Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disappointed Spa Customer

In a post about the gay-friendly "Spada", one anonymous reader posted his not-so-good review about it:

I'm a foreigner in Manila and like to discover new places for a good massage. Well, after reading your original post, I decided to get to Spada and get the Lingam massage. What a disappointement. Frankly for 1200 pesos, it's not worthy. It's a good massage but you can have the same in many spas for not more than 400. And I didn't find the interior so tasteful. I went in the afternoon, no music, only the sound of the Tv and the sound of the trucks on the road. For me, it's definetly not a must-try-spa.

This feedback should make the management of Spada improve its services.

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massageandfun said...

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