Monday, March 14, 2011

Hookup or Romance?

Part 2 of Migz, the Virgin

Hi Migz,

Thank you for writing. How old are you? If you are in your teenage years to early twenties, then you shouldn't feel bad being a virgin at all. Many straight Filipino guys are also virgin when you at that age bracket. So, there's nothing to worry about it.

And since you are a virgin, please heed the advice of a certified slut like me. Lose your virginity to someone you find very special. Someone you trust. And someone you really like (at the very least). Make your first sexual experience an intimate moment where there is genuine sharing of desire between you and your partner. If you do that, you're off to a healthier sex life.

Now, for your question, how will you know if another guy likes you. The most obvious answer is to take it from his  non verbal cues. Many people have difficulty verbalizing their romantic intentions. And that makes the whole game more exciting.

Allow me to answer your question into two categories: first, the hookup level - the casual, sometimes anonymous and plain consummation of desire and the second, romantic level.


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horcrux13 said...

hay migz... i know how you feel.. ganyan din ako before.. discreet.. at nakikiramdam na lang sa paligid.. at sa itsura kong ito, alam kong walang magkakagusto sakin.
Then, I discover Massage Parlors.. ayun, nahanap ko ang kaligayahan ko.. sadly, i lost my virginity there.. sayang, hindi memorable yung moment na yun.. hindi sa taong mahal ko.. pero no regrets..
At ngayun, I'm using my money to be happy.. alam ko mali.. pero wala naman akong choice.. ingat lang din, kasi delikado rin yung ganun.
The hope is makahanap tayo ng magmamahal sa atin ng tunay.. yung walang kapalit.. suntok sa buwan man, pero hindi masamang mangarap.