Thursday, January 3, 2013

More on Finding Sex in Singapore

An anonymous reader left this comment regarding the post "The Trouble in Finding Sex in Singapore":

(I'm) a frequent visitor to most parts of Singapore, even small towns & villages, I've never had any problems finding other guys for sex.

And here's my reply:

Thanks for leaving a comment. You're a visitor. Most likely you stay in a hotel. And it wouldn't be a problem bringing in guests to your room. But my friend was a typical young Filipino worker in Singapore. He lives with may others in a small pad. And that's the very reason it's difficult for them to find a private space for their erotic plans with fellow Filipinos.


Anonymous said...

U can actually try hunting down some gay men on gay saunas here in Singapore. Most of them have mini-rooms where u can have fun with people u meet in the sauna.

Verla said...

Find me.. 81016436..i stay in singapore.. hope to see anyone of you here in singapore ..

Abul bashar Badsha said...

R u male,female or gay?

Anonymous said...

I visited Singapore for a week and I didn't have a problem hooking up with guys, both local and other visitors.