Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Bath House

Hi Lex,

Just want to share with you and your readers a new bath house along West Ave., Quezon city. It's called Playroom. It's probably the smalles bath house in Manila and it just opened a few months ago. They are still on a soft opening so the wet floors are still being constructed. They have VIP rooms here that has its own private shower and toilet. The place is pretty small though so it could get a bit cramped. But it's worth the try.

Playroom is near Mr. Kebab at West Ave., Just enter the Slice & Dice driveway and you won't miss the place. If you get a room here, the manager can offer you a masseur from the neighboring "spartacus" massage at a discounted rate.

Hope your readers will enjoy it.

Manila Cruiser


Hi Manila Cruiser,

Thanks for sharing this new place. I'm sure this will delight many of our readers.



Anonymous said...

wag lang sanang ma raid, o kung maraid man... handa ang may-ari.

Anonymous said...

Masyadong maliwanag ang bath house na ito, di tuloy maka-score ang mga baklita! Remember the clients are dsicreet gay men who can only do action in the dark.Bakit kailangan maliwanag? Damihan pa ang amenities. Anyway, isang buwan pa lang nman bukas pwede pang mag-improve.