Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Gay Parent

from the film "Little Boy/ Big Boy", an exploratory
narrativeon the joys of being a gay parent

If you are gay and you have a child, will you be honest enough to reveal your sexual preference to your child? If you plan to adopt a child, will the law recognize you, a gay man as a legitimate parent? If your child is sick, will your employer understand that you need to take a leave to take care of your child?

These are some of the difficult things, gay parents face on a daily basis.

Let me share an interesting article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer on this issue "When the Parent is Gay".

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Uno Gwapo said...

i'm proud about my sexuality ... but face the fact that being a gay person is not an easy thing ... We misjudged and discriminated by others ... pag nagka-baby na ako, gusto ko sa harap niya lalakeng-lalake ako ... hindi dahil sa kinakahiya ko ang pagiging bading ... ayaw ko lang na ma-impluwensiyahan ko siya sa aking pagiging bading dahil ayokong maranasan niya ang mga naranasan ko ...