Thursday, June 17, 2010


There are many gay men, especially the young ones, who would like to try to visit a gay strip bar. Unfortunately, their major concern is the fear of a raid from the authorities.

To ease the fears of these curious young men, just remember that when you are simply a part of the audience, and the bar gets raided due to indecent exposure from the performer (i.e. penile exposure, live sexual act), as per my lawyer friend, the police cannot file any case against you. They can invite you for questionning. But they cannot hold you for more than 14 hours, as you can charge them for illegal detention should that happen.

So technically, there is no reason for anyone to fear patronizing strip bars.

But here's the fact, Filipino authorities are fond of threatening gay men because they know a lot of us, especially the closeted ones are vulnerable to cough up bribe money to release them immediately as they fear of being exposed to their failies and employers.

Reflecting on these cases, if those who are in power know that we gay men are still ashamed of our identity, we will always be a target of abuse.


Xavier Randol said...

yah..... that's true. we must all bi males know our rights.

Melanie said...

ganun ba... dati kasi praning kami nung friend ko pag pupunta kami sa gay bar... baka ma-raid at mashulong kami... scared...

sayang talaga at sarado na ang mga HEBIGAT na gay bars like D Ultimate Zone at Men's Court. Bongga ang palabas. Walang makakatapat =)

Anonymous said...

thank you for this information, we really wanted to go to those places but afraid of untoward incidents....thanks Lex - toffee

Anonymous said...

a friend was almost a victim of this raid, i mean police going to extort money otherwise they will call the media or publicize the incident or call their family, what he did to get away with it? he acted so gay like screaming fag, in that way the cops did not even think of scaring him since he was already OUT!! they will only try to harass you if they know you are not 'buking'