Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pride 2010

Yesterday was an important event to the LGBT community as we celebrated the Annual Pride March 2010. And after almost half a decade the march was held again in Quezon City, where the local government gave their full and overwhelming support to the LGBT crowd.

Thank you to Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte for making this successul event possible. Thank you also to the celebrities (Jomari Yllana, Tuesday Vargas, Gerard Santos) and other performers for gracing the event last night. And of course, congratulations to all the LGBT groups for making creating the biggest pride ever!

The busy Tomas Morato street was closed to give way to the parade and festivities

A gorgeous couple share a kiss

hot lesbians!

My vote as the two most gorgeous guys in the parade, Jonas of Akbayan and Kenneth of Filipinofreethinkers

The Pride March is never complete withour Christian antagonists promoting hate against LGBT. On the
right is a member of Filipinofreethinkers who is mocking the clueless Christian lady.

Yoga for life is a group of yoga enthusiasts mostly by gay men headed by Paolo Leonido

The One Bacardi Group

My hero Carlos Celdran preaching for tolerance for the LGBT


Anonymous said...

bakit ba parami ng parami kayong mga bakla e hindi naman kayo nanganganak.

EsTeFaN said...

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Anonymous said...

i am a fan of your blog and to you as well now. multi-talented! journalist, teacher, filmmaker, yoga expert, etc... but the most recent, flawless HOST!


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Yoga For Life said...

Yoga for Life is the first ever community-based yoga class series, specially designed for the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS, but open as well to others who support them and want to experience the beauty of yoga.

While yoga has long proven its benefits to the health of the general population, yoga is quickly gaining ground as an important complementary therapy in the treatment of HIV, because of its adaptability, as well as its physiological and psychological benefits to those living with HIV.

With this in mind, two yoga practitioners and HIV advocates, Charmaine Cu-Unjieng and Paulo Leonido, have come up with Yoga for Life.

please like YOGA FOR LIFE fan page for details. Namaste

akosimagiting said...

up for lexuality!
Up for onebacardi!
Up for the LGBT society!

In behalf of onebacardi, thank you very much!

See you on next year's pride march!

Tony said...

Congratulations on being a great host at the pride march! It definitely made the night a lot more interesting and fun!

Miju said...

Hi Id like to join your the parade. try lang. para kasig nakakatuwa.

contact nyo ko sa 09228794083

Aldrin F.T. said...

I was there with the Filipino Freethinkers! My first Pride March and it was awesome!

Saw you there and couldn't figure out why you seemed familiar. Then I remembered we were connected through Multiply.