Friday, November 22, 2013

An Experience from a Married Man

Jetro Bravo from Cagayan De Oro

A married man (presumably to a woman since there is no gay marriage in the Philippines) wrote his review on Jetro Bravo, that hottie masseur based in Cagayan De Oro:

Salamat Lex sa blog mo tungkol sa masseur na ito,I had meet him and i enjoy the experience,Im a married man and very discreet.I pass by sa Cagayan everytime im homeward bound to Camiguin Island,I must admit i had nice time and was given and showed the services and respect that i like which i like most and yes you are correct as he has his rules but i still like it.5 ***** for you.

Married Man


Thanks married man for sharing your experience! Stay safe.


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Anonymous said...

I love the character of this masseur.i had his services.keep it up man.frank and true to his commitment and worth the time and experience.good person. Thanks Lex. Wendell of bgc-mla

Anonymous said...

Hey how do u contact him?

Anonymous said...

What is his contact details

Anonymous said...

Can I ask for his contact no.? Goin to CdO next week. Thanks :-) - Ray 0915.486.4676