym. In the middle of my sixth set doing my shoulder press, I felt tired and weary from endless repetition of muscular contractions.

I examined myself closely in front of the mirror as I was doing my reps then I realized one glaring truth:

Ang kagandahan ko ay hindi nakasalalkay sa ganda ng aking katawan! (My beauty does not lie on the shape of my body)

And I dropped the weights and left the gym.

Of course, I am delusional every so often.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Invites for "Big Boy" Premiere

Here's the sad news. The premiere for "Little Boy/ Big Boy" is an invitational screening and is not available to the public.


I am giving away FREE invites to the chosen readers of Lexuality.


First, if you are a blogger, send me an email at lex(at)lexuality(dot)com. Give me the link to your blog, and if you can make it to the premiere on July 30, Thursday, 7:30pm at Robinsons Galleria. I will email you back for confirmation. Limited slots are available for fellow bloggers.

Two, if you are Lexuality reader, just send me a message which of our films is your favorite (Ang Lihim ni Antonio, Ang Lalake Sa Parola or Kambyo) and why. Selected entries will win 2 tickets for the premiere.

This is my way of saying Thank you for reading Lexuality.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Big Boy About?

Here's the synopsis of the film "Little Boy/ Big Boy"

A young gay professional, his lover, and his nephew. Three lives sewn together by fate.

Little Boy Big Boy tells the tale of the carefree soul of a freelance graphic artist, RAYMUND (Paolo Rivero), and how he is filled with doubts as he is suddenly confronted with the responsibility to look after his seven-year-old nephew, ZACK (Renz Valerio).

While taking care of his nephew, he meets a closeted young man named TIM (Douglas Robinson), and the two fall in love. He educates his new lover about the importance of accepting oneself, especially at a time when prejudice against gays is still accepted as the norm. The film also tackles opposing views on fidelity in the homosexual set-up. And it shows a gay man’s capacity to nurture; and how the homosexual is not just an organism of pleasure, but also a catalyst for unconditional love.

Under the direction of Joselito Altarej√≥s and the pen of Lex Bonife, Little Boy Big Boy is a realist window on the lives of many young Filipino gay men today. How they’ve come a long way, and how they’re slowly getting there.

It stars Paolo Rivero as Raymund, Douglas Robinson as Tim, and Renz Valerio as Zach.

Join us at the premere night of "Little Big Boy"

July 30, Thursday
630 PM Meet & Greet: Cast, Director and the Writer
730 PM: Screening
Cinema 5, Robinsons Galleria

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Same Sex Penguin Couple Breaks Up

Here's a sad breakup story between the two "gay" penguins who have been togethere for quite sometime. And the culprit behind the breakup is a female penguin who even attacked one of the partners!

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(Thanks Miong21 for sharing this article)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hook Up Spaces

The Gays and the MSM community has always been creative in transorming a public place into a "gay space" where meeting up with other men is possible despite frequent raids and restrictions from an "un-gay" society.

Here's an interesting article on this phenomenon from Outrage Magazine:

"Frank N., who is in his late 40s, recalls how “not many years ago – less than 20, perhaps – that site where Ayala One (the Makati City office of the Philippine Stock Exchange) stands used to be a swamp. We used to go there to hook up, me and my friends, with other people like us, in search of quick fucks,” he recalls, laughing.

For a lack of a local term to identify such a venue, what Ayala Avenue used to be was, borrowing Western terminology, a “beat,” a venue (usually a public space) that men who have sex with men (MSMs, whether self-identifying as homosexuals or not) frequent for sexual activities.

When Makati City started to be developed, however, “the cops chased us out (of the place),” Frank N. says, adding tales of “many of us hiding in the darkness, our faces covered by the thick grasses, as we crawled our way out of the swamp to avoid the cops wanting to catch us.”

Read the Full Article

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No to MTRCB!

The Filipinos do not need a group of people to decide for them what they can watch and what they cannot. My Stand: Abolish the MTRCB!

Here's a press release from the House of Representatives:

Party list solons want to abolish the MTRCB
15 July 2009 09:11:55 AM
Writer: Michelle Sapnu, MRS-PRIB

Party-list lawmakers have filed a measure abolishing the Movie and
Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and replacing it
with the Movie and Television Classification Board (MTCB).

Rep. Teodoro A. Casino (Party-list, Bayan Muna), principal author of
House Bill 6425, said the bill seeks to protect and promote freedom of
expression in motion pictures and television programs in the country.

"The bill will ensure that the right to freedom of expression would
not be abridged by replacing the existing Movie and Television Review
Classification Board (MTRCB)," Casino said.

"The present MTRCB, in the fulfillment of its duties, often violates
or curtails this constitutionally guaranteed freedom," Casino said.

Casino cited the case of some films and television programs, which
were censored and rated "X" by the MTRCB due to its critical political
or social content.

"There is a need to put in place clear, specific and reasonable
standards for classification of such motion pictures and television
programs," Casino added.

He said the creation of the MTCB would be confined only to the
classification of motion pictures and television programs.

"The MTCB would not be authorized to censor, modify or absolutely ban
any motion pictures and television programs in order to provide a
climate of expression free from restraint in the dissemination of
ideas," he said.

Casino said the proposed "Movie and Television Classification Board
Act of 2009," aims to sanction the eventual self-regulation of motion
pictures and television programs to lessen, if not prevent, any abuse
or discretion on the part of MTCB in the classification of any

"We should support the efforts of the members of the industry to
regulate themselves as they work in the exercise of artistic, cultural
and academic freedoms," Casino urged.

"We should consider that we have mature and responsible members of the
industry and a mature, politicized and critical audience who should be
allowed the freedom of choice without prior censorship," Casino said.

Co-authors of the bill are Gabriela Women's Party list Reps. Liza L.
Maza and Luzviminda C. Ilagan, Kabataan Party list Rep. Raymond D.
Palatino, Bayan Muna Reps. Satur C. Ocampo and Neri Javier Colmenares
and Anakpawis Reps. Rafael V. Mariano and Joel B. Maglunsod.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Boy's Kiss

Here's a torrid kiss between the stars of "Little Boy/ Big Boy", Douglas Robinson and Paolo Rivero.

Hope to see you at the premiere of this film.

July 30, Thursday
630 PM Meet & Greet: Cast, Director and the Writer
730 PM: Screening
Cinema 5, Robinsons Galleria

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Boy's Big Night

Douglas Robinson, star of "Little Boy/ Big Boy"

Finally, the much awaited come back movie of the director of "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" and "Ang Lalake sa Parola", Joselito Altarejos is here with a premiere night on July 30 (Thursday), 6:30pm at the Robinsons Galleria.

Little Boy/ Big Boy
Starring: Paolo Rivero and Douglas Robinson
Screenplay: Lex Bonife
Direction: Joselito Altarejos

Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Upstage Lea Salonga and Charice

I'm a big fan of Lea Salonga. And it was such a treat to see her perform with another internationally successful singer, Charice.

But as I was watching this clip from Asap, something irritating caught my attention.

Watch closely in the middle of the clip how Gary V begins to upstage the two performers. At a particular part of the song "Man in the Mirror", while Lea and Charice were closing their eyes as they focus on giving a solid vocal performance, Gary V begins to burst into Michael Jackson moves throwing his hands and hips in front of the two international stars making the ladies look like they were just his backup singers.

Dose is extended!

With the proliferation of "gay flicks" and adult films with "sexy men" as their unique selling proposition, it is refreshing to see a sincere film like Dose directed by Senedy Que.

Catch this gem while you can at Robinsons Galleria. Here's the announcement from the organizers of the screening:

"Because of its brave and original storyline, first-rate cast with their first rate performances, insistent public demand and its courageous expose interpretation on what happens behind closed doors between young gay boys and lonely grown men, Dose has become a movie that has set new standards in Philippine movie making.

Written and directed by award-winning screenplay writer Senedy H. Que, Dose, his directorial debut stars award-winning actors Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia and introduces Fritz Arvhie Chavez. It also stars one of a country's most accomplished stage actresses Irma Adlawan.

Dose is the tale of an unusual friendship between a lonely 12-year old queer boy and a grown gardener. Both forlorn individuals and living away from their loved ones, they strike an instant bond that lay their confidence with each other's company.
But when they get closer for comfort, their friendship leads to a closer bond that defies age…and gender!"

Thus reflecting its very catchy tagline "love knows no age or gender!"

As Cinema One celebrates its 15-years of leadership in local cinema cable viewing, catch Dose's extended run until July 14 at the IndiesSine of the Robinson's Galleria.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Madonna's Tribute to Michael Jackson

The Queen of Pop pays tribute to the King of Pop in the former's opening night of her "Sticky and Sweet" Tour.

Praise to Pop Music Royalties!

Gay Sex and The Old Testament

American Jonathan Bannon Maher, writes an interesting essay on gay equality. Here's another excerpt from his work:

"Some oppose homosexuality based on religion. "For a man to lie with another man as he would a woman is 'toevah'" (Leviticus 20:13), where toevah is commonly translated as "abomination" or "sin". In that same passage it is also declared toevah to eat shrimp. Toevah literally translates as "against ritual". At the time the Bible was written, people needed to reproduce for the strength of the community – today we have the opposite problem globally, a Malthusian state, where population growth outpaces natural resource replenishment. (Disclosure: the following segment is Jed Bartlet inspired) We are also told that to touch pig skin makes one unclean, that a father may sell his daughter into slavery, and that a person should be put to death for working on the Sabbath (Sabbath is literally translated as "Saturday"). Next time you're watching football on a Sunday, ask yourself if on moral grounds, you should be supporting people who touch pig skin (Leviticus 11:8). If you're someone's daughter, next time you think to oppose homosexuals based on religion, please, ask yourself, "what would a fair price for me be?" (Exodus 21:7). If you answer a work related email on your Blackberry on the Sabbath, ask yourself if law enforcement officials should be legally obligated to stone you to death (Leviticus 23:3)."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye Naked Josh

Just finished chatting with Josh Ivan Morales over YM, and he told me why he turned down the project "Bayaw", which will premiere this July at the Cinemalaya.

He told me that he has already decided not to do frontal nudity on films anymore. That means our film "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" (Antonio's Secret) could be the last film to record the image of his astonishing manhood. (hehehe)

Josh is busy with a new soap opera with Judy Ann Santos which will premiere in a couple of months. He is also competing at the Celebrity Boxing Match airing at channel 9.

Good Luck Josh! The gay moviegoers would surely miss your thing!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing "Laruang Lalake"

I might miss out on blog posts for the next few days as I am currently busy writing my new screenplay for the direction of Joselito Altarejos, "Laruang Lalake" (Boy Toys).

My goal in writing this story is to come up with what probably is our most "despicable" and most "atrocious" gay film.

I'll hope I'll be done on Sunday. And please don't forget the premier of "Little Boy/ Big Boy" this July at the Robinsons Galleria

Saturday, July 4, 2009

God Is Slightly Gay

I have always been a fan of evolution. It has made us accept who we really are. It has actually freed humanity from molding ourselves based on ancient script written by humans but are supposed to be of "divine creation".

Here's an excerpt from an amusing article on gayness and nature by Mark Morford of SFGate.

"Here's the shocking new truism: In the wilds of nature, to not have some level of homosexual/bisexual behavior in a given species is turning out to be the exception, not the rule. Would you like to read that statement again? Aloud? Through a megaphone? To the Mormon and Catholic churches? And the rest of them, as well? Repeatedly?

Would you like to inform them that such behavior is definitely not, as so many hard-line Christian literalists want to believe, some sort of poison that snuck into God's perfect cake mix, nor is it all due to some sort of toxic chemical that leeched into the animal's water supply, suddenly causing all creatures to occasionally feel the urge wear glitter and listen to techno and work on their abs? "

Read the full article at SFGate

Gays are Normal

In a recent article sent to me from, acccording to the American Psychological Association, Homosexuality is NOT a deviant behavior. It is a NORMAL expression of human sexuality.

I yearn for the time when these ideas will be shared by most Filipinos.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Voice for the Gay Men

An American Jonathan Bannon Maher sent an essay to the US Congress, the Supreme Court and the US president on the rights of us, gay men.

Here's an excerpt of the essay:

"On February 13th of this year, a 15 year old in Ventura County California, Lawrence King, was shot twice in the head as he sat in his middle school classroom. He was killed by a 14 year old male classmate. According to students in a Newsweek article, he had recently asked that same male classmate to be his valentine.

This is a problem that affects everyone: when a significant percent of the population faces artificial hurdles in achieving their full potential to contribute to society, it works to hold this country back at a time when it faces increasing global competition and challenges to its leadership status.

There are, to my knowledge, three primary reasons that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality has not been fully supported in the past:"


Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Mayor Against "Parloristas"

In a recent interview with author and gay activist Danton Remoto for Manila Bulletin, he recounts an incident of discrimination against the "parlorista" gay men:

"In Gen. Nakar, there was a mayor who closed down the beauty parlors kasi salot daw. Ang problema niya, ‘yung mga botante niya nagalit. Lahat ng mga bakla lumipat sa kabilang town, nagalit ‘yung mga babae kasi magbibiyahe pa ng jeep. Natalo sa eleksyon. Buti nga sa kanya"

Read The Complete Article

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Gay Pinoy

image source

Got this text message from a friend from the gym:

The Typical (Modern & Urban) Gay Filipino:

1) They use the word "pare", "dude" and "bro"
2) They like Havaianas
3) They like joining talent contests and modeling searches
4) Many of them are taking up nursing
5) They like hanging out in bars.
6) They like watching beauty pageants
7) They like going to the gym and hanging out at the sauna
8) They like Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, Charice and Lady Gaga
9) They brag about being top when in reality they just love being "bottoms"