Friday, December 10, 2010

Rejecting an Eye Ball

A friend of mine recently asked me for an advice on what is the best way to reject an eye ball considering how the other person may feel. I shared to him my secret. Whenever I am unattracted to the person I meet for a hookup, I make sure to buy him coffee and dessert in a nice coffee shop. I spend time talking to him. Then, I say goodbye.

Any tips from you guys?


david m. said...

if i see that it is not a fit, i look him straight in the eye, smile warmly, and say with sincerity, "i don't think so." then i politely excuse myself and walk off (or close the door).

end of bad "hook-up."

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

if one can't just tell the person: sorry this isn't going to work out, your solution seems to be the best. it's very courtesy and leaves things on a good note.

Anonymous said...

i do the same thing. just think about it if the roles were different. how would you feel?.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE KANYE WEST...we may not share the same political and social views but his downright and point-blank honesty i admire. he is my hero (idol in Pinas). maybe we could brass-rub and pick up a bit of Kanye's virtue and use it in dealing with life's everyday situations (including eye ball rejection). BTW, Mr. West is right (and being honest) Beyonce should have won contra dat twat.

david m. said...

perhaps i misunderstood what you meant by hook-up.

if the intention of the hook-up was purely for getting laid, then i stand by my earlier post.

however, if you were just lonely and looking for some company (maybe with the possibility of things to come) then i think treating your "hook-up" to a cafe would be very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ako, I just tell the guy: Ang pangit mo. Sorry.
And then I call my driver to fetch me na.