Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Papa

My gay bar (male strip bar) tour with Mr. D from Singapore started with "Big Papa" along Tramo street in Pasay. It was my first time in this bar and venue's layout was pretty impressive. Big stage, with comfortable chairs.

It was their big night then. Boys were pretty okay. And their selection ranged from the twinks to the late 20's.

One of their highlights then was a "threesome" production number with two of their best looking dancers and a trannie.

At that time, I was bothered to see a "heterosexual concept" of production number in a what we call a "gay bar". I was thinking then, why do we need a female figure in this sexual act, when it can certainly be done by three men!

But then I realized that more than half of the patrons are acctually straight females (to my assumption). Hence, there is a need to represent "straight sex" inside a "gay bar".

At a certain part of the show, a gay patron stood up and inserted a three thousand peso bill at the bikini of one of the dancers whom I thought wasn't actually deserving of such a generous tip. After about an hour, I saw the same guy doing some chores by the dressing room. And I realized he could be an employee of the bar, and the "tipping" was just a show to encourage other patrons to shower the boys with some money. That probably explains why the dancer didn't wear a happy smile when received the three thousand peso bills.

Some of the waiters are quite hot. They were the apple of my eyes more than the gyrating dancers on stage. The female patrons were fantastic -- shrieking loudly at the right moment throwing their inhibitions out as some dancers flirt with them. It was such a sight to see -- women enjoying sexual power and control.

Entrance to the bar is Php250.


IW said...

I went there recently, and during an intermission, the trannys perform, sing and even strip --- which is quite disturbing cos some of them actually have breasts (EEEEWWW!). But I do find their staff quite hot, from the waiters to the dancers, plus the location is so convenient. I prefer this place over white bird in roxas blvd.

line of flight said...

what kind of tranny was s/he? i have never really considered "chicks with dicks" to be straight sex and have been amused by local porn shop statistics in Hawai'i where tranny videos appear to be the biggest seller by genre -- over every genre of straight and gay porn. i think was is fascinating is that threesomes with two guys and a tranny are being performed for straight women. where are the serious feminist theorists when we need them?

MrCens said...

Entrance to the bar is Php250...

thanks for the info. how about the standark drink like a bottle of beer or the gentleman's (lady's) drink?

Anonymous said...

vip room? how much?
how much are the drinks when you "table" a dancer or gro? any all the way dancing? is massage offered? food menu? is it any good?

Anonymous said...

THE CONCEPT OF "chicks with dicks" in a sex show is not novel at all. in my city, a male strip club once set aside a day and a private room where trannies (breast operative but cross genitalia in the waiting) performed on the T-bar nude. later they mingle and could be "invited" into the cubicles of the VIP room. true, there are men in our society who crave sighting and company of these chicks. to weed out the not-serious-usiseros, the club charges a hefty amount of admission fee and imposes paramount security. the concept did not last and the trannies are back on the streets...PERVERSITY OR make the call.

line of flight said...

i don't think transgendered sexual performances (live or filmed) are novel. i am simply fascinated by the demand in the market for it and lex's report that it is being performed at Big Papa for straight women -- which reminds me of the erotic gay-themed stories market created in Japan by and for "straight" women.

a lot has been written about medieval hermaphroditic symbols, but i'm curious to hear more about the symbolic meaning of transgenders having sex.

Anonymous said...

may point si Mr.Cens at succeeding anonymous sa questions nilang nitty details like magkano drinks, VIP rooms, pag table ng GRO & dancers, food, massage, all the way. money ang breaking factor sa pagpunta ng mga bars na ganiyan. money well earned at dapat sulitin. ang mga special shows ng big night, incidental lang. and besides we are reviewing the bar not the show. para sa ibang panahon (post) ang review at comments sa shows, di ba atcheng? let's stick to one subject - bar review and it's face value.

Anonymous said...

beware everyone...if u come alone the floor manager will pressure u to table a guy. pagayaw mo bigla na lang me tatabi sayo tapos lapit ang waiter to ask if u want to buy that guy a drink...siempre kahit hindi mo gusto c guy mahihiya ka at mapipilitan kang i-buy c guy ng drink...this is a rip off place! sayang pera...ang mahal ng drinks ng mga gro/dancer tapos di mo naman type yung guys kc old na cla!

Anonymous said...

Here are their rates:

for entrance: 250
for the machodancer drinks: ranging from 280 to 400
VIP room: 2000 (inclusive of 4 drinks)

if you are interested i can escort you... i know one of the managers