Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toilet Robbery on Gay Men

There's a new known modus operandi on gay men. Two men try to seduce a suspected gay man inside a mall toilet. After they confirm that their prey is a gay man, they begin to intimidate him threatening him with public humiliation in exchange for his money and mobile phone.

One man put a stop to this by reporting the incident to Robinsons Galleria security who arrested the suspects before leaving the mall.

If this happens to you, do not be afraid to report the incident to authorities.

Read the Philippine Daily Inquirer report.


Anonymous said...


This happened recently at Grand Central Terminal in NYC. One man flashed the victim, then his accomplice came over and flashed a (fake) police badge. They forced the victim to go to an ATM machine and withdraw money. Wanted posters were put up warning men of the scam and to help cath the perpetrator. Be careful guys!!

SaParaisoNiXandro said...

Lex, copy/paste ko sa FB ko yung mga posts mo. Warning lang sa mga gay friends ko.