Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Caught in the Act

A Lexuality reader posted a police-nightmare experience in Makati:

I met a merchandiser guy in a mall. He was really good looking, enough to catch my attention. We went to my car to do the thing, he pulled down his pants all the way, then suddenly there was a police car robbing the car park area where I was parked. We got caught by alligator police men and extorted 5k and my cellphone from me... The other police had even tried to pull out my car stereo but he didn't succeed. an kakapal ng mukha ng Police na 'to, kaya marumi ang image nila e dahil din sa deeds nila... grrrrr so ingat gays! guys!


Thanks for sharing! Sex inside a car parked on a street is illegal so you get yourself vulnerable to harassment and extortion from authorities. For your own safety and convenience, always get a room. Police hassle is never worth the risk.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, may DVD na ba yung movie na Barako? San mabibili?