Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Spa Castle

If there is "Wensha" in Manila, there is "Spa Castle" in Queens, New York city. The entrance is about USD30 (about Php1200) and that gives you access to different kinds of jacuzzis and delightful treat to naked men from all ages, races and sizes.

And i must say several men parading around naked was more than enough to keep me satisfied. The entrance fee does not include the massage yet which makes the place a bit pricey for a peso earner like me.

Inside the sauna, a super hot Ecuadorian (who looked like Joey of friends), striked a conversation when we both realized we were neighbors from Mount Vernon, Westchester. His awesom latino cock was staring at me. And i was trying very hard not to show some interest on it.

It was good thing that my work in Manila has trained me to deal with naked men and not be sexually affected at all. The Ecuadorian was straight and nothing happened at all except for a nice conversation.

I ended my day waiting in a couch with this Latino teen aged boy sleeping in front of me with one hand inside his underwear. What a castle this is!

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Anonymous said...

yan ang dapat sa pinas o mga hotels,,,a proffesional at decent na spa,.,,profesional masseur,,ika nga,,walang sex,,,walang anupaman,,trabaho lang,,,diba,,we looking forward na dumami pa ng clean,highly innovative at tlagang maayos na spa sa pinas,,lalo na inside the hotels,,na decent at proffesional,,diba,,