Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Escort Trailer

Presenting the trailer of the new film from Lexuality Entertainment, "The Escort" starring Miko Pasamonte (Kape Barako) and introducing Daniel Deramayo, member of the "Hot Men" group.

From an original story of Lance Collins, the Escort follows the life of Karlo, a pragmatic sex worker who is one day awakened by love. The film is directed by Monti Parungao (Sagwan, Kape Barako).


Anonymous said...

bet ko. ganda ng trailer.

Anonymous said...

sa totoo lang po,,masasabi kong,,hindi maaatim ng tunay na lalake ang maging bottom ito,,wahahahah,,,gay sya o bisex kaya,,,diba,,,

speaking of booking,,,ingat ingat lang po sa ganyang bussiness,,its an easy way sa kamatayan,,,yun lang,,heheheh

CHRIS said...

Hi Lex. I am an avid fan of yours and your blog though its my first time to comment on any of your posts. Natuwa kasi ako sa trailer ng "The Escort". Just wanna say, good job! =)

P.S. I believe I already saw you at mrt shaw blvd. Just not sure if that was you. Didn't have the guts to approach. Hehe. Ciao. =)

GayXpat said...

Lex, I am a foreigner living in the philippines, I so wish your movies had subtitles, I would think that it would make them more marketable abroad as well. I have bought most as original copies to support the arts. But I am allays disappointed to not be able to understand the complete story and my pinoy friends get annoyed having to translate, I am getting to know the language but really wish i could understand some of these great films