Monday, July 30, 2012

Sex Talk with Jay Enriquez

Newbie Actor Jay Enriquez

Jay Enriquez was an Engineering student from University of the Philippines Diliman. But deep inside of him, he really wants to be an actor. He decided to take the sexy route when he realized TV networks would not take notice of him after he paid thousands of pesos for an acting workshop.

Today, he has two upcoming films: "Adam's Apple", "Kumpare" and one stage play: "Bed Scenes".

Growing up overweight, he was determined to shed off his excess flab and that motivates him to show off his leaner body on camera.  Aside from appearing naked on his movies, he has no qualms doing intimate scenes with other men - kissing, rubbing and even smelling the genitals of his fellow actor in a simulated oral sex scene.

For him there is nothing shameful in doing gay scenes.

"It's just work. And in real life, I don't moonlight as a male prostitute", he adds. And it seems like he doesn't really need to do commercial sex unlike many other actors. He drives a high-end SUV and his parents he claims, are successful business persons.

He might have some degree of class compared to usual sex-worker-turned-actor in the gay erotic movies. But he is candid with his sex life. Here are some sexy facts about him:

  • He was 17 when he had a first sex encounter with his girlfriend. He was a late bloomer as he never had confidence with his chubby built back then. 
  • He used to enjoy having sex with his girlfriend inside his car until he was caught by some police men. He had to call his parents to settle the "bill".
  • He loves tongue-play on his nipples over some wet kiss on his balls.
  • His dick is 7 inches (or so he claims)
Watch him on the trailer of his upcoming film Adam's Apple, which will be shown this Wednesday (August 1)


Ferdie Uy said...

Very interesting. Jay has his passion for his art, determined to be successful in his craft. Let us help this talented, hard working and gorgeous young actor. Let us all watch Adam's Apple.

Anonymous said...

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