Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dirty Dreams

This wonderful married gay couple from New York city is now in Manila for a holiday. And I was their self-appointed gay scene tourist guide. Because the Filipino half of the couple specifically asked for a "dirty" place to party in, I immediately thought of the Dream Boys bar in Cubao, Quezon city as the starting point of our Saturday night.

Saturday night entrance is PHP250 which does not include drinks. Drinks cost PHP250 at two bottles per order.

And yes, Dream Boys did not fail the expectations of my naughty visitors from the Big Apple. Some of their dancers did show more than what is legally acceptable in the Catholic-controlled Philippine laws. And they did go around tables to prove to the audience that what they have between their legs are not prosthetics. You can touch them if you don't believe your eyes. Just be ready for some bills to hand to them. I always prepare a few hundred pesos in my pocket for these examinations.

And dirty as it is, a cockroach flew at the back of the neck of my American friend born in India. Sanitation doesn't seem to be a priority in this place.

There were about twenty performers for the night. But only about four of them were capable of creating any palpable excitement between my thighs. As my visitor noticed, "Why do the less-good looking dancers have more courage to show their privates?" I answered, "because the better looking men have their faces to bank on, hence they have a privilege to keep more to themselves."

Despite of this, should one of the dancers fancy you, be ready to pay PHP300 per drink as they stay in your table. Dream Boys is located at Aurora Blvd, beside Betty Go-Belmonte station of LRT2, Cubao, Quezon city.



Anonymous said...

buti pa sa lugar nyo lex may mga ganyan, sa baguio/pangasinan, madalang lang. sana makapag recommend ka rin sa baguio/pangasinan bago. thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes cockroaches abound and was actually bitten by one. The ice is suspect too as I had LBM after that same visit. I hope they clean up the place (not the show;)

ken20 said...

hi. natuwa naman ako at may malapit pla na gay bar sa apartment ko. matry nga minsan, LEX i would always see you sa building kung saan ako nagwowork at kung saan ka naggym at gusto ko sana mag HI and to tell you that Im one of you masugid na reader. :)

ken20 said...

Hi Lex. Im glad na may malapit pala na gay bar sa apartment ko. Nga pala gusto ko sana mag Hi at magsabi na Im one of your readers pag nakikita kita sa building where I work and where you go to gym. :)

MUDz said...

Sa Baguio madami. Lagi ako dun at naging tropa ko na mga dancers. Nasa FB ko pa iba. Go to Hercules or Desert Moon.