Friday, March 23, 2012

Sexy Actor Jeff Luna is a Girl?

Jeff Luna (right) with Justin De Leon in the location shoot of "Pulupot"
Actor Jeff Luna was born a female. That is according to his erroneous birth certificate made somewhere in Pampanga.

And it took him almost one year of court hearing just to prove to the judge that he owns one of the most famous penises in current local cinema. You see, Jeff Luna is one of those brave actors who never had second thoughts in exposing his private parts in front of a camera which he did in our film "Pulupot".

This goes to show how inefficient our judicial system is. They could have watched any of his films. Or better yet, they could have asked him to bare in full frontal without him minding it.

But anyway, congratulations Jeff Luna! You are now officially "male".


edward said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Wishing you the best of everything. Stay Happy! Goodluck on your movie career.

Anonymous said...

good luck idol..
magkakilala na tayo..

Anonymous said...

hello. just for accuracy - the inefficiency you are referring to here is not about the judicial system. The registration of births and accomplishment of birth certificates is an administrative (referring to the Executive) and not a judicial function of the government. The NSO and the local civil registries do that. The judicial system, ergo, its processes only come in when you file the necessary petition to have those erroneous entries in the birth certificate corrected. Any delay or inefficiency, if any, in this judicial process, is another matter. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi jeff..naging masaya ako mula ng makilala kita at naging kaibigan..sna magtagal ang friendship natin..hndi kita makakalimutan..