Monday, July 19, 2010

My Favorite Spa

I consider myself to have high standards when it comes to massage services. Being a certified yoga teacher, I know quite well when a masseur knows what he's doing and whether his force or pressure is safe and effective.

But the quality of massage isn't everything for me. Before I become a regular of a particular spa, I consider the interiors of the place, the number of male therapists available, the face value of these masseurs, their tactile homoerotic skills of and more importantly, the number of gay men who frequent their wet area!

 One of these spas that I have always raved about is South Bay City spa. It's along MIA road, behind KFC fronting the coastal mall along the Coastal Road. The building that houses the spa is unpretentious. But when you get to the highest level where the spa is located, the interiors are quite impressive. The lounge is comfortably inviting as it overlooks the bay area.

Massage is in the price range of Php600. And you can add about Php200 for a private room.

One of the best features of this spa is that the masseurs I have encountered so far know very well the fine pressure points of a gay man's body. To be honest, for the many years I have frequented this spa, I haven't done anything sexual with any of their staff but the sensuality of their strokes is something I always enjoyed. It really takes special skills to know how to please the gay man's body. And boy, do they have it! Just be generous with your tip, and they'll be happy to let their hands explore farther.

But my favorite is the wet floor. Gay men flock to this waiting to make friends with each other. But be careful with your activities inside, the spa is open to everyone, we don't want to offend innocent clients who also come in. Be very discreet and you shall be rewarded. I have recommended this spa to a lot of my "sauna" friends at the gym and they too have nice stories to share.

This place is gay friendly and is always worth my trip from my place in Ortigas all the way to the South.

Oh! I think this post has been too long. My "trapz" are now aching for a massage! Is it really my trapz or is it something else? hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Oh cool. Which masseurs are good here?

male escort said...

Sensual massage is one of the coolest thinks in the universe

John said...

hanggang masahe lang po ako... walang especial service... baka magselos bf ko... sya kc nag-eespecial service sa kin... muwah

naive said...

magkano ang usual na tip?

naive said...

at magkano ang "generous" na tip?

greiggyboy said...

i visit the place twice a month.Their therapist are great,can even recommend a few...
bad news is that the jacuzzi is not working but that wont stop me from visiting the place.

Anonymous said...

lex; hope we could come together one time here..i guess this spa is a must try, haven't been here though heard a lot of nice feedbacks. hope you could hit me a reply.

thanks for the diversed blogs. these defy boredom at work. =)

Anonymous said...

the place is great....the place to be. i love the masseurs, very accommodating but no extra service. the best si raffy in shiatsu.

Anonymous said...

i have tried the place twice, first in March second was in April. My first massage was with Lito, who was a good masseur. 2nd time was Ronnie, who was aggressive and was great in titillating goodness! i was sleepy when i walked in but his naughty hands woke me up and made me hard...ended up having es after a good massage. caressed and nibbled on my nipples and he even offered his private for me to play with. it was a huge blast for me!

Anonymous said...

hi lex. i think i saw you there last saturday, 15 Oct., around 8 or 9pm. was shy though, wasn't sure din kung ikaw nga. anyway, hi.

Perezoso said...

I'll be visiting Manila soon and I'm looking for a legit spa with teasing and/or es, as apparently this one of those places.
I'd considered Sanctuario, but I've read at Mig's that it's closed now.
And definetely I don't want a proper aquarium.
So wich is the nicest place with masseurs? This one? Wensha?
Money is not an issue.