Monday, April 29, 2013

I Know That Actor!

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Dear Lexuality readers,

If you are one of the many people who guessed the name of the blow job-loving hunky actor inside the sauna correctly, you will notice that I have erased your comment.

Unfortunately, there is no freedom of expression in the Philippines, where anyone could just harass you with a libelous lawsuit. As a prudent publisher I will not identify the actor who is actually very good looking in person.
Please understand.



edward said...

ok! I agree on what you have said. Sorry if ever I have offended you.

Anonymous said...

There is freedom of expression in our country. There is just regulation. We can't just express our thoughts and feelings however we want, don't we? If it would hurt one's self or belief then there is a need for regulation. What our country doesn't have is discipline.

Anonymous said...

I have high respect for this blogger. He exercises caution and I've never read any comment from him that spoke ill about another person. It only goes to show that this blogger is educated and well-bred. Keep up the commendable work!