Saturday, December 31, 2011

Locker Surprise 2: Hard On

Actor DJ Durano, the look-alike of our mystery guy
I was agitated. And like a cunning predator about to attack its prey, I slowly inched my way closer to him. I started walking around him waiting for more signs that he is ready to be devoured.

He opens his towel again. This time, he had a raging hard on.

And even before I could plan my next move, my hand quickly reached for his erect cock longing for a morning massage. But after a few seconds, he pulled it out from my shaking palm.

"Tama na. Mahuhuli tayo." (That's enough. We might get caught) He whispered.

He was right. I was herting footsteps as well. After wearing his sexy Bench brief, he soon got himself into a pair of pants that looked very familiar to me. A white polo shirt followed. Then I realized, he was a personal trainer inside the gym!

He gave me a naughty look. And went away.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

naku lex, saan ba yang gym na yan at baka sya yung bf ko noon. kamukha rin kasi yun ni DJ Durano at mahilig magpa-sexy. Gym instructor din. Do you happen to know his name? My BF's name starts with an "F".

Anonymous said...

Lex, we go to the same gym... give me a clue on who this trainer is.... Well, most of them are really cute...

Anonymous said...

is it patrick ramos

Anonymous said...

Bet na bet ko si patrick..... Kung siya nga yun, then you are one luck guy.... May isa ring bagong pt dun n kamukha ni dj durano

Anonymous said...