Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wake Up, Kuya Germs!

TV Host German Moreno is against marriage equality. In a recent column of Ricky Lo in Philippine Star, he declared:

"Hindi ako agree. Hindi naayon sa natural na sistema. Kung nagmamahalan, lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae, magsama na lang at huwag na magpakasal. Ang purpose ng marriage ay magka-anak. Sa parehong sex, hindi naman magbubunga ang kanilang pagmamahalan, so bakit pa magpapakasal?"

"Kuya Germs", following your logic, then all marriages that did not bear any child should be declared null and void. If your reasoning is followed, the marriage of Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr., should be invalidated since according to you the "only" purpose of marriage is to procreate, and they have failed to do so.

Kulang ka lang sa tulog kuya Germs para makapag-isip ng maayos sa bagay na ito.


Anonymous said...

bobita naman talaga yan si kuya germs..

Anonymous said...

actually puede ngang gawing ground for annulment kung ang isa sa mag-asawa ay baog. sa case ni fpj at susan roces, pinili nila magsama despite the fact na di puede magkaanak si susan; their choice.

i think kuya germ's reason is valid. and don't take it against him dahil lang iba ang pananaw niya. he's a thinking person.

bading din ako. hindi rin ako sang-ayon na magpakasal ang parehong kasarian. magsama na lang kung nagmamahalan.

Anonymous said...

"...then all marriages that did not bear any child should be declared null and void"

- conclusive statement made by the blogger not by the interviewee.... putting words on Mr. Moreno's mouth...

another thing, by reading between the lines, we can say that he did not say that the "only" reason for marriage is procreation.

Accepting the idea of same sex relationships is fine for the society, but marriage? oh come on...!

kaya minsan nahihirapan intindihin ng lipunan eh, tayo tayo din ang nagiging dahilan, kapag sobra na, tama na, no freedom is absolute... lets all be knowledgeable of what is ideal, right and acceptable. lets know our limits. offense to you.. I love reading most of your posts... thank you...

Anonymous said...

One way to point out what Kuya Germs is trying to come into is through thise question: "How does an infertile heterosexual marriage differ from a same-sex marriage?"

One big difference is that heterosexual couple enjoys sexual complementarity, and the fullness that brings into their relationship, even if they cannot have children. Though the situation of an infertile couple is very different, there is a disturbing parallel to same-sex marriage in the situation of couples who simply choose not to have children.
Such homosexual couples are still able to have sex- which is the FULLEST PHYSICAL EXPRESSION of love between husband and wife. But they are doing something that profoundly DISTURBS the NATURE of the sexual act. You see, SEXUALITY has two aspects: the PROCREATIVE (bringing forth children) and the UNITIVE (strengthening the union of the couple). Artificially separating the unitive from the procreative brings discord to a marriage, distorts the relationship between husband and wife, and ends up harming their unity as spouses. So are we saying married people have to have children or it's not a full-fledged marriage? NO!The key to understanding this teaching is to realize that the deliberate separation of the unitive from the procreative aspects of the sexual act makes sexual self-giving conditional, which is contrary to the unconditional requirement of successful marriage. Doing so reduces the spouse to the level of an object, whose body is manipulated artificially for selfish pleasure.

Anonymous said...

for the last 3 decades, ginawa kong katatawanan si Kuya Germs for a variety of reasons. i didn't expect that with his stand on same-sex marraige, he would earn my respect now.

i'm gay yet i choose not to advocate and promote same-sex marriages. co-habitation is the solution for these initmacy-hungry couples. i've had 2 long-term relationships of which my partner/s and i co-habited. lahat naman na nagagawa ng mag-asawa pweding gawin kapag nagsama sa iisang bubong. bakit pa kailangan ng basbas ng isang marriage ceremony or similar recognition? as if co-habiting with a same-sex partner isn't already wrong, sasagarin pa ng marriage!

society has indeed drowned in moral decay. when will we gays learn to accept that we can never have the same privileges as the ones enjoyed by the mainstream heterosexuals? the world was made only to recognize men-women unions. while same-sex activities may have been tolerated throughout history, they should never be mistaken as the other standard of which humans must behave. definitely, i won't allow the philippine society to follow the west's seemingly dignified model of recognizing same-sex unions. we are on the path of recreating the social descent that befell many ancient civilizations. they had celebrated not only homosexuality but numerous carnalities which eventually ruined the core of their moral existence hence their eventual downfalls (Greek, Roman, Babylonian, etc).

definitely not in this lifetime, but the destruction of this immorally corrupt society would surely come to pass.

Anonymous said...

tama si kuya germs,,agree din me,...wag masyadong palalo kase,,kahit na open country pa sana ang pinas,,wag abuso sa mga hindi dapat,,,wag mag tolerate ng sobra na,,,,diba,,igalang naman natin si god,,if u want wag sa pinas,, lang yun,,,pero wag ilegalize sa pinas,,,please,,kahit akoy isang bakla din,,di me pabor,,,