Monday, June 14, 2010

A Dead Dream

One of my secret fantasies is to become an OFW in Saudi Arabia, shave off my goatee and monkey-haired legs and become the object of erection (or affection) to several Arabs.

But that dream is now dead.

The governemnt of Saudi has just issued a "gay ban" to foreign workers. Now, recruiters in the Philippines will now have turn you down if they suspect you to be gay wanting to work for Saudi.

Here's the full story on the gay ban.


pepilicious said...

i have a friend who will work for saudi this july.. and i always like, "hala lagot ka.. titirahin ka dun" ahaha.. "uy wag naman" ang palagi niyang sagot.. he's scared that if that happened, he might kill somebody..

wag naman sana.. hindi ko pa siya natitikman.. ahaha.. just kidding.. me0w..

Uno Gwapo said...

uu nga, i heard na even straight ka, as long na may looks ka, ayaw mo man o hindi ay titirahin ka talaga ... About sa pag-ban naman sa mga gay people like us, ganun talaga, ala na tayong magagawa ... Just respect their decisions ...

Melanie said...

eh di nawala nawalan sila ng maaasahang tauhan dun... walang makakapantay sa galing ng Pilipino pagdating sa trabaho.

Anonymous said...

katangahan din naman ng ibang pilipinong bading.maglalandi sa saudi alam naman nilang illegal ang kabaklaan sa bansang yun

Anonymous said...

would you rather have a dead dream than being dead? i would. when i am dead, all my dreams dies too. but for as long as i am alive, i can hold on to my dreams in the hope that i can fulfill them someday in one way or another.

i am gay myself but i also believe na ang paglaladlad ng tunay na kasarian at lalo na ng kalandian, may tamang lugar at panahon yan.

not just because you strongly and firmly believe in human rights or specifically to your rights as a gay person, you can already do whatever you like. sa tingin ko naman, yung pag ban sa mga bading na magtrabaho sa saudi ay di dahil dinidiscriminate ang mga bading. gusto lang protektahan ang posibleng mangyari sa mga bading simply because mahigpit na mahigpit ang mga batas ng saudi patungkol sa mga gawaing kabadingan. yun lang yun sa tingin ko.

Anonymous said...

actually, since saudi law is also strict regarding the mingling of unrelated men & women, and you are always in the company of men, it is not uncommon to have m2m relationships.

i've been here for 2 & a half years, i know this as true. not just among pinoys, but among other nationalities as well.

i think this gay ban refers to the "screaming faggot" stereotype (my apologies for the term). but yes, this ban is discriminatory.