Monday, December 26, 2011

A Prayer for My White Pubic Hair

Dear God,

Today, you have given me a tiny bud of white pubic hair. The bible says you know every strand of hair in each one of us. And in this momentous day for my body, I seek your divine guidance.

In my third decade of existence, you chose to touch me with this immaculate strand of tiny hair on my balls. Could this be a mark of wisdom? A wisdom to decipher what a good blow job is? Or a wisdom to know which condo is safe yet sensitive?

Or is this a way to remind me to slow down as sexual senility is on its way. Or could it be that it has actually started making me forget the names of most men whose body I have enjoyed. And impotence is looming to signal my failure to experience those little joys of life.

As any of your wonderful and amazing creations, I submit my cock to your divine plan. And for this, I shall welcome and treasure every moment that comes between my thighs from now until forever. Amen.

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